Best Programming Language for AI Development in 2023

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the way we interact with digital media. Though we become increasingly familiar with AI as the days pass, it is still relatively new.

This is why careers in AI and the idea of learning the best AI programming language are also becoming popular.  Consequently, corporations and business owners are increasingly interested in individuals who know programming languages that help develop AI. Therefore, AI development appears to be one of the best skills today as it offers advantages like improved customer experience, test automation, wise decision-making, minimal errors, and data analytics.

Once you dive into deep learning programming languages for AI development, you still have to make a difficult choice: which AI programming language to learn? Sit back and relax. There are various languages available, but you need to go through them one by one to understand which one will give a boost to your business or career. We’ve compiled a list of the top programming languages for developing artificial intelligence software to make your choice simple. So, let’s get started!

What is the Best Programming Language for AI?

If you’re a programmer or a developer wanting to scale up your skills, learning the best AI programming languages is a must. Here is a list of the top seven AI programming languages you can consider-

1- JAVA- Best AI programming language to build scalable solutions

One of the best programming languages out there is Java by Oracle. This language has evolved over time to reflect the most recent scientific and technical developments. The same is true for AI development. You can develop scalable AI apps by using Java.


Java makes complex projects simpler and is easy to use for AI development. Moreover, by using images to depict the data, you may improve user involvement. Virtual Machine Technology in Java enables programmers to create a single version of an application that is functional on several Java-based systems. Java enables you to secure, maintain, and port AI applications.

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2- Python- Ideal and commonly used programming language for AI development

Python is one of the most capable and straightforward programming languages everyone can learn. It is a highly preferred programming language by most app developers and programmers when creating AI-based solutions. Because it offers more job opportunities than any other programming language, Python is a favorite among all developers and professionals on a global scale.


Python is a great programming language for neural networks, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP). Therefore, you can use this programming language to develop AI products and take advantage of its excellent adaptability. Additionally, it includes a number of pre-existing libraries, like SciPy, Pandas, nltk, etc. Python’s simple syntax and straightforward coding make it the language of choice for programmers and creators of artificial intelligence (AI).

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3- Javascript- Excellent programming language to develop dynamic AI products

JavaScript is a perfect complement to AI development, just like Java. However, it is utilized to create more dynamic and secure websites. JavaScript is for those developers who don’t mind coding, whereas Python is good for those who don’t.

JAVA Script

The AI capabilities of JavaScript allow for smooth functioning and communication with other source codes, such as CSS and HTML. Similar to Java, JavaScript benefits from a big developer community that promotes innovation. Libraries like React.js, Underscore.js, and jQuery make it simpler to program AI. Thus, you can use Javascript to manage front-end and back-end processes, including multimedia, data storage, and buttons. With JavaScript, you can also ensure security, superb performance, and rapid development.

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4- Lisp- Smart programming language for AI development

Lisp is the oldest yet best programming language for AI development since the 1960s. It is extremely intelligent and adaptive, particularly useful for writing self-modifying code, problem-solving, making dynamic objects, and quick prototyping.

Lisp programming

But there are drawbacks as well. Lisp’s grammar is distinctive compared to other contemporary computer languages, making it more challenging to comprehend. Additionally, there aren’t many relevant libraries or programmers to guide you. Despite its shortcomings, Lisp is still operative and worth researching for your AI projects. The companies DART, Routinic, and Grammarly, are its top successful projects.

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5- R- Best AI Programming Language for statistical analysis

Apart from being the best AI programming language for statistical processing, for data analysis, R is also a free and open-source programming language. Although it may not be the ideal language for AI, it performs exceptionally well when dealing with enormous quantities. Its object-oriented design, built-in functional programming, and vectorial computing make it a valuable programming language for AI.

R Programming

R is an open-source, cost-free programming language that allows you to install packages for additional features. Along with enabling you to carry out intricate statistical computations, it also offers users powerful & interactive visual capabilities. Due to its strong performance characteristics, R is a popular programming language for AI and machine learning.

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6- Prolog- Best AI programming language for datasets, NLP, and reasoning. 

You can program any type of AI system with Prolog using its highly logical approach. The software adheres to a core set of facts, objectives, rules, and questions rather than obeying particular coded instructions.

Prolog Programming

Prolog has the ability to find patterns and match them, identify and arrange data logically, and automatically retrace a process’s steps to find a more efficient path. Overall, addressing problems is where this language’s use in AI is strongest. It seeks a solution—or several—to address the issue you raise. As a result, it is frequently employed in chatbots and virtual reality assistants, for instance, IBM Watson. Despite the fact that Prolog might not be as versatile or user-friendly as Python or Java, it can nonetheless provide a useful service.

7- Julia- Another best AI programming language for data analysis.

Despite Julia’s small user base and community, it offers a wide range of high-end capabilities for building excellent AI products. This is why it is the best AI development language for handling large amounts of data and numbers.


If you want to make eye-catching graphics, dynamic interfaces, or data visualizations, Julia provides the tools you need for flawless implementation. The procedure is made simple by the memory management, debugging, and metaprogramming characteristics of this widely used AI programming language. Julia is, therefore, the best choice for AI problems, including machine learning. It comprises several packages, such as Flux, Turing, Metahead, and MLJ.


We hope you can select the best programming language for AI development as per your preferences from the above-given list. Though the dynamics of programming may change in the future, Python, Java, JavaScript, R, and Prolog are the most famous AI development programming languages for now.

If you are just learning to program for AI, there are many advantages to beginning with Python, Java, and Javascript. You can simply hit the ground and start running with one of them immediately. On the other hand, if you already know these programming languages, it’s possible to produce excellent machine-learning applications. All you have to do is stay updated with the changing technological developments.

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