10+ Clever tactics To Boost eCommerce Store Sales

Any business can set up an eCommerce store easily but generating sales is the most difficult part for them. For this purpose, they need to follow marketing strategies. The only way a brand can work is to make strategies and follow clever tactics to boost ecommerce business. The ultimate goal of any business is to drive the sale and earn money. Money is the driving factor behind every business.

  1. Integrate Instagram
  2. Adding upsells
  3. Cross-selling
  4. Optimize newsletter sign-ups
  5. Captivating product description
  6. Use paid search
  7. Create product-specific landing pages
  8. Interact with customers on social media
  9. Provide personalized experience
  10. Add videos

Integrate Instagram

Instagram lies among the most famous social media platforms these days. It has achieved the status of the fastest growing app that features a lot of influencers, customers, and brands.  The brand must create a business Instagram account to create posts. HD images must be added with hashtags and captivating captions that can develop the interest of the Instagram user visiting the profile.

Moreover, Instagram provides the opportunity to engage with clients very easily. By conducting various contests on the page, you can get the attention of many followers. This will be an effective strategy in presenting the products to the brand. This establishes a direct connection with the customers.

Adding upsells

Upsell refers to spending more than a decided vale by the customer. It can also be called add-on sales or bundle sales. To follow this, trick the foremost thing is to make a list of products and then divide them into categories. These categories should include regular and expensive. Then adding a better product with a regular product. This will make the client buy the better product and pay a premium amount for it.


It refers to selling similar products with the existing products that a customer buys. This is found to be very effective because gives 3 % conversions. Make sure that the product used to cross-sell should be 60% cheaper. Providing a package to the customer will serve the purpose. One such example is a camera with a battery. Make an offer that the customer cannot resist from buying.

Optimize newsletter sign-ups

Email newsletters are used to send the message of the brand. This trick can be used by offering a free incentive to the customers. Another strategy is the exit-intent strategy by using a dialog box that pops up when the user is moving the mouse to the browser bar.

Captivating product description

Captivating product description

The product description of the product should be presented in a specific format. It plays an important part in attracting and hooking the customers. Excellent content and copywriting skills are required for this purpose. Use precise content that can help in grabbing the attention of the customer easily, immediately driving them to make a buying decision.  Videos can also be added to give an insight into the client.

Use paid search

It is essential to use paid search to take out some amount and reserve it for advertising and marketing. Every other brand I using the Facebook ad to drive more sales and this has increased the price of the Facebook d by 247%. At the start, a small amount of money should be used to test the effectiveness of the strategy. This will also give exposure and understanding to the business.

Create product-specific landing pages

When a user clicks on the page through a paid ad, the homepage should not appear. It should land the buyer of the relevant product page. Otherwise, it can misdirect the customer and make them confused. When a specific product is shown in the thread then they must land on the relevant page to more about it and end up buying it. This option can be optimized for the most popular and in-demand product of the brand. It will drive maximum traffic on the site.

Interact with customers on social media

Interact With Customers on Social Media

The most convenient way of interacting with the customer is through social media. It will help in bringing new clients to the store. Presence on important and prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is necessary. Create engaging posts and interact with the clients.

Provide personalized experience

We are living in a smart digital world where technology has become smart in providing a personalized experience to every user. This is what brands should also consider. Research shows that the generic way of advertising is not that effective and is not getting attention from the customers. Customized deals must be made for the clients so that they can purchase again. This strategy is useful for attracting high-priority customers.

Add videos

Videos of the product can help in displaying the product effectively. The usage and benefits of the products can be attractively defined on the video. There is no need to create videos for all the products. Only a few best products should be featured.


All the above-mentioned tricks will act as a booster for the eCommerce store. All of them are well researched and are highly effective in driving more sales. The business will notice a difference in sales in a very short time.

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