Best Free App Builder Software Solutions

10 Best Free App Builder Software Solutions in 2021

The use of mobiles or smartphones is increasing day-by-day. This rise is encouraging the app developers to bring something new in the market every other day. There is a huge list of apps (both free as well as paid) available for the users. Users demand quality apps and this gives rise to timely developments and revisions in the apps.

Today, you have apps for every task you do. For example, whether you do any business work, personal work, travel somewhere, big or small investments, etc. You have apps for everything. The list is very long. The best part is that anybody can create his or her own app.

Do you have any prior coding experience? In fact, there’s no need. You do not require any huge investments,  you may be worrying about. What you need is a ‘mobile app development software’. It will help you in developing an app of your choice. 

 How do we develop an app? Let’s quickly go through the steps given below:

  • Firstly, pick an idea for an app.
  • Now, time to define the functionalities you want in the app. For example, you want to develop it for real estate, hotel or travel, etc. 
  • Now create a rough sketch of the app you are going to develop.
  • It’s time to plan the UI flow.
  • Now design the database.
  • With the UX Wireframes, plant the front-end.
  • Now design the UI.
  • Now there is a need to research for programming solutions.
  • Build the app now.
  • The next step is to test and debug the app.
  • Time to launch the app.

This is how an app is designed and developed. 

In this article, you have to focus on the free ‘mobile app development software solutions’ available for you. 

Top Leading Mobile App Builder Software Solution in 2021

1. Flutter

Flutter is a free app development software for your smartphones. It is apt for hybrid apps. It is among the list of the newest apps in the market. It is written in C, C++ and Skia Graphics Engine. With Flutter, you can create apps for mobiles, web as well as desktop from a single codebase. The best thing is, you are not asked to restart the application while you are testing a project. Flutter also offers Hot Reload Functionality feature. With this you get a stress- free and optimised process of development.

Some of the significant components of this software system are Dart platform, Flutter engine, Foundation library, and design specific widgets. 

2. Ionic:

Ionic is another app creator software that is available for the users. It has been specially developed to create hybrid apps. By using a single codebase, you can build apps for various platforms like android, ios, web, etc. Ionic offers interactive paradigms, typography, mobile themes, extensible base themes, etc. So you can also call it a ‘free android app development software’. The programs here are written in Javascript and are covered by MIT license. Cordova based app building is also possible through Ionic. An ‘app creation software free’ Ionic has an absence of hot reloading functionality. 

3. Xamarin:

Xamarin is another ‘best free app builder’ available for the users. It enables you to build apps for various operating systems like Windows, Android, ios, etc. Xamarin makes use of C# programming language. This is the reason why it is one of the very popular free app building software. Also, this app offers you a real-time testing module to find and test any error in the app if there is any. 

4. Buildfire – Most Powerful App Maker For iOS & Android

Here comes another ‘free app making software’ for you. Buildfire enables you to build apps for both Android as well as ios. It is capable of providing high-end custom development. It also offers an easy, intuitive and DIY platform to its users. It covers around 10,000 apps. It has an excellent social networking feature. It is not just one of the best ‘free android app development software’ but also an excellent ‘free ios app development software’ available.  This app can be combined with any third party APIs or pre-built integrations. It is an app for both seasoned  app developers as well as the beginners.

5. Felgo:

Felgo is another mobile app development software that is available for free. This software enables its users to build apps for android, ios, Windows and Linux, and counting. You can create an application by using a single codebase for different operating systems. It is popular because it is easy to learn and use. It provides smooth performance without any bugs. You can create both business apps and gaming apps with the help of this software. It offers you platform specific concepts that are well- designed. 

7. Appcelerator:

It is also one of the most popular free app development software available. Both free as well as paid versions of this software are available. You require few codes to build apps for Windows, Linux, android, ios, browser based HTML5 applications. By using Javascript, you can have full and direct access to the android and ios APIs. It also offers rapid prototyping. In the preview window, you can see a live view of all the changes made. 

8. Mobincube

Mobincube is a no code mobile app development software. This software does not require coding to build apps. You also don’t require prior knowledge of any programming language. With this software you can create mobile stores, customize every detail, etc. You can use Mobincube to develop different kinds of apps like entertainment, health, education, etc. This software also allows you to deploy apps on platforms like Amazon, Google Play, etc. On online maps, you can also play your own maps with the help of Mobincube software. It offers full flexibility and full customization features. With this software, you can also add your own POIs on online maps. You can also integrate third party solutions within the app with the help of Mobincube. So, this software can be a good choice for developing an app. 

9. LongRange

LongRange is also one of the popular free mobile app development software. This application makes use of COBOL.CL and RPG. There is no prior requirement of knowing the programming languages like Javascript, CSS and HTML. It comes with functionalities like form views, commands, navigation tabs, etc. It helps to reduce mobile app maintenance and extension costs. This software uses mobile features such as camera, GPS, audio, SMS, etc. 

10. Qt – Cross Platform App Development Software

You can find Qt as a popular ‘app development software free’ as well as an open source tool. You can design and develop applications for different types of devices like, portable, handhold ios, android, Windows, etc. cost-effectively. It also supports dual- mode networks and IPv6. it offers full support for opaque private keys.  

11. Alpha Anywhere – Top Rated Mobile App Development Software

This is one of the mobile app development softwares that requires no coding or very few coding for developing apps. It makes use of HTML and Javascript to create apps that are capable of working offline also. Alpha anywhere develops apps for desktop, web, Saas, etc. it also comes with a tutorial which guides you towards the app development process.

Above are the ten best app building software solutions in 2021. Some of you may be capable enough to build an application. But developing an application may not be an easy task for everyone. In that case, you can opt to hire mobile app developer. There is a huge list of best and famous mobile app development experts. You can choose to hire developers for mobile app creation on an hourly or monthly basis. It depends upon the type of app you want to develop. Hiring a mobile app developer has become very common among the companies in order to face the tough competition.


Did you find the article helpful? Hope that now it has become easy for you to choose a software that will enable mobile app development. Out of the best ten softwares mentioned in the article above, you can opt for any one of your choice. If you are planning to choose a software with no code or low code option, you can check some of  the softwares mentioned in the article above.

Apart from the name of the softwares mentioned above, there are other softwares also like, Jira, Meteor, Webix JS framework, Zoho creator, visionX, AppMachine, and Mobiroller. So do check out these softwares as per the type of app you are developing. Hurry up!

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