Best Free Vpn for Windows 10 to Protect Your Privacy

13 Best Free Vpn for Windows 10 to Protect Your Privacy in 2022

In the era of netizens, every person needs a comfortable zone to use free equipment. In this scenario, many of us need secure privacy of internet usages. VPN is a must-have software for Windows, and one needs to understand the fundamentals of using VPN services. Let us understand all about VPN services.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it connects your private network to a public network to offer you a secure online internet network. VPN protects the IP(Internet Protocol) address of your network to refrain it from hacking. Not only does it help to keep your data secure but also it offers an encrypted connection to your network.

What is the necessity of a VPN service?

As conferred, the VPN service is very useful to be with a subtle network while roaming over the internet. The VPN protects your privacy online. There is myriad utilization of a VPN connection. We shall talk about those below:

  • Safe encryption: Your network obtains many private data that needs to be secured at the time using any of the networks online. The encryption keys are required to read data and if not available, your system might take countless years to decrypt it. Thus, with a VPN connection, your internet activities are encrypted and safe.
  • It safeguards your data transferring: In the time of the pandemic, many of us are abide to work from home and share files in each passing minute. Here, it becomes very vital to keep your network safe to guard those files to be hacked. To access these files one always needs a VPN connection.
  • Conceals your spot: A VPN service keeps your location privacy at the top of most services. Also, most of the VPN services do not keep the log of your internet activities so in that aspect, your location also does not get disclosed.
  • Accessible regional research: most of the websites and services could be operated from some particular parts all over the world.

To identify your location, standard connections use local servers in the nation. It indicates you can’t obtain content from your own country while abroad, and you can’t access foreign content from your home country.

Since you have known about the benefits and importance of a VPN service, we are guiding you with some of the best free VPN for Windows 10.

13 Best Free VPN for Windows 10 to Protect Your Privacy

There are many free VPN for Windows 10 available on the internet for a user to secure their online privacy. The significant VPN service always vouches for your online security while you are using the internet. There are several free unlimited VPNs for Windows 10.

Aside from that, there may be some premium VPNs on this list. Because if you ever want to upgrade to premium, you’ll have a good idea of how to do so. The list of the best VPN for Windows 10 is like below:

1. Psiphon VPN for Windows and Android:

Psiphon blends SSH, VPN, and HTTP Proxy technologies to allow unfettered access to Internet content. You can use this VPN with any of the devices like Windows, IOS, and Android as well. The SpeedBoost helps you to enjoy faster network speeds.

This VPN is ideal for Voice-over-IP calling, video streaming, gaming, and other content-rich websites and services. This simple software has become the most useful gadget that keeps your IP highly secured with an inbuilt GUI, and GPL software services.

  • There is no data limit. Furthermore, there is no risk of data breaches.
  • This VPN service is specifically designed to allow you to access your favorite online content, such as gaming, social networking, etc.
  • Furthermore, the maximum speed of a mobile app is 2 Mbps. However, this speed is a tad slow for various web activities.

2. Avira Phantom:

If you want to make a secure financial transaction, this is the best VPN for Windows 10.

The VPN brings you the liberty of using your PC with maximum security with such features; streaming of numerous websites, end to end encrypted data, With the most assured IP address that no one can get your whereabouts. Let us pound into to know more about it:

  • It encrypts all communication between your online network and Windows to keep transaction status safe.
  • You can consider some of the features of Avira mentioned below:
  • The software has a termination control that may be used to turn everything off.
  • With Avira, you can connect safely without the worry of data theft.
  • With Avira, you can connect up to five dives at a time.
  • This application is best for shopping, streaming, social media, and no element can harm or flood your online affairs.

3. Nord VPN:

Nord VPN is a must-have software for Windows to protect your privacy. It is a recommended feature for its easy usage and interactive interface. The VPN teems with so many captivating features for the users. I.e, Cyber security to keep your system away from phishing, malicious threats, and so on.

The other popular services of NordVPN combine Split tunneling, smooth interface, and unlimited bandwidth. There are many more unwrapped characteristics of this prevailing VPN, we are going to mention below:

  • NordVPN is the best free limitless VPN provider in terms of safety, data limit, and performance limit.
  • All servers on the network have such unrestricted data and bandwidth allocation.
  • This indicates that you can download or upload anything from the Internet.
  • It can accommodate up to six devices at the same time.
  • When it comes to operating systems, it is compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, and Android.

4. Hotspot Shield:

It is also known as the best free VPN for Windows 10 as it can work on Windows, IOS, Android, and Mac as well. This is a must have software for Windows.

Hotspot Shield users may circumvent restrictions by linking to a VPN different server beyond their country. The key attraction of this web application; the number of public servers is free, but users must compensate to get extra functionality.

Some other features of Hotspot Shield are ad removal, antivirus protection, linking too many more servers, and identifying the geographical position of other connected services.

  • It not only allows you to surf on public hotspots but also ensures your complete anonymity.
  • One may access the information of restricted websites from any location.
  • The program offers the fastest broadcasting speeds available anywhere in the world.
  • Even on open networks, the privacy of your data is maintained.

5. Security Kiss:

The application holds a specific position in the market of free VPN for Windows 10. SecurityKiss has a “unique tunnel” option with its VPN user. This is a feature of the SecurityKISS software that acts as an internet detonator.

When your VPN network is down, you lose your internet connection at the same time. This feature eliminates data breaches from occurring. The below specifications might help you to choose it:

  • The program enables you to view restricted material on several OTT sites.
  • It also allows you to use it on IOS, Windows, or Mac devices as well.
  • It is so compact and easy to use.
  • It has many strong features to use for safe browsing.
  • You can enjoy your free surfing with no Ads.
  • It plays the best role to conceal your IP address.

6. Windscribe:

People who are using this free VPN for Windows 10 are very thankful because of its prominent feature of their safe online surfing. Windscribe is a fledgling World wide web privacy and security firm based in Ontario, Canada.

Windscribe has attracted a global audience since its start in April 2016 and has earned recognition from mainstream websites such as CNET, Techradar, and Lifehacker.

Windscribe promises the below features:

  • The very first, it allows you to use it on every device you access like Windows, Mobile, Mac, or IOS.
  • You can use it with a data limit of 2 Gb. in case, you want more space, you just have to verify your email id with it.
  • The application does not store your browning records.
  • It lets you choose the various locations worldwide; Germany, Canada, Turkey, Hong Kong, the UK, and all other specific countries.

7. Betternet:

Offering you unlimited data, with outstanding security services. It comes under the best Windows 10 VPN for PC. Betternet records a large amount of data, including your genuine IP address, location, link system logs, and device identifiers.

This extends more than is appropriate and jeopardizes your privacy. It grants the services detailed below:

  • The services of this free VPN for Windows 10 can be accessed from 10 countries all over the world with the support of 11 servers.
  • It avoids cookies to provide you with an unrestricted surfing experience.
  • The consistent speed ensures the quickest downloading and surfing.
  • The main advantage is that there is no need to register with the software to use it.

8. TunnelBear:

The only free VPN software for Windows 10 that does not ask for many permissions to use it. It is one of the most used VPN services all over the world. Let us unveil the major services of TunnelBear:

  • It provides you with high-level encryption of the AES-256 bit to secure your online privacy.
  • You can use its services in more than 30 countries.
  • A safeguard to your IP address.
  • Data of 500MB/month can be used in this application.
  • Accessible to any of the devices Mac, Windows, IOS, etc.

9. Speedify:

As name as services. Speedify protects your data along with a speed of unlimited speed. When one connection goes down, the program features a handy “failover” option that keeps your downloads or streaming running over another.

Speedify is a one-of-a-kind, smartphone VPN that tries to make use of numerous broadband connections. We shall discuss the conspicuous features of this free VPN for Windows 10.

  • The appealing, smooth, and trash-free user interface.
  • The total bandwidth limit is 2 GB.
  • Secures your IP address from piracy.
  • The application can be accessed in more than 20 countries.
  • You can unleash great streaming services like Disney, Amazon, NetFlix, and more.

10. Privado:

Privado controls and runs its complete computing and network equipment in-house, with no usage of virtualization regions.

The software provides you with a pick of 12 distinct servers located in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Mexico, United States, the United States, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany.

This is the best Windows 10 VPN for PC that allows using its services in many beneficial ways featured below:

  • With 12 location servers, it gives you the major usage services.
  • The data security of the AES-256 bit, assures you a fearless utilization of the software.
  • The ideal work process gets uninterrupted with its limitless usage on various devices like Fire TV, Mac, Windows, and Android.

11. HideME:

This is another best free VPN for Windows 10. It also has many flawless features like other free available VPNs on the internet. HideME is one of the popular VPN services. Let us talk about the major features of it:

  • The software’s cross-platform nature allows you to utilize it on any device.
  • The program offers 1800+ servers in 75+ locations.
  • The program circumvents the barriers, allowing international access.
  • The program keeps no logs of your surfing history.

12. Surf Shark:

The software is considered cheap and the best VPN for Windows 10. Surfshark does have many servers in every region, resulting in a higher customer experience.

In addition, Surf Shark allows you to choose a particular city in those areas, which is also a useful function. With this software, you can enjoy the below services:

  • If you use this program, there is no risk of identity or data theft.
  • The program eliminates the possibility of phishing and viruses.
  • The program forbids third-party ISP tracking.
  • Strong encryption prevents hackers from gaining access to your location.
  • Your digital fingerprint is not left or accessible by the program.

13. CyberGhost:

This is one of the finest VPN services for Windows since it conceals your identity and surfing patterns from hackers. Because of the complexity of CyberGhost VPN’s architecture, it was one of the simplest accessible VPNs.

With a customized IP address feature, it enables access to IP-restricted networks. A VPN security policy is a set of rules and is used to make a link between a Vpn gateway and a VPN server.

Let’s get into the features zone of this application.

  • CyberGhost VPN has over 7000 servers worldwide to provide unbeatable services.
  • The program adheres to the robust OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard protocols.
  • It keeps no logs of your surfing history hence, you can surf without being worried about any hacking.
  • The program is cross-platform, supporting Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and other operating systems.

Bonus Tip :

How to change VPN connection in Windows 10?

A VPN connection is used for uninterrupted secure browsing. You can use them while using the internet anywhere, whether at public places, cafes, etc. And if one desires to change it, there are a few steps to follow:

  • VPN change for Windows:
  • Open your system,
  • Right-click on the Start button,
  • Go to the settings option,
  • Tap on “Network & Internet”,
  • Go to “VPN” under Network,
  • Now, click on the “VPN Provider”,
  • Select “Windows (built-in)”,
  • Select the Connection name from the drop-down menu,
  • Put the name of the desired VPN,
  • Tap on the “Server Name or Address”,
  • Type the address of the server,
  • Select the VPN type from the dropdown menu,
  • Enter the address here. Click the dropdown menu,
  • Windows Central is the source,
  • Choose a connection protocol,
  • Select Type of sign-in information from the dropdown menu.


VPN services are very popular for their constant and reliable browsing services. There are myriad best VPN services for all operating systems and most of them are almost every device friendly.

In the above post, we have summarized the most popular VPN services. However, if you are aware of any VPN services that provide additional capabilities that one should not be without, please let us know about them in the comments section below.

Windows 10 VPN FAQs

1. What is the best VPN for Windows 10 for PC?

Undoubtedly, Nord is the best VPN for Windows 10. As quoted above in the post, it is a must-have VPN software. With some of the most notable features, Nord stands to stand out in a crowd of VPNs.

It gives you an ultimate experience of a smooth and interactive interface and also an unleashed end of online privacy. With super-fast connectivity of almost six networks, it promises safe browsing.

2. What can a VPN on my Windows 10 PC do?

A VPN connection creates a secure link between the user and the internet. your data goes through an encrypted virtual subway via the VPN and the moment you approach the internet, this shields your IP address. This whole process is cryptic on the spot of everyone. A VPN connection is also safe from outside assaults.

3. How do I configure a VPN on my PC?

To set up a VPN on your system, you need to adhere to a few steps:

  • Go to the Start button and Right Click on it,
  • then Settings,
  • Click to Network & Internet,
  • Select VPN,
  • Tap on the “Add a VPN connection” button,
  • Select a VPN provider from the dropdown menu,
  • Select Windows (built-in),
  • Select the Connection name from the drop-down menu,
  • Give the VPN connection a name,
  • Select the Server name or address,
  • Select a connection protocol,
  • Select Type of sign-in information from the dropdown menu,
  • Select a connection protocol. Click the dropdown menu,
  • Windows Central is the source,
  • Choose a sign-in method. Choose a sign-in method,
  • Select your VPN connection,
  • Tap on the Connect button.
  • And you added it to a VPN server now.

4. Is there a VPN integrated into Windows 10, and if so, how good is it?

Yes! Windows 10 has an in-built VPN that provides you with a secure web connection. However, you are not compelled to use it at all. Some of the users experience it badly but this is not the reality. The user’s experience depends upon his utilization of his virtual private network.

A VPN of Windows 10 is good to use if you want secure encryption of your online affairs. Furthermore, you may establish several VPN profiles, each with its own set of options. It’s a desktop software that allows you to connect to a third-party VPN network on your own.

In certain aspects, it’s easier since you likely just connect to the same few servers each time, but it makes it more difficult to choose between the quickest servers available. It just takes longer to do this using the Windows 10 user than it would with a standard VPN software application.

5. How secure is Windows 10 when using VPN?

The first most significant fact about the built-in Windows feature is it’s not a VPN provider. Windows don’t offer the user access to a protected server network, and that is what you spend for by using a VPN service.

Windows Information Protection offers encrypted and secure data to your online activities. The VPNv2 Configuration Service Provider (CSP) node EdpModeId provides a Windows 10 or Windows 11 VPN user to connect with WIP, boosting its capabilities to distant devices.

Because each VPN is unique, assumptions concerning its security are difficult. However, most VPNs from trusted brands are highly secure, and Windows offers perhaps the most secure VPNs of every OS.

A safe VPN will include a variety of protocols as well as an automated shift interlock. This would disconnect your internet connection if the VPN ever fails, ensuring that your activity is always kept private from third parties. Aside from these fundamental functions, many VPNs will provide their security methods, such as DNS leak testing and split tunneling.

6. Is it possible to use VPNs on Windows 11?

Of course! Windows 11 has brought to users a wide range of quality features to use. Every netizen might be seeking a trustful internet network now and then, To assure their online security.

You can use VPNs on your Windows 11 by some of the fantastic steps:

  • Open the Setting options.
  • Tap on the Network, and
  • Click on the Internet option,
  • Go to VPN option,
  • Click on Add VPN,
  • You will get a new pop-up “Add a VPN Connection”,
  • Add VPN Provider (Windows)
  • In Server Name and Address, put your location and name it,
  • Select VPN Type Automatic,
  • In Type of Sign-in Info, you can leave this option as it is a free connection.

Once you are connected to any of the VPN provided, you will be able to see many other VPN servers.

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