Brand Awareness Marketing Strategy Campaign Examples

Brand Awareness Marketing Strategies & Campaign Example

If you want to make aware people of your brand by doing some marketing campaigns. Then, this article will help you with some effective brand awareness strategies example that you can implement in your campaign.

Brand awareness is how well potential customers know a brand and know what it means for a service or product. In the case of a small business, brand recognition might not reach the extent of an eponym, but simpler forms are still seen as a success.

If you don’t have a clear plan for making people aware of your brand, you’ll lose business to your competitors. In 2022, brand awareness strategies are an important part of marketing that works. It could make your business a market leader. So, in this post, we’ll talk about the different ways to market your brand to get more people to know about it.

Top 10 Brand Awareness Campaign Examples In 2022

If you are starting a new business or you are expanding it in a new state or country. Then, it would be necessary to organize a campaign for your brand awareness so that people will know about your company and the products or services you are providing. To know what kind of marketing you need to do, check out the brand awareness ideas given below and try to implement them.

1. Referral Programs

Friends and family are the best way for at least half of US consumers to learn about a brand. And it has been shown over and over again that referral programs work. Dropbox and PayPal didn’t become big names in their industries by accident. These companies knew that their existing customers were the key to building more awareness about your brand.

Referral Programs

PayPal did the same thing, but instead of giving their users’ cloud storage space, they gave them real money. But referral programs aren’t just for big companies that want to raise brand awareness, SMEs can also use this strategy to increase brand awareness. The same method can be used to promote a lot of different products and services, and it’s a great way to raise brand awareness cheaply.

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2. Influencer Marketing

Using a popular person or a celebrity to endorse your brand is the best Brand Awareness Marketing Strategy followed by many companies. People like it when other people tell them what to do, especially if those other people are experts in their fields. Some influencers are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to get your brand in front of the right people. This depends on how many people the influencer reaches. Influencer Marketing If you want to give something back to these people who have a lot of influence, you could start an affiliate program. Influencer marketing brand awareness will also help you figure out how well your business’s influencer marketing is working. Another great way to get your brand known on the web is to give other blogs super-useful and beautiful content to share.

Guest posting is still a great way to get your name out there in your field. But regular content won’t do; you need to be a guest blogger who publishes good stuff. Make content that people will remember and find useful, and you’ll meet new people and leave a lasting impression.

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3. Put Your Brands Name Everywhere

Even if you’ve never bought anything from Amazon, we’re sure you could still describe their packaging easily. If you ship physical goods, don’t pass up the chance to put your brand on the packaging. It could make a big difference if you add that little something extra. Put Your Brands Name Everywhere Putting your brand name on each and every piece of packaging is a nice brand awareness advertising example and it works for all kinds of businesses. Make sure to use your brand on every possible product that will be used by the users. Along the customer journey, even in your digital signatures and “Thank You” templates.

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4. Complimentary Partnerships

There are companies that already have customers who would be perfect for you. Using partnerships with other brands is another good way to get people to know about your brand. Partners that are good for each other work especially well. They are just partnerships with businesses that sell products that go well with yours. Complimentary Partnerships A good example of a complementary partnership to follow here is the one between Pottery Barn and Sherwin-Williams. Sherwin-Williams sells paint, while Pottery Barn sells furniture. In a complementary partnership, people who buy furniture for their homes are likely to also want to buy paint.

Finding complementary partners is interesting because they rarely have a reason to turn down your offer, no matter how big it is. This is because you’ll be making a win-win situation for both of you, since they’ll be selling and you’ll be selling, too.

5. Free Accounts With Some Starting Credits

Many great online products let users choose between a free version with a watermark or credit line and a paid version that lets them get rid of the mark or replace it with their logo. Many users will choose the free version, but they will also spread the word about your brand.

Free Accounts With Some Starting Credits

Some of the new people who try your product will pay for it. By offering a freemium product, you can reach more people, build your brand, and bring in paying customers.

6. Give Importance To Offline Marketing As Well

Offline marketing or word of mouth has always been the best marketing strategy to increase brand awareness. Even though we spend a lot of time looking at screens, we don’t always notice the brands we scroll by. Because of this, some brands are starting to think “inside the box” again and putting more money into offline marketing. Putting up posters or billboards in interesting places could be a new way to get your name known. Give Importance To Offline Marketing As Well Do you want to figure out the reach of your online brand awareness campaigns? If yes, then you should include things like a barcode or a QR code on the products that you are selling offline. And when customers scan that code they should land on your official website page to see how well it works.

7. Social Media Engagement

Just having a social media presence and posting regularly won’t do much to make people aware of your brand. But social media brand awareness strategies are an important way to get people to know about your brand. As long as you use it the way it was meant to be used: to connect with people. Social Media Engagement Every once in a while, you should stop posting on your pages and start talking about what your partners or followers are posting. This is a sneaky way to make sure that people who might be interested in your brand see your name on their timeline. Points are added if those appearances are full of useful information.

8. Publish Your Content On LinkedIn

We’ve already talked about how important guest posting is, but there are other ways to get your name out there on the web and get published. Recently, LinkedIn started letting all users use the publishing tool to post directly to LinkedIn. This strategy is a brand visibility strategy because if your posts get enough attention, they could end up in the home stream for many LinkedIn users. Publish Your Content On LinkedIn As a bonus, having posts linked to your LinkedIn profile also helps you become known as an experienced person. Of course, you can also set up your company blog and post there. Just make sure to share and promote your posts after you publish them.

9. Share Your Journey And Experience

Being in online groups or talking to people who are interested in your market is a great way to get people to know about your brand. As a business expert, you can add value by giving away free content, but this practice would not last for long and won’t do much to make people aware of your brand.

Share Your Journey And Experience

Try making infographics about the things you teach people about instead, or rather in addition to that. Add a brand that people will recognize and make it easy to share, and people will start to see your name and brand in all the right places, which will lead them straight to your expertise.

10. Make Your Employees The Brand Ambassadors

Let’s be honest: on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram, we’d rather follow real people than the businesses they work for. We’re all looking for content that makes us feel something. When you see something from a company page, you know right away that it’s trying to sell you something. It’s less likely that people will interact with it or share it. Make Your Employees The Brand Ambassadors But when real people post things, that’s when things get interesting. Keeping this in mind, it can be worth it to teach your employees how to use platforms like LinkedIn. Your brand awareness grows a little bit every time someone comments or shares something useful on a profile that has your branding in it.

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These were some of the best examples of brand awareness campaigns that you can implement to boost your company’s growth. You can also hire a professional who has expertise in this sector. He/she will help you by guiding you on what path you should take to improve your brand awareness among people. If you have any further queries share them with us in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.

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