Best And Free Face Swap Apps for Android, iOS 2022

Best Free Face Swap Apps for Android, iOS 2022

Face swap is now one of the leading trends flooding all social media sites. Internet users worldwide are going crazy to see what their faces will look like when they are babies and how they will appear when they become older. Thanks to some of the best free face swap apps, people worldwide can join the trend to have their share of fun.

In case you haven’t tried these free face swap apps till now, it is time to do so. But before that, let’s understand what Face changer apps are. They are basically an application that allows you to interchange your Face with another person’s Face, whose end results are mostly hilarious, but only if you do it right. The core technology behind such apps is Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. That is why these apps are also referred to as AI face swap applications.

The internet is brimming with a plethora of best face swap apps. Among these thousands of these free face-swapping apps, which ones do you choose? Don’t worry! In this article, we have listed some of the most incredible and best face swap apps for Android and iOS so that you can have a little more fun in your hectic lives.

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Best Free Face Swap Apps for Android and iOS

So, want to see what your Face looks like on someone else’s head? Here are some of the best face swap apps for Android and iPhone. There is no need to search and spend your precious time finding it on the internet, as this list of the best reface apps can be a good reference. So, read on to find the best face swap apps according to your need.

1. Snapchat

Snapchat - face changer application

While Snapchat is not a Face Swap app in itself, it is one of the most well-known social media platforms that allow users to experience AI face swaps with others merely by applying precise and unique filters. You can also access the app’s other distinctive features because it is more than just any free face-swapping app.

Remember that applying the Snapchat face swap filter to fresh or old photos may require effort. One of the numerous functions on the site is the face filter, one of the best free face swap apps currently available online.

If you can’t find the face filter in the camera interface, go to Explore section, look for the ‘Face swap’ option and add it to Favorites. Also, the images clicked using the face swap filter on Snapchat can be shared instantaneously with your friends, which is another excellent feature of this face changer app.

Download: iOS, Android

2. FaceApp

FaceApp - reface apps

Remember a few days ago when Facebook was inundated with old photos of all of your friends, relatives, and acquaintances? The free face-swapping app FaceApp was responsible for this. Of course, the face swap app was previously popular and well-liked, but since it included an aging filter, that popularity has shot through the roof. In addition, the app offers several capabilities that many other free face swap apps do not.

With a photo of yourself and using the features on this face swap app, you may make yourself look younger, older, smiling, and many other things. You can modify several aspects of your appearance, including gender and hair color. The aging filter of this refacing app is carried out by machine learning and AI together. As a result, every filter is stitched under the process. As a result, the final product paints an accurate and realistic picture.

It is one of the best video face swap online apps that comes in free and premium editions. Limited functions are available in the free edition, and other features are exclusive to the pro version that you can unlock to replace the face in a photo with this app. However, the free version’s filters are still of a high caliber, so you can get away with it. There are in-app purchases available and no adverts on the app.

Download: iOS, Android

3. Cupace

Cupace reface app free download

In essence, Cupace is a photo editing program. The software has a beautiful function called Paste Face. This funny face swap live app makes it simple to copy any face from a picture and paste it on another person’s face, as Cupace manually extracts the faces from the selected image. It is also helpful to add the Face to a selected inanimate object rather than switch faces.

The app’s user interface is simple and effortless to use. Even if you are a novice or inexperienced with technology, you may learn the procedure in minutes. You may also enlarge the selected image to carefully and correctly paste the Face. This free face swapping app stores the cropped Face when you do so, and you are free to paste it on more photographs.

Download – Android


face swapping app MSQRD

Facebook owns the face-swapping app MSQRD. With this funny face swap live app, you can apply several silly masks on your face. For instance, one of these masks lets you patch two people’s faces together in real-time. Therefore, there is no need for you to submit the images initially.

Additionally, you may face-swap both photographs and movies. Because of that, consumers find this free face swap online app to be top-rated. You may also use front-end and rear-end cameras to capture images and videos. In addition to these functions, MSQRD has many additional features and live filters. To create amusing clips, you can and should try each one.

The limitation of this face changer app is that it only works in live mode. This means you cannot change the faces in any media on your smartphone. On the other side, this face swap app is free, which allows you to save money.

Download – Android

5. Microsoft Face Swap

App to change face - Microsoft Face Swap

The brand Microsoft doesn’t require any introduction. One best free face swap apps created by the company’s section that specializes in experimental initiatives is Face Swap. One of the app’s most valuable capabilities is removing a face from an image and then superimposing it on another. Except when the angle is challenging, the final effects are generally quite remarkable.

You must upload both the source and motivational pictures. Then, the Microsoft Face Swap handles the remaining steps. However, this feature has one disadvantage. It only functions in one direction; you can only take a face out of the source image and place it on the target image. Therefore, you have to redo the entire procedure of this AI face swap application if you want to do the opposite.

Many additional things are also rather good in addition to that. You can select a different image from the stock images using the face switch function rather than just another of yours. Additionally, you can use tools for annotating the image to add text. The fact that the face swap for pictures is free and ad-free adds to its advantages.

Microsoft Face Swap – Download Link

6. Face Blender

Face Blender is another option you should consider if you wish to replace a face in a photo. In essence, it’s a selfie poster maker program that enables you to combine your face with any image to produce amusing results. The user interface (UI) is simple, so you won’t have to spend much time figuring out how it works. Thus, all that is required of you is to snap an image.

Choose a template for blending your face onto it in the following stage. You can choose a vast collection of templates to transform yourself into a gymnast or an astronaut. This is the best face swap app for Android that automatically detect your face on the template when you select the picture and the template. Then, it will alter the Face’s orientation and angle to fit it into the frame.

You can get more templates if you feel the ones provided are insufficient. So you can make your own face exchanges. All you have to do is include a photo to accomplish that. You can pick one from the Camera Roll or the Gallery app.

Download – Android

7. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live App

It is currently one of the most excellent face swap apps for iPhone available. This face swap app is distinctive since it lets users instantly switch faces with their loved ones. The procedure is also straightforward and simple. All you have to do is enter the camera’s frame and accompany your pal. The face swap app will then show your faces as they were at that same time, reversed.

Unlike this, many reface apps on the market employ static graphics and nothing else. Additionally, you can capture videos in it with your faces naturally switched. However, remember that you and your companion must adequately fit in the camera’s viewfinder. The swapping then becomes functional.

You can also add filters to your amazing solo selfies in addition to these capabilities. You can, for instance, mix up your face with any child or celebrity, just as an illustration. In most cases, this yields a humorous picture or video. Face Swap Live has an iOS version. However, if you use Android, do not be discouraged by this fact if you want to utilize this best free face swap app. The app’s Android version will be made available very soon, according to the makers.

Download: iOS, Android

8. Photomontage Collage

Photomontage Collage - best free face swap apps

It’s one of the best free face swap apps for editing photos that enables the production of very high-quality face swap images. Even if this is your first time using it, the user interface (UI) is straightforward, and you will become an expert user in minutes. But it would be best to do it manually because this face swap app isn’t autonomous. So wizard and Expert are the two options available to you.

In the Expert tab, first, the Face will need to be removed with the rubber tool after uploading it. Next, insert a different image of your choice, crop the Face, so it only displays it, and then relocate the image beneath the first one. Furthermore, you may zoom, squeeze, and change the area. You’re done, that’s all.

If you followed the instructions correctly, your free face-swapping app would now display a perfect face-swapped image. Its returns to user control over real-time face swaps, as opposed to many other best face swap apps that rely on algorithms. It is one of the app’s key advantages over other free face swap apps. Unfortunately, the app can face swap pictures for only Android devices. However, we anticipate that the creators will publish an iOS-compatible version soon.

Download – Android

9. Copy Replace Face

Copy Replace Face App

“Copy Replace Face” might be a good foil for making your photographs stand out if you want to get creative with face swapping. You have the needed flexibility to change the appearance using this free face swap app completely. For instance, you can clone the entire face or just specific features like the eyes, mouth, and nose, which helps create a distinctive-looking face.

Additionally, it is one of the best face swap apps for iPhone. It enables you to layer several faces on top of one another, which can significantly alter the aesthetic of your picture.

Download: iOS

10. Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth App

You can manually add faces or let the program detect them for you using the free Face Swapping app. These many looks can be used to switch around other people amusingly. Additionally, the face changer app allows you to replace your Face with one of the already-loaded famous faces.

Additionally, this is one of the best free face swap apps that offers sophisticated editing capabilities, amusing face masks, and more. The Face Swap Booth app has a free edition. Even so, it’s pretty constrained, so you’ll need to pay $2.99 for the Premium edition to save unlimited photos, get rid of adverts, add a watermark, and more.

Download: iOS, Android

11. B612

B612 AI face swap App

It is mainly a beauty and filter camera common for taking selfies. Another feature of this application is the AI face swap feature. To use the feature, you simply have to click on the smiley icon after you launch the app. From the menu, select the face swap option to replace your face in a photo. However, this feature has a limitation of real-time operation, so you should have two people during the shot. This way, B612 can also serve to be the best face swap video software that can automatically change the face through this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What app can I use to change faces on photos?

Ans. The above-given face swap apps can work perfectly to change faces on the photos you take. Apps like Face Swap Booth or Cupace can help you swap faces that are in between the pictures. You can create some interesting and funny pictures using these apps.

Q.2 What’s the new face swap app?

Ans. Face Swap Live, Face Swap Booth, Cupace, etc., are some of the new face swap apps. They come with a face swap technology that looks extremely real with convincing gestures and movements.

Q.3 How can I use FaceApp for free?

Ans. Most of the face swaps apps we mentioned are free. The pro versions are also available that unlock additional photo and video editing features. Depending upon your need, you can sign up for the pro version or continue using the free one.

Q. 4 What is the best face swap app for iPhone?

Ans. Face Swap Live and Copy Replace Face App, among others, are some of the best face swap apps for iPhone.

Final Words:

Face swap is one of the most popular features of photo and video editing software. Many already-available apps purposefully include these popular features, such as video face swaps online, to attract new users. Due to the enormous technological advancements, all the face swap apps we have listed are the best free face swap app.

The widespread use of face-changing apps may be because they leave very little to the imagination and accurately predict how you will look as you age. Additionally, you can exchange faces with any celebrity you desire using face swap technology. So, to change your face and have fun making fun of yourself while sharing it with your pals online, use one of the best face swap applications.

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