Download And Update Intel Bluetooth Driver For Windows 10

Download and Update Intel Bluetooth Driver for Windows 10

This write-up contains the best methods to download Intel Bluetooth Driver for Windows 10. So, stay focused to know every bit in detail!

If you realize that your Intel Bluetooth is not working properly as it used to, and later, you go to the Device Manager and find the yellow exclamation mark adjacent to the Intel Wireless Bluetooth device, no need to worry. You are not alone in this queue. There are other numerous users out there who are dealing with the same kind of problem. The Yellow exclamation mark indicates the driver of the associated device is out-of-date and missing. Similarly, in order to ensure the smooth working of the Intel Bluetooth device you need to make sure that the Intel Bluetooth driver must be associated with its most up-to-date version.

It is the driver package that decodes your requests and gets them performed through the Intel Bluetooth device. In the absence of an Intel Bluetooth driver package, your requests are not perfectly decoded and completed. Furthermore, the missing, out-of-date, or faulty driver file can impact the overall performance of the device. The compatible driver file ensures the accurate and robust working of your Intel Bluetooth device.

How to Download, Install and Update Intel Bluetooth Driver with Universal Driver Updater Tool

Though there are numerous ways to get the latest Intel Bluetooth Driver for Windows 10, we will discuss all of them below. But, before discussing other methods we would like to introduce the universal way to update drivers and i.e., Driver Easy. It is an automatic approach to manage all the driver-related queries. Click on the download link below to get Driver Easy for Free!


We have broken down this write-up into two parts i.e., Automatic and Manual methods for better understanding. So, let’s round the discussion table with the automatic method.

Part 1: Automatic Method to Download and Update Intel Bluetooth Driver for Windows 10

Users who find it difficult to detect and install the drivers manually can use the Driver Easy. It is a one-stop solution to fix all the faulty drivers within just a few clicks. With this driver updater, you don’t need to worry about mishappenings as this tool gives you an opportunity to backup and restore the older file.

How to Install Driver Easy to Update and Restore Intel Bluetooth Driver

Installing the Driver Easy is a really easy task as pie. All you have to do is just follow the steps shared below.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Driver Easy You can alternatively click on the download button below.


Step 2: Once the setup file gets downloaded, then click right on the file and choose Open as an option.

Step 3: After this, a dialog box pop-up on the screen, make a click on the Yes to permit the wizard to get it installed.

Step 4: At last, click on the Next button.

Once you accomplish the aforementioned steps, then Driver Easy gets successfully downloaded on your computer.

Install and Update Intel Bluetooth Driver through Driver Easy

So, now when you have downloaded and installed Driver Easy successfully on your system, here is how to install and update Intel Wireless Bluetooth driver via Driver Easy.

Step 1: Launch Driver Easy on your computer.

Step 2: As you launch the driver updater tool, it automatically starts scanning your computer for outdated, broken, or missing drivers.

Tip: In some rare situations, it doesn’t scan your device automatically. In this particular case, you need to start the scanning manually. To do so, you need to click on the Scan button presented in Home Screen.


Step 3: Once scanning gets finished, then it provides you with a list of the drivers that require an update. Check the list, locate the Intel Bluetooth driver, and click on the Update button presented next to it.


Step 4: You can alternatively click on the Update All button to update other outdated drivers as well, along with the Intel Bluetooth driver.


Look how easy it is to perform the driver update through Driver Easy. You can use either the free version or the pro version of it. However, we recommend you acquire the pro version because it gives you the extra power to fix and update all the outdated drivers in just a click.

Also, the pro version of Driver Easy offers unlimited access to all of its advanced features. The pro version serves its users 24/7, so you can seek help from IT professionals at any time whenever needed. And, just in case, if you are not satisfied with the outcomes provided by the Driver Easy, then you can get your complete money back but within 60 days of the purchase period.

Part 2: Manual Methods to Download, Install and Update Intel Bluetooth Driver

Undoubtedly, updating drivers automatically is quite a go-to and hassle-free task. But if you are tech-savvy, and have the required technical knowledge, then you can opt for manual methods too, in course to update Intel Bluetooth driver for Windows 10. Read more about them below!

Method 1: Use Device Manager to Perform Intel Bluetooth Driver Download

Windows 10 has an in-built program called Device Manager that can update, uninstall, rollback, disable/enable the drivers for you. To perform Intel Bluetooth driver download and update through Device Manager you need to follow the steps provided below:

Step 1: On your keyboard, simultaneously hit the Windows and R keys to summon Device Manager.

Step 2: In the Run Dialog box, type devmgmt.msc and hit the Enter key.

devmgmt.msc in run box

Step 3: The above action will take you to the Device Manager window.

Step 4: In the Device Manager window, look for the Bluetooth category and expand it by clicking double on it.

Step 5: Right-click on your Intel Bluetooth Driver and choose Update Driver Software from the context menu list.


Step 6: Choose the Search driver automatically from the subsequent prompt.


That is it, now Windows will start looking for the driver online. And, if detected any update available, then it will install it automatically. But sometimes, Device Manager fails to get the latest driver installed on the PC when it has been released before only two days by the manufacturer. Don’t worry, here is one more method to get the latest driver update manually.

Method 2: Get Latest Intel Bluetooth Driver from the Official Website of Manufacturer

Well, nothing is better than the official source. Similarly, to install the latest drivers for Intel Bluetooth, you can visit Intel’s official website. All you need is to follow the instructions shared below:

Step 1: Click here to visit Intel’s official website.

Step 2: Then, go to its Support tab and choose Download Center under the Drivers & Software.

intel download center

Step 3: Now, select your product, in this case, choose Wireless.


Step 4: After this, find the driver file such as Intel Wireless Bluetooth for Windows 10, and then click on it.

Step 5: Lastly, choose the compatible driver file as per your Windows operating system and click on the Download option.


Step 6: Run the downloaded file by double-clicking on it. And, follow the on-screen instructions to get it installed successfully.

Once you have done with the above steps, then do not forget to start your system again. So, this is how you can update and install Intel Bluetooth Driver for Windows 10 from Intel’s official support and downloads. It is worth noting that to update the drivers via this method you need to have proper knowledge about the product or device for which you want to run driver update.

Download and Update Intel Bluetooth Driver – Done Successfully

So, that’s all you have to do in order to fix issues related to the Intel Bluetooth driver for Windows 10. Through this write-up, we have tried to make you understand how you can get the latest driver updates in the easiest way possible. In our opinion, you should update the drivers through Driver Easy as it is the safest and quickest way to get the latest updates.

Hopefully, we have served you well. Please, feel free to share your queries with us through the comments box below. We would love to solve your queries.

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