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10 Best Free Plagiarism & Duplicate Checker Tool 2022 [Online]

The top & best free plagiarism detectors help ensure content’s originality easily to save you from hardships. Hence, read on to learn about them.

Original thoughts and words are what shine and make your content stand out from the rest. If your content (online or offline) has traces of plagiarism, you may find yourself in quite a lot of trouble (such as loss of ranking on Google, low grades/failure in assignments, and even legal consequences). Therefore, you need to have the best plagiarism checker at your disposal to ensure your work is free from all kinds of duplication.

The top anti-plagiarism software scans your entire document to find out words and phrases that resemble or seem to copy someone’s work (including your past works). Yes, you read it correctly, there is also a thing called self-plagiarism!

On that note, let’s take a look at the kinds of plagiarism before jumping on to the best free duplicate checkers available currently.

Types of Plagiarism a Duplicate Checker Detects

Every good plagiarism detector is capable of detecting the following kinds of content duplication. 

  • Complete plagiarism 

This kind of plagiarism is rarely found these days when everyone has their own thoughts to present on almost everything in the world. Complete plagiarism occurs when you entirely copy someone else’s work and display it as your own. And, if you completely copy only some sections of another person’s work, it is called direct plagiarism. Well, in our view, both are totally unethical. 

  • Self-plagiarism 

Have you ever found yourself repeating your own words? Well, that’s nothing but self-plagiarism where you write something you have already written sometime in the past. 

  • Paraphrasing 

Changing a few words or phrases does not make content original. Though sometimes it seems the easiest thing to do when you do not have much knowledge and time to research a topic, paraphrasing is still best avoided.  

  • Mosaic/Patchwork 

Mixing your thoughts with someone else’s words is a patchwork or mosaic plagiarism. This kind of mix and match is not easy to detect. Hence, you need the best tool to check for plagiarism.

In addition to the ones shared above, there are a few other kinds of plagiarism as well, such as accidental plagiarism (unknowingly copying a content) and source-based plagiarism (presenting the content’s source wrongly).

Now that you have enough knowledge about plagiarism and its types, we find it appropriate to discuss the well-researched list of the best plagiarism checkers (both free and paid).

Top Online Plagiarism Checker Software

You can use any of these plagiarism checker tools to spot duplicated content without any cumbersome effort. 

1. Grammarly


Grammarly from Google is among the most widely used grammar and plagiarism checkers in the world. According to various sources, it has over 20 million active users.

Well, that’s quite a huge user base. What makes Grammarly such a popular software is its features, such as checking linguistic accuracy, correcting grammatical errors, ensuring the correct tone, and easily content readability.

Another fascinating thing about this software is that it makes use of academic papers from ProQuest and over 16 million other sources to compare and find plagiarized content.

Moreover, you can use Grammarly to compose error-free emails and social media messages.

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2. Unicheck 


If you are a student or someone from the education domain looking for the best free plagiarism checker online, Unicheck may be the perfect choice for you.

Unicheck checks and compares over 91 billion pages and files to ensure that no plagiarism is left undetected.

Talking about the interface of this software, it is extremely easy to use. As soon as you enter the content, it compares the same and displays a plagiarism score (that updates when you edit the document).

Moreover, Unicheck color-codes the plagiarized content and displays the matching sources. Furthermore, you can use the software’s dashboard to manage all your sources and articles with ease.

In addition to this, if you use services like Office 365, Chrome, and Google Docs, you can use Unicheck to ensure plagiarism-free writing even without leaving the page. The only drawback is that you can only check 200 words using the free version.

3. Copyscape


Publishing plagiarized content can cause a lot of reputation damage. Therefore, to ensure content’s originality here is another tool to check for plagiarism. With Copyscape, you only need to enter your content URL to find the matching sources.

If there is no URL, you can even copy and paste your article into the software to find matching content easily.

Moreover, if you own a website and want to protect its content from plagiarism, you can use Copyscape to perform regular checks and alert you whenever any infringement is detected.

4. Scribbr


Here comes another duplicate checker tool for students and academics. Scribbr, a Turnitin partner, is capable of detecting not only exact words and phrase matches but also spots the instances where you have used synonyms.

You can upload your assignments on Scribbr to get them compared with over 91 billion online and 69 billion offline sources.

Apart from this, Scribbr also boasts a much-needed proofreading tool, APA generator, and other necessary tools to craft the perfect essay, thesis, or dissertation.

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5. Plagramme


Next, we have another student-centric software on our list of the best plagiarism checkers with support for over 129 languages. The program compares your article with over 80 million sources and highlights issues like plagiarism, paraphrasing, incorrect citations, and textual matches.

In addition to this, this software also shows you an easy-to-understand similarity and plagiarism risk score. Moreover, you can also avail of Program’s premium services to check and fix the documents by its editors, manually.

6. Quetext


You can also call Quetext one of the best plagiarism detectors. Quetext lets you remove plagiarism from almost all kinds of content, such as academic documents, webpages, blog posts, and a lot more.

Quetext follows a color-coded scheme to notify you about words and phrases that are plagiarized. Moreover, you can also find the plagiarized content’s origin in the side display. And, at the end of the whole process of plagiarism checking and correction, the software gives your content a performance score.

7. PlagScan


When discussing the first-rate plagiarism detector software, we cannot resist mentioning PlagScan. It is a straightforward program that compares and contrasts your content against millions of sources to find instances of plagiarism.

Moreover, the color-coded highlights of PlagScan make it easy for you to understand what part of your content is plagiarized.

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8. Writer.Com


Next, let’s talk about Writer.Com as one of the best online plagiarism checkers. It is not just a tool to keep plagiarism away but a complete writing assistant.

If Writer.Com finds any content copies it highlights the same and also lets you check the URL.

Moreover, its AP style guides and other team collaboration tools also contribute to making Writer.Com a good duplicate checker.

9. ProWritingAid


Another online plagiarism checker you can trust to keep duplicate content at bay is ProWrittingAid. With this software by your side, you can ensure all your documents, such as web pages, academic papers, etc. do not have even a minute resemblance with any previous work.

Moreover, this easy-to-use program is great for editing/proofreading on various platforms, like Word, Google Docs, etc.

In addition to this, over 20 detailed writing reports are also a reason ProWritingAid stands tall among the best duplicate checker tools.

10. Copyleaks


We cannot afford to miss Copyleaks when discussing the top-rated tools to check for plagiarism. It uses algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect duplicate content.

Copyleaks searches extensively on the internet to ensure that there is no form of plagiarism in your document. Moreover, it has an ocean of useful features. These include automatic grading tools, integration with other applications (Google docs, MS Word, etc.).

Apart from this, this software also has an extremely useful option of code checking, multiple language (over 100 languages) support, and detailed checking reports.

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Concluding the Best Free Plagiarism Checkers

Through this article, we shared our knowledge about the best duplicate checker tools and anti-plagiarism software. You can choose any of these programs after comparing them with your requirements.

If you think this list misses out on some high-quality plagiarism checkers or have something else to share about the article. Feel free to drop us a comment.

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