Best Desktop Gadgets for Windows

10 Best Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10

If you miss the Windows 7 desktop widgets, don’t skip reading this article to the very end. Here, you are going to find the best applications to get the best Windows gadgets for Windows 10.

Windows 10 came as a breath of fresh air for people who were bored using Windows 7 and 8 for a long time. It brought a lot of new and exciting features to your desktop. However, it also took away one of the most loved things about Windows 7, i.e., gadgets/widgets, disappointing a huge chunk of users. But the good news is if you want, you can get windows 7 gadgets in windows 10.

Though Microsoft no longer supports free gadgets for windows 10, many third-party applications still provide them. If you are now wondering where to find these apps, you only need to read this article to do it.

This article brings to light all the superb third-party applications that offer the best free gadgets for windows 10. Without making you wait, let’s proceed straight to them.

Top Free Gadgets for Windows 10 Desktop

Following are the packages you can download to get the best free sidebar gadgets for Windows 10 desktop. Though some might surprise you with multiple gadgets, most of all of these apps can help you get back the following basic free sidebar windows gadgets:

  • Calendar gadget for windows 10
  • Timer gadget for windows 10
  • Sticky notes gadget for windows 10
  • Clock gadgets for windows 10
  • Countdown gadget for windows 10
  • Stock gadget for windows 10
  • Digital clock gadget for windows 10
  • Cpu meter for windows 10

1. 8GadgetPack


Anyone looking for cool desktop gadgets for windows 10 should check 8GadgetPack. Here, you get almost every widget you love having on your desktop.

For instance, the 8GagetPack offers 7 Sidebar, Agenda, All CPU Meter, App Launcher, Breathe, Calendar, Clock, Currency, Reminder, Feed Headlines, and many other useful widgets.

Moreover, you will be delighted to note that this application even supports Windows 11 if you ever think of upgrading your operating system.

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2. Rainmeter


Let’s now take a look at Rainmeter. It is another wonderful gadget installer for windows, such as CPU usage, media players, weather information, and more.

In addition to this, Rainmeter is quite resource-friendly and highly customizable (you can customize it with a plethora of skins). All these qualities and open-source availability induced us to include this application on our list of the best gadgets for Windows 10.

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3. Gadgets Revived

Gadgets Revived

Here comes another website that revives the long-lost Windows sidebar gadgets. With Gadgets Revived, you can download a lot of classic widgets, such as Clock, MusicRadio, Calculator, and a variety of other gadgets.

The best thing about this website is that it groups the gadgets into more than 16 categories. Each category contains different versions of the same widget, making Gadgets Revived one of the best websites to get desktop widgets for Windows 10.

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4. Gadgetarian


Now, let’s introduce you to Gadgetarian. It is another free and efficient place from where you can get many Microsoft Windows desktop gadgets.

Apart from this, the process to add a widget using this application is extremely simple. You only need to click doubly on the desired gadget to make it a part of your desktop.

Moreover, if any gadget fails to live up to your requirements, you can remove it in no time with Gadgetarian.

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5. Win10 Widgets

Win10 Widgets

Next, we have Win10 Widgets on our list of the best desktop gadgets for Windows 10. It is an open-source application made using the structure of Rainmeter.

With Win10 Widgets, you can add almost every possible widget to your desktop. For example, it lets you put gadgets for weather, music, WiFi, and a lot more on your computer screen.

Moreover, compatibility with a diverse range of wallpapers, screen sizes, and the use of Windows 10’s color are other prominent reasons for calling this app one of the top desktop gadgets.

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6. AveDesk


When discussing the desktop gadgets installer for windows 10, we cannot skip AveDesk. It is another friendly application you can use to get beautiful desklets on your desktop.

AveDesk has an ocean of widgets relating to everything, ranging from weather foresight to a calculator.

Moreover, features like widget scalability, effortless desklet customization, availability of hardware-accelerated 3D effects, and an in-built UI control library also justify AveDesk’s position on our list of the best Windows desktop widgets.

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7. XWidget


XWidget is yet another application to get the top desktop gadgets downloader for Windows 10. With this software, you can edit all your widgets as it also boasts some high-level animations.

In addition to this, user-friendliness is also one of the things for which you can call XWidget a good app for Windows 10 desktop widgets.

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8. Network Meter

Network Meter

If you wish to monitor your network’s speed and bandwidth, you can use Network Meter to do it easily. Network Meter is among the most frequently used widgets for Windows 10 desktops to find connectivity problems.

Talking about the other prominent features of Network Meter, it also lets you keep a check on the download speed (extremely useful if you download many large files).

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9. All CPU Meter

All CPU Meter

Next, we would like to introduce you to All CPU Meter. With this one of the best free gadgets for Windows 10, you can find complete details about your processor.

For example, All CPU Meter notifies you about your CPU’s usage, processor frequency, RAM usage, and a lot of other crucial information. Moreover, it also lets you know about the temperature and voltage of each CPU core.

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10. Margu-NotebookInfo2


The list of best gadget downloaders for Windows 10 cannot be complete without mentioning Margu-NotebookInfo2. It is among the top choices of users who wish to know in-depth information about almost every aspect of their computers.

With Margu-NotebookInfo2, you can stay informed about your computer’s battery statistics, network strength, RAM usage, and all other vital details.

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Above, we looked at various desktop gadgets for Windows 10. Now, let’s answer some connected questions to help you pick the perfect one for your needs and clear any persisting doubts.

Faqs – Windows Gadgets

Below we answer almost all the questions Windows users have about the best gadgets for Windows 10.

Q1. What are the qualities of the best desktop gadget manager?

In our view, the top application to manage desktop gadgets should have the following qualities.

  • Availability of a wide range of gadgets
  • Lightweight and resource-friendly
  • Option to add external widgets
  • Automatic application updates
  • Easy customization with skins

Q2. Where to find widgets on Windows 10?

Microsoft does not support widgets. Hence, the only way to get gadgets for Windows 10 is through the widget applications shared in this article.

Q3. Does Windows 10 have a desktop clock and weather app?

Microsoft has eliminated a lot of useful widgets from Windows 10, including the desktop clock and weather desklets. However, you can still get them from the gadget applications shared above.

Concluding the Windows 10 Desktop Gadgets

In this article, we shared many applications to bring back desktop gadgets for Windows 10. You can use any of them depending on the kind of desklets you wish to add to your desktop.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or anything else to share about this article or the tech world, you can get in touch with us through the comments section.

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