#1 Software Development Tool used by Agile Teams

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Jira is for the ones who like to advance in their projects and complete them on or before the deadline. This project management tool keeps a close check on each step taken till its execution. At Jira, everything about your project stays in one place. From its initiation to its completion and thereafter its maintenance.

You can choose to create your own workflow or can simply pick up a template for your project. Thanks to its automation engine, automating tasks and projects on this platform is quite feasible and quick. Jira, the cloud project management software has bagged several awards and hence it is renowned at the global level. 

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Core Features

  • Forecasting or budgeting
  • Business process automation
  • Audit trail and assignment management features
  • Collaboration tools, Compatibility Testing, and much more.
  • Pros

    • Jira is a management tool suitable for all types of teams in an organization, all types of reports can be easily created using this tool.
    • This management tool is supported on all computer and mobile devices, users with any device can access this tool.
    • Some of the most beneficial features of this tool are Agile Methodologies, Audit Trail, Compatibility Testing and many more.


    • Jira is a complex management tool thatu2019s why users with full knowledge of this tool can only use it.
    • Although Jira offers a free version of the tool, but to use the advanced features of this management tool users are required to pay a good amount of money.
    • Some users have reported a complaint that the tool slows down while working on a huge amount of data.