Voice Changer Apps For Discord

Best Free Voice Changer Apps For Discord

You must have seen popular game streamers doing a voice-over or commentary in live or recorded game streaming. Well, these days, they all use mostly voice-changing tools to stay anonymous. Using voice changer apps for discord has also become popular as Skype and Discord are now the mainstays of gaming and chatbot apps. Discord, especially, is popular among gaming mates during multiplayer games. So, before we get into the best voice changer apps for discord, let us first understand what discord actually is and why voice changers are being so widely used.

What is Discord?

Just like other social media apps, Discord is also a basic communication application available for most devices. It has become a famous application among users who wish to communicate with each other together in groups while playing the game. It provides them with a sense of control and coordination.

The platform offers various servers for conversations. Though there are several servers dedicated to gaming, we can’t declare that Discord is limited to gaming alone. If you are a pro gamer, you will witness many professional gamers and streamers using voice changers for Discord along with gaming gears. We know a question of “why” must be popping in your head. So, let’s get into it!

Why Use Voice Changers for Discord?

Typically, users use voice changers for discord on mobile or PC either because they wish to play a pre-recorded audio or add voice effects. Another major reason why people use voice changers for discord is to protect their identity or stay anonymous in the digital world. Although due to the same reason, Discord voice changers have been subject to misuse. We strongly condemn these unlawful activities and promote these useful tools only for legitimate and entertaining purposes.

List of Top Free Voice Changer Apps For Discord in 2022

The free voice changers listed below are excellent tools to tweak your voice. Each of them has its pros and cons. There is no set chronological order, but the list is prepared after thorough research and rating analysis.

1. Clownfish

Clownfish is an incredibly simple-to-use voice changer that works great with Discord as well as other chat apps, such as Skype or Steam. As a system-wide voice editing tool, this voice changer for Discord on mobile operates in the background and can change any audio that comes in through the microphone or any other line. The setting up of Clownfish is simple and quick. Additionally, the utility works with every single version of Windows. Despite our wish that it possessed more practical features, we still consider it to be an efficient software because of its incredibly smooth user interface.


Price: Free

Why is Clownfish the best free voice changer for Discord?

  • You don’t need a login or sign-in to access the app.
  • Compatible with all Windows versions
  • Easy and quick setup

Reasons to avoid Clownfish-

  • Except for the custom pitch feature, there are no added voice effects.
  • Has a limited female voice changer for discord.

Download – Clownfish

2. Voicemod

With a large selection of speech effects and filters, Voicemod is a great voice changer for Discord. There are several enjoyable and practical voice effects available for you to choose from. It can also help you if you wish to sound robotic in your voice. Voicemod will be helpful if you want your voice to have a forceful baritone. The software is extremely easy to use on all Windows platforms, operates in real-time, and is absolutely free. In addition to utilizing the software as a primary free voice changer for Discord, you may also use it on Twitch, Skype, and other online streaming or chatting platforms.


Price: Free

Why is Voicemod the best free voice changer for Discord?

  • Multiple voice options with excellent sound quality
  • Easy installation
  • Professional design
  • Provides live voice effect demos
  • Flexible even with multiple uses

Reasons to avoid Voicemod-

  • The paid version is necessary to unlock other useful features.
  • Some voice filters may not sound exactly like their demos.

Download – Voicemod

3. MorphVOX Voice Changer

MorphVox outperforms the rest of the voice changers on our shortlisted voice editors in terms of its ability to output high-quality audio without putting a strain on the CPU. The platform even mimics your voice simply to create high-quality sound effects. MorphVox is also continually getting better. In addition to its basic features, the platform currently supports multiple users, MP3 reading, enhanced list management, file restoration to the folder of your choice, and plug-in support.  Simply operating this tool could be fun for you. With this voice changer for discord, you can play background tunes to enhance the experience while chatting with your pals. Additionally, you may add various fantastic sound effects to improve the entire effect.


Price: Free. The pro version comes for $39.99.

Why is MorphVOX the best voice changer for Discord?

  • Consumes low bandwidth and CPU power
  • Multiple sound effects and in-built voices
  • Allows you to mix sound effects
  • Provides customization to fine-tune the voice.

Reasons to avoid MophVOX-

  • The Pro version is slightly expensive.
  • The interface is not very clean and smooth.
  • Some users may find the setup process challenging.

Download – morphvox-voice-changer with screamingbee

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4. Voice Changer

Voice Changer is your best bet if you’re looking for a straightforward voice-changing tool. You have three clear options with this Discord voice changer. Text can be converted into speech, audio can be uploaded and edited, or your voice can be hidden using a microphone. On its main home page, the tool introduces you to various voice effects. The voice filters include both famous voices from cartoons and movies as well as stereotyped infant female tones. You can successfully apply it when you interact with friends online or play multiplayer games online.


Price: Free

Why is Voice Changer the best voice changer for Discord?

  • It offers multiple entertaining voice options.
  • Highly compatible with Discord
  • You can use the voices commercially.

Reasons to avoid Voice Changer-

  • Voice selection can be confusing for users.

Download – Voice Changer

5. Voice Changer With Effects

You can choose Voice Changer With Effects if you’re seeking a voice changer for Discord on Android. The tool is unique to Android and remarkably simple to set up and utilize as a speech modifier. For purely entertainment purposes, you can apply effects and select from various voice-masking techniques. A previously recorded voice or sound can be loaded into the tool and edited as needed. The tool includes over 40 different speech effects. This voice changer for Discord is great with Android chat apps.

Voice Changer With Effects

Price: Free

Why is Voice Changer With Effects the best voice changer for Discord?

  • Users can easily record their voices and customize them.
  • It provides multiple fun voice effects.
  • It helps create images with different sounds.

Reasons to avoid Voice Changer With Effects-

  • It has a complex user interface.

Download – Voice Changer With Effects

6. AV Voice Changer

With the use of AV Voice Changer, you may completely change your voice, making it impossible for your listeners to recognize it. Be it a robot, a woman, or a little child; you are free to use any voice of your choice. In addition, every time you edit sound with this tool, you have a wide range of voice options and speech effects at your disposal, which really aids in the development of a unique voice. Because of the amazing virtual audio driver technology, its utility smoothly links you to all VoIP tools, chat apps, and role-playing games digitally. Moreover, this software can mute your voice on Discord, Twitch, Skype, and other platforms.

AV Voice Changer

Price: $99.95

Why is AV Voice Changer the best voice changer for Discord?

  • It allows you to record even your morphed voices and even edit them.
  • It comes with advanced virtual driver technology.

Reasons to avoid AV Voice Changer-

  • It is expensive.

Download – AV Voice Changer from audio4fun

7. Voxal Voice Changer

This voice changer for discord is able to sell itself because it offers users full liberty to change or disguise their voices on almost every online gaming and chat platform. So, yes, Voxal Voice Changer might be the top choice for many because of its excellent performance. The tool bombards users with an infinite number of voice-change options. You can sound like a female, baby, or a devil in a matter of seconds, thanks to Voxal. In addition to being a fantastic voice modulator for Discord, it also pairs amazingly well with video games, online avatars, and podcasts. The impressive voice change allows users to remain anonymous when speaking on the radio or on any podcast. The fact that Voxal doesn’t require regular fiddling with its settings and configurations for each application is arguably its strongest feature. For the best outcomes, you can set it as per your preferences across the board.

Voxal Voice Changer

Price: Free

Why is Voxal Voice Changer the best voice changer for Discord?

  • Consumes low CPU power
  • User-friendly interface
  • You can add voice effects to recorded and live voices.

Reasons to avoid Voxal Voice Changer-

  • It is not entirely ad-free.
  • A few voices are similar and have no recognizable differences.

Download – Voxal Voice Changer with nchsoftware

8. Voicemeeter

The VoiceMeeter is primarily designed for experienced users. We are discussing users who have some experience with audio-mixing. You can use this tool to create an audio effect that best meets your preferences if you’re unhappy with the voice effects offered by tools like Clownfish. This voice changer for Discord requires technical expertise to operate, so we only suggest it to people who are familiar with audio mixing tools. However, if intricacy is its primary flaw, then its ease of use when generating a unique new audio effect is its most cherished selling feature.


Price: Free

Why is Voicemeeter the best voice changer for the Discord App?

  • Enables voice effect customization
  • Compatible with various interfaces such as MME, KS, DX, ASIO, and WDM.
  • Best for you if you’re an experienced audio editing professional.

Reasons to avoid Voicemeeter-

  • Complex for beginners.

Download – Voicemeeter

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Closing Thoughts

Since most of the tools mentioned above are free, there is no reason why you can’t download them all and give them all a try. Just be sure the website you are downloading from is trustworthy and secure, as some websites host dangerous downloads that are not what they claim to be. Additionally, you can experience some compatibility issues.

For instance, some voice changers for Discord on Windows may not download on iOS or Android smartphones. Are you a fan of any of the free Discord voice changers? To start a conversation, share this story with your friends on social media or post a comment below to brew some interesting discussions about Discord voice changers.

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