8 Best Content Calendar Templates

Content marketing is not a child’s play. But these content calendar templates like Google Sheet can make it just so simple for you.

Social media marketing is not something you can do unplanned. It requires a lot of planning and organization, particularly, about when and how to keep your target audience engaged with your content. Even we put a lot of time and effort into creating content plans that bring the right pieces of information to you at the right time. But none of these could be easy if we had no content calendar templates.

A content plan template goes a long way in helping you leverage the power of the best forms of marketing, i.e., content marketing. For example, if you do not have a properly planned social media content calendar in place, you might miss out on posting a blog article on Sunday (the day when most people read and respond to the blog’s call to action).

In addition to this, a content marketing calendar template has many other advantages you should know. Let us discuss them in a little more detail before diving into the best content plan templates curated specially for you and our other readers.

Noteworthy advantages of a Content Calendar Template

You may derive the following benefits from a content marketing calendar template as simple as Google Sheets.

  • With a content plan template, you can organize your content better and there are fewer chances of missing out on days with the most lucrative audience engagement opportunities. For example, imagine the situation where you don’t have the content ready to post on a Christmas holiday. Then, you come up with some haphazardly composed article with no real impact. Sounds drastic, right? Well, you need a carefully crafted template to protect yourself from scenarios like this.
  • Social media marketing is not limited to only blogs. Content marketing also involves quite a lot of other platforms like social media platforms (for example, Instagram). You cannot expect the same piece of content to do the magic on all platforms. There has to be a separate strategy for all of these platforms that you can manage effectively using a content plan template.
  • Only posting content on various platforms is not enough to fetch the desired results from your social media marketing campaigns. You should also track and analyze the posted content well to correct mistakes and celebrate victories. And this tracking and analysis are what you can do with much less effort using the best social media content calendar.

The list of benefits of a content calendar can go on and on. After learning about the top advantages, let us focus our attention on the top templates to create the best content marketing calendars.

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Best Content Calendar Templates in 2022 (Free and Commercial)

Following are the content calendar templates we trust and use for our social media marketing requirements. You may also give them a shot to make your campaigns a roaring success.

1. Hootsuite


Let us begin our list of the best content calendar templates with Hootsuite. It is a complete package for all your social media marketing requirements. Talking specifically about content marketing, it has some of the most powerful tools for filtering keywords, scheduling posts, collaborating with multiple users, management of content, and publishing the content automatically.  Moreover, Hootsuite is also equipped with many other helpful tools like insights (to track and analyze trends), streams (to monitor and engage with people on all social channels), ad management/optimization/result reports, and an option to create a library of content for the whole organization.  Furthermore, one of the most attractive things about Hootsuite is its tab for content that always performs superbly.

2. CoSchedule


Next is CoSchedule as one of the top content plan templates. It is a great choice for small businesses that depend primarily on blogs for content marketing.  CoSchedule offers a comprehensive range of features like a free marketing calendar that lets you manage, organize, and share all your social media messages, tasks, ideas, and projects in a single place.  With CoSchedule’s marketing calendar, you can collaborate with teammates easily, duplicate existing projects, reuse task templates, show schedules for recurring tasks/events so that they show automatically, plan, make, schedule, and regularly publish content for all your social media platforms.

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3. Trello


If easy team collaboration is among your top priorities, Trello can be the best social media content calendar software you may use. It is perhaps the most feature-rich template on this list.  Talking about Trello’s features, you get tools such as drag and drop, full calendar views for everyone to make it easier for everyone to visualize when content is entered and exited from the plan, cards for flexible content assignment, boards you can customize, and lists for management of to-do tasks.  Moreover, Trello offers options for easy content management, campaign planning, idea generation, and customizable labels for progress tracking.

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4. Backlinko


Backlinko is not just an ordinary software with a content plan template, it is a full-fledged tool for many other tasks like SEO training and link building.  As far as the content calendar template is concerned, you get a free template openable as a Google Sheet or downloadable as a Microsoft Excel sheet.  In addition to this, Backlinko offers a monthly calendar template, workflow sheet, and a content list to make content marketing and management an easy task.

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5. HubSpot


Next, we would like to talk about HubSpot. It is yet another platform with a free template for a social media content calendar you can download on your computer. Using this template, you can make a monthly schedule.  Moreover, HubSpot offers a spreadsheet for updates on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. Furthermore, there is a content repository where you can keep different content types along with a snippet about them for future reference.  Additionally, there is a comprehensive guide for startups to plan their content, measure, and analyze the progress of their plans.

6. ContentCal


Let us now make social media marketing simple with ContentCal, an Adobe company. With ContentCal at your disposal, you can perform content planning and scheduling quite easily.  Talking about scheduling, ContentCal comes with a scheduler having social media features with many templates to make and share standout content quickly and easily.  Moreover, ContentCal’s calendar places posts in a big and readable format for you to read captions and view images effortlessly. Furthermore, it lets you categorize posts with colour-coding and there are two additional labelling rows.  In addition to this, ContentCal makes goal setting for the year easier. You can identify your goals for the current year with a set of questions and place your objectives as coloured boxes on your calendar’s top.

7. Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends

If you are a small business owner, you might know about Small Business Trends, an online publication that helps you grow your business. You might be interested in a freely downloadable content calendar template that Small Business Trends used internally.  Small Business Trend’s content plan template is available as an Excel spreadsheet, Word doc, or a Portable Document File (PDF) format.

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8. SproutSocial

Sprout Social

Do you find it difficult to know when your target audience will be more engaged with your content? If yes, SproutSocial may be of great help to you. It automatically publishes on the most engaging days after analyzing your social media data.  Moreover, it is an easy-to-use tool to plan and schedule your social media posts for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  Furthermore, there is a social listening tool to help you understand your audience better. With this tool, you can uncover your audience’s desire to know about a particular topic. If you have this knowledge, you can mold your existing content or create a fresh piece of information for your audience to connect with them.

Concluding the Best Content Calendar Templates

This article discussed some easy-to-use and the best content plan templates for your social media, particularly content marketing strategies. You can use them depending on your requirements to make your content give the results you want.  If you know other better templates, you may share the same through the comments section. We will return with another useful piece of content soon. Until then, you may explore the best of technology through other articles on this blog.

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