Best Lightweight Web Browser You Must Try

Top 10 Best Lightweight Web Browser You Must Try (2022 Reviews)

Are you looking for the Best Lightweight Web Browser? Today, we will address Top 10 best lightweight web browsers you must try on your computer or laptop. The internet at large has changed a lot in recent years and browsers have changed with it. As a result, there are a variety of lightweight browsers that are faster and more efficient than their heavyweight counterparts, meaning they don’t bog down the system.

Today in this section we will talk about the Top 10 Best Lightweight Web Browsers you must try. Although in today’s time, there are a lot of options available to let you choose your own comfortable browsing tool. Yet in this guide we have recommended the top ranked lightweight browsers so that you should not peep into other webpages for the same. Dive into the details for your perfect search now. Here is the best research for you for the best lightweight browsers.

Get the list of Top Lightweight Browsers for your Windows right from here:

1. Opera – The most lightweight and smooth to run browser

Are you searching for the best and the most lightweight browser for your PC? Here you go- Opera is one of the most recommendable browsers. Opera has a very smooth interface and browsing features to keep you stick with it for long.

This is a terrific browser for Roku devices. A significant number of the crowd is using and trusting Opera for its unique features and browsing experience. You would also love to use this lightest web browser for the components referred to below:

  • A built-in AdBlocker accelerates page loading and safeguards information retrieval.
  • You may transmit exciting data such as pages, bookmarks, passwords, and so on.
  • Because RAM is used more effectively than in other browsers, it indicates that it has an excellent built-in optimizer.
  • With the free and limitless VPN integration, you may experience highly secure Browsing.
  • Opera GX is the first and finest gaming browser if you enjoy playing games.

2. Dillo – Lightweight browser with minimum GUI framework

Dillo is the most lightweight browser in the market. Its operating system supports Linux, BSD, OS X, and Cygwin. Dillo is built-in C/C++ and is premised on the Fast, Light Toolkit (FLTK) graphical user interface framework.

It features a simple GUI structure with one toolbar with just common choices: the home, reload, save, back, forward, stop, bookmark, and tools. It only supports HTML/XHTML. It does not just end here; it has many more features to talk about. Want to know? Scroll below:

  • This lightweight browser uses less RAM than all of the graphical Web browsers.
  • Many Linux distributions, including Damn Small Linux (DSL) and VectorLinux, are pre-installed.
  • The current edition 3.0.3 includes many significant enhancements, such as customizable UI colors, faster DNS queries when IPv6 is deactivated, and improved window titles.
  • It has a great way to block advertisements and trackers.
  • To view the page source, use Ctrl+U.

3. UR Browser – A secure – lightweight browser

This Chromium-based browser is an all-in-one solution. It has a built-in VPN, integrated malware scanning, and a privacy-focused search engine. UR is the most lightweight browser as it allows you to download things four times quicker.

The files you wish to download on your computer are divided into smaller portions and downloaded simultaneously. Let us explore the other features of this lightweight browser:

  • It preserves your data privacy by not loading irrelevant ads and tracking scripts.
  • It does not drain your computer’s resources.
  • Unlimited downloading and surfing without lag.

4. Midori Browser: An innovative and lightweight browser for Windows 10

Midori browser is the most lightweight browser, and Astian developed it, and it is also used as a Private browser on various devices. It is freeware based on Chromium, and it is a secure alternative because it does not gather user data. You can consider a lightweight internet browser that focuses on the user’s security and dependability.

Some of the most likable features of Midori are:

  • There are no user logs.
  • The Sidebar allows quick access to bookmarks.
  • You can add thumbnails and shortcuts.
  • Personal preferences can be accommodated through customization.
  • Other notable features include RSS support, bookmarks, HTML5 support, a spell checker, anonymous surfing, and so forth.

5. Avant Browser – User-Friendly Lightweight Browser For Windows 10

Avant offers you so near to a user-friendly design that you might not want to use another lightweight browser for a while. If you are making a comparison of lightweight web browsers, Avant is quite the right choice.

Some notable features you may enjoy when Browsing using Avant Browser are frequent updates, ad-free Browsing, and minimal memory consumption. When you conclude the previous session, it even displays the most recently visited websites.

This advanced lightweight browser for Windows has several features to lure at:

  • Websites do not crash as quickly as they used to due to anti-freezing technology.
  • There is a Secret Option that does not save your browsing history at all.
  • The Dual View function allows you to view different Windows at once.
  • Ad-blocking software, on the other hand, enhances the entire browsing experience.

6. Lynx – The fastest browser for Windows 10

When there is a comparison of lightweight web browsers, Lynx is the most lightweight browser. Lynx is supposed to be the fastest browser for Windows 10. This lightest web browser is a text browser with a control interface that is open-source, lightweight, and multi-platform. It has been operating for more than 20 years, making it one of the ancient Web browsers available.

After a short period of learning how to use Lynx, you will have no trouble moving about. This lightweight browser for Windows contains no images, making it the lightest browser of all time. What features make it absolute? Learn underneath:

  • Many bug fixes and new features are included in version 2.8.7.
  • Lynx shows many sorts of information in various colors.
  • Improved support for Secure Socket Layer (SSL), HTML interpretation, and cookies is also included in this version.
  • Lynx loads websites faster than any other GUI browser and consumes significantly less RAM than any browser.
  • It lacks the integrated tracking components included in the integrations of many Web sites.

And, there are many more unrevealed features of this browser that you might explore and would love while working on it.

7. Epiphany: An improved lightweight browser

Epiphany is a must-have app for Windows, also known as the Gnome Web browser. Epiphany is a GTK-based application entirely developed in the C programming language and renders Web pages using the WebKit engine. Epiphany is a lightweight browser for Linux and an open-source Web browser initially built for the Gnome windows desktop in 2003, following a split between the creators of the Web browser Gaelon over arguments about Gaelon’s architectural complexity.

Epiphany also experienced a handful of odd failures while loading a site while browsing web pages in a different browser. This is also undoubtedly the best lightweight browser for Windows as there are many other hidden features of this lightweight browser.

  • Release 3.8.2 includes various improvements to Epiphany’s ability to be translated into other languages.
  • There are no more Page thumbnails errors in pages, and titles are free to be saved in history.
  • Crash pages for un-restored pages are not loaded. These modifications may result in a smaller memory footprint.
  • Epiphany has expected features, such as a pop-up blocker, spelling checker, and extension compatibility.
  • One can classify the Bookmarks into a variety of user-defined categories.

8. SeaMonkey – The ultimate lightweight browser for Windows 10

SeaMonkey, a favorite browser among developers, is one of the most prominent open-source & lightweight browsers to pick from among many surfing applications. SeaMonkey is perhaps one of the best lightweight browsers available on the market since it provides much more than just basic online Browsing.

This browser is helpful if you want to put all of your services in one spot. SeaMonkey runs fewer windows on your browser and so saves more resources. What lucrative features are there in SeaMonkey to get set for using this lightweight browser? Know more about this lightweight browser for Linux:

  • It has voice interaction, configurable toolbars, a password manager, and the ability to recover sessions.
  • The adaptability with old Firefox add-ons.
  • In addition to offering basic browser functionality in Windows, SeaMonkey provides features such as customized toolbars, mouse movements, and so on.
  • Other capabilities include a built-in email client, a built-in chat, and the ability to create rudimentary web pages using the built-in editor.

9. Arora – A lightweight browser for Mac users

Arora is a must-have app for Mac users, and this browser assures the highest security to its users with a configured setting option. Arora is available for many users like Mac OS X, OS/2, FreeBSD, Windows, Linux, Genode, Haiku, and so forth.

Arora is a lightweight browser and an open-source interface for Mac that has built-in ad-blocking. This is a browser that is different from Chrome and Firefox. It has a sophisticated JavaScript engine, but it also supports Netscape plugins. Let us understand what else is there for users in this browser:

  • Very quick start-up.
  • Bookmarks, history, and Browsing using tabs.
  • Proximity bar with desktop environment integration.
  • You will get Session organization on this lightweight browser.
  • It has a privacy mode as well as a download manager.
  • It offers an excellent and adaptable search engine management system.
  • Click to Flash is a plugin.
  • WebInspector is a bundle of web development tools.
  • There are 30 translations.

10. Lunascape Orion – A dedicated lightweight browser for Windows

If you’re seeking a lightweight web browser that combines the most significant features of all the main browsers, go no further than Lunascape. It is the best lightweight browser, and it is well-known for its quick speeds and includes a plethora of built-in features for a hassle-free browsing experience.

Aside from the ability to switch between three engines, Lunascape Orion has all of the characteristics of a conventional browser. You can store bookmarks, search for URLs, and even subscribe to RSS feeds on this lightweight web browser. There are plenty of other features of this lightweight browser for Linux; you might be interested in:

  • You may change engines at any moment.
  • Internet Explorer, Gecko (Firefox), and Lunascape have add-on support.
  • RSS feed is supported.

Verdict: The comparison list of the top ten lightweight browsers available:

Top Lightweight Browsers (2022) Developers Advancemes License Latest release Available languages Supporting OS
Opera Opera Software The best lightweight and smooth browser Freeware 69.0.3686.77 42 Android & Linux

Mac, Windows

Dillo Jorge Arellano Cid et al. Superfast and lightweight browser GPL-3.0 3.0.5 1


Linux, BSD, OS X, Cygwin
UR Browser Adaptive Bee A privacy focused browser freeware 73.1 1


Midori Austin Top free chromium lightweight browser freeware 1.1.4, 30 1


Avant Avant Force A swift and lightweight browser freeware 2020 build 3 1


Lynx Thomas Dickey Advanced lightweight browser GNU GPLv2 2.8.9 rel.1 1


Epiphany Gnome Open source and secured GPLv2+ 3.8.2 60 Gnome-based Linux and BSD
SeaMonkey SeaMonkey Council The greatest open- source browser MPL/GPL/LGPL 2.53.3 23 Mac, Linux and Windows
Arora Benjamin C. Meyer et al User friendly lightweight browser GPL-2.0 0.11.0 N/A Linux, Mac, Android, IOS, and Windows
Lunascape Lunascape Corporation The most lightweight and speedy browser freeware 6.15.2 28 Mac, Android, IOS, and Windows

Final word:

This is an unbiased report appraising the 10 best lightweight web browsers. We have come up with this report after deep research on the performance and usability of each product in question. For your best assistance, We have shared these best lightweight web browsers that are very easy to use and save internet usage. Yet, Opera is one of the fastest and lightest recommended web-browsers, You must try. As it works suitably with your browsing needs.

The steps of using these types of browsers are simple and easy to understand. These best web browsers will not eat up your internet usage too much. Still, have any questions? Do let us know by commenting below. We love to listen to you a lot!

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