New Social Media Platforms | Social Networking Sites & Apps

New Social Media Platforms | Social Networking Sites & Apps

Introduction – Social networking sites and popular social media applications with a large user base play a pivotal role in attracting consumers. In addition, advertisers and businesses have relied on top social media platforms for promoting their products and services.

Besides the largest social media platforms that have existed in the market for a long time, new social media apps have also emerged that have caught people’s attention with advanced and more empowering features for the users and creators.

These social networking apps are helping people cater to their and others’ specific needs. And provide utility and entertainment at the same time, making them increasingly popular social media apps among various users.

In this article, we’ve covered the top social media apps that one should know about. Read till the end to learn exciting things about these social networking sites.

List Of Social Media Platforms: New, Popular, And The Best 

Following is the list of the most popular social media platforms, categorized under three heads: new social media apps, popular social media apps, and the all-time best and biggest social media platforms.

New Social Media Platforms

1. PolyWork (2021)

PolyWork A new social media platform for professional networking called PolyWork was introduced in April 2021. Users can build profiles, customize personal feeds, and connect with others to work together.

PolyWork was created for the hustle-culture population, allowing users to emphasize various roles, side projects, passion activities, and specialties. The new social media app differs from LinkedIn, where users have a single headline explaining their current position or expertise.

Playwork attempts to connect people with employment possibilities in addition to profiles. The new social media app developed its Space Station, where users can designate the projects or jobs they’re interested in hearing more about.

It could become one of the top social media sites, reshaping professional networking that is more geared toward Generation Z.

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2. Clubhouse (2020)

Clubhouse Clubhouse’s audio app offers chat rooms where users can drop in and hear real-time conversations.

Clubhouse, one of the most popular social media platforms in the new social media apps category, was made available for iOS in March 2020. Then, in May 2021, an Android version was released. Within a year, the app’s usage skyrocketed; by December 2021, it had two million active weekly users.

Given that the app was officially still in testing status and available only via invitation, this accomplishment is all the more remarkable. Early on, there was a lot of interest, and invite codes for this popular social media app reportedly cost $400.When Clubhouse became available to everyone in July 2021, there was a ten million-person backlog.

But interest has since diminished. Clubhouse reached its pinnacle in February 2021, when prominent figures like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg hosted conversations, and then it started to fall.

Clubhouse maintains its edge by working with TED and adding new features. Although larger competitors have released their audio-only apps, Clubhouse is still an intense market competition.  The new social media app had an unmistakable impact on the social media environment, even though its time in the spotlight may have already passed.

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3. Public (2019)

Public was established in 2019 as a social networking site and investing software for individuals interested in money, cryptocurrencies, and investments. Users may maintain their portfolios through the app, communicate privately, and participate in public channel discussions.

The new application on the social media apps list reached over a million members in its first 18 months by emphasizing accessibility and diversity to attract new investors and people who are under-represented in the financial sector. There are currently over 3 million members, 40% of whom are women, and 45% are people of colour.

Public Live is an additional feature of this one of the top social media sites, where shows are performed regularly, and speakers are chosen from a pool of financial subject expertise.

The website has enormous potential to grow as one of the biggest social media platforms for people interested in finance. Focusing on the expanding personal finance community at this time is wise. Interest in cryptocurrencies has increased recently.

A new social media app that isn’t attempting to be everything to everyone is Public. Instead, it assumes that a growing number of people will be drawn to that depth because it is concentrated on the financial niche and issue.

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4. Substack (2017)

Substack Substack is a publishing platform established in 2017 that favours independent artists over traditional social sites. With their publications, each creator may communicate with their audiences without the interference of a publisher.

In addition to free content, creators can provide paid tiers at $5/month. Like other social media apps, Substack depends on influencer marketing to grow its following.

Substack had one million paid subscribers as of November 2021, making it relatively small. However, compared to the 250,000 subscribers it had in September 2020, it represents a significant gain, thus moving towards becoming one of the top 10 social media apps that have recently entered the market.

Most of the content on this new social media app is long-form, in-depth writing, which necessitates intense subject and issues engagement. Substack takes pleasure in eschewing “attention economy” based on sensationalism and clickbait. Instead, each Substack serves as a community for its viewers, who can comment on postings.

Users are turning away from more popular social sites in favour of curating a unique collection of authors and producers, which signals a change away from traditional publishing represented by Substack. Despite claims that people’s attention spans are shortening, its rising popularity demonstrates that people are still eager to interact with in-depth, high-quality material.

5. Discord (2015)

Discord Discord was introduced in 2015 as specialized software for the gaming community. With 150 million monthly active members as of September 2021, it has since expanded into a prominent player among top social media platforms with a chat-centric user interface.

Due to the ability to stream games, Discord is still a favourite among gamers as the best social media platform. However, other groups utilize the text, audio, and video chat functions to discuss various subjects.

Brands can still have a presence on Discord even though it doesn’t sell advertisements by setting up channels or servers that are collections of related media on a topic. The focus on sincere discussion and connection on this popular social media app presents an opportunity to forge lasting bonds with clients and gather insightful data about their needs.

Popular Social Media Platforms

6. Triller (2015)

Triller Triller, a new video-sharing and social networking site introduced in 2015, allows users to record and edit short movies that can be artificial intelligence-synchronized to music. it is incredibly well-liked by musicians because of this feature, and among its users are well-known people like Justin Bieber, Cardi B, and Post Malone. As part of Triller Fight Club, the popular social media app has also branched out into the world of sports, streaming professional boxing and fighting matches.

Triller is undoubtedly a competitor to all social media apps of this kind due to its focus on music and lip-syncs videos. However, the social media application has already admitted to inflating its user count, making it difficult to determine its precise level of popularity.

It could become one of the most popular social media platforms as it has added new tools for creators, including the ability for iPhone users to record and broadcast. They also acquired Julius, an influencer marketing platform, in March 2022.

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7. Telegram (2013)

Telegram In 2013, the messaging service Telegram was established as a more private substitute for larger websites like Facebook. Users can talk with up to 200,000 individuals in groups to trade documents, pictures, videos, and other media types. Additionally, there are public Telegram channels that have millions of subscribers.

This social media app has expanded quickly in recent years; it had 550 million monthly active users in January 2021, making it the most downloaded app in the world and one of the biggest social media platforms. Moreover, its involvement in the Russia-Ukraine War has recently made it a more popular social media app.

Though public channels may have advertisements, Telegram has pledged not to give marketers access to user information or monitor clicks. Instead, advertisers can pick themes, media, and languages for their advertisements. Brands may also connect with audiences organically through this social networking site.

8. Patreon (2013)

Patreon Patreon, established in 2013, enables content producers to make money from subscriptions. Subscribers gain access to frequent, exclusive content for their financial support and can communicate with content producers through this social media application. Patreon has more than 250,000 creators and more than eight million paying subscribers since it launched.

It is one of the top social media sites that can give producers who have built an audience on other websites like YouTube or Instagram more ownership and control over money. Two payment options are available on Patreon: a monthly subscription and a pay-per-post option.

Starting an account on this social networking site is free. Patreon only takes a percentage once artists begin making money. The social media app presents a chance for creators dissatisfied with the monetization strategies of the largest social media platforms to engage with fans directly. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, platforms like Patreon offer a more open model that helps creators.

9. Twitch (2011) 

Twitch Twitch was founded in 2011 and is an interesting social site on this social media apps list. However, unless one works in the gaming industry or is a gaming enthusiast, the probability of knowing about Twitch could be less, despite having 15 million active members.

On this social media application’s video streaming website, content producers broadcast live shows to their viewers. There were 7.5 million streamers active as of December 2021. Most content on the platform is video games, but it also produces cooking shows, music videos, and makeup tips. Twitch users viewed 5.44 billion hours of live streaming content in a single quarter.

Brands have additional options to reach audiences through this social networking app as it continues to move outside the gaming community. Companies can buy ads on the network, work with Twitch influencers, or develop their own branded channels.

10. Snapchat (2011)

Snapchat Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms that focus on sending snaps—short movies and photos—to pals. It helped popularize the vertical video format, which later spread to social networking sites like Instagram. However, the popularity of Instagram Stories appears to have hampered Snapchat’s development. Consequently, advertisers’ enthusiasm for using Snapchat as a social media application for promoting their business has been affected.

However, market reports suggest that approx. 68% of American teenagers use Snapchat. Therefore, marketers can consider using this social networking site if most of their target audience is young adults.

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Best Social Media Platforms

11. Instagram (2010)

Instagram Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms and a great visual tool for showcasing goods or services through images or videos. Businesses and creators can share a variety of media on this social media application, including photos, videos, Stories, reels, live videos, and longer-form movies on IGTV.

One may set up a business profile on this social networking site as a brand, which gives access to detailed metrics for their account and posts. In addition, businesses can also use third-party applications for planning their updates and posts on Instagram.

12. Twitter 2006

Twitter Twitter is another largest social media platform where users enjoy posting news and content related to entertainment, sports, and other topics. it stands out from other top social media sites because it places a significant emphasis on real-time information — events that are currently occurring and trends — and does so in only 280 characters.

In addition, this social networking site is a popular alternative customer support medium for many brands. More than 80% of social customer service inquiries originate on Twitter, claim Twitter’s advertisers.

13. Reddit (2005)

Reddit Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms that is an excellent channel for connecting with younger audiences. The social networking site doubled its valuation in 2021 and added 30% more users in 2019, and the user base of the social media app is still expanding. It also makes significant investments in new features and a better user experience.

This expansion provides brands with more chances to engage audiences. For example, the social media application is structured around “subreddits” or groups devoted to particular themes or hobbies, making it possible for marketers to target their target markets precisely.

Brands can market themselves on Reddit social sites through promoted posts, banner ads, and homepage takeovers. People can develop relationships through natural interaction, including starting and joining communities, participating in discussions, and leaving comments. Hosting AMA “Ask Me Anything” chat on the social site is a famous user interaction strategy.

14. Facebook (2004)

Facebook The most popular social media platform is Facebook, which over two billion people use monthly, indicating that approximately 36.9% of people on the planet use Facebook. Suppose you want a presence on social media. In that case, Facebook is a reasonably secure pick because more than 200 million businesses, mainly small businesses, utilize the capabilities of this social media application, and more than seven million marketers actively promote their business there. In fact, recent trends have shown that a lot of business owners have started to showcase Facebook widget on website. This proved to be not only an ice-breaking element for their website visitors but also acted as a social proof on the website.

Facebook is a well-known name of social media platform simply because it supports all content formats, including text, photos, video material, and stories. However, the Facebook social media application algorithm prioritizes content that promotes meaningful interactions and conversations among individuals, particularly those from family and friends.

15. LinkedIn (2003)

LinkedIn LinkedIn is one of the best social networking apps for professionals. The social site has developed from a detailed résumé and job search engine into a business platform where subject matter experts can exchange content, connect with others, and establish their brands. In addition, it is one of the biggest social media platforms that has evolved into a venue for companies to develop thought leadership in their sectors and draw top talent.

New Social Media Apps – Conclusion 

Depending upon one’s needs, requirements and interests, they may choose any of the social networking sites from the social media apps listed above. While some social sites are top-rated for forming professional networks, others are quite helpful in learning about specific subject matters.

All social media platforms are an excellent medium for learning something new about the world and how businesses function through them. In addition, some of the top 10 social media apps also help creators monetize their content more reasonably, allowing them the freedom and opportunity to grow.

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