Best Free Book Reading Apps for Book Lovers

Best Free Book Reading Apps for Book Lovers

Book lovers have a wide range of reading apps to choose from due to the immense popularity of e-reading devices. But often burdened with a flood of options, book lovers don’t know where to start. Below, we list the best free book reading apps for book lovers.

In today’s digital world, there are a ton of great reading book apps to choose from for your e-reader. Below is a list of 10 of the best.

We have included a brief description of each free book app, some features it offers, and a brief verdict on its suitability for a person who likes to read a lot.

List of Top Best Free Book Reading Apps for Book Lovers

1. Good Reads:

Goodreads is a book-lovers social networking site. It’s the best site for finding new books, joining groups, following authors, and reading reviews. When you use Goodreads to keep track of your books, you’ll notice that the suggestions are remarkably accurate.

This book app has a wealth of information for a variety of purposes, including personal suggestions, recommendations from friends, various collections (such as Best Books 2019), a list of quotations, and a section for reviews. It also brings together writers and consumers, with over a billion books and 40 million users.

Some of the traits of Good Readers:

  • Various options to experience the best interface
  • Vibrant graphics
  • You can keep the book collection in different categories

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2. Audible:

With beautiful software and a large library, Audible has led the audiobook’s popularity explosion. With book apps like Audible, you can buy, download, and start listening to any audiobook you choose almost quickly. Audiobooks sound just as excellent as their physical counterparts, unlike music, which includes a “quality” component.

If you prefer to listen on your iPhone, the Apple Watch will show the Audible app with all of the necessary controls. Its implementation is nearly faultless, and it’s an excellent approach to combine hardware and software.

Some of the traits of Audible:

  • Minimal space is required to run this app.
  • A divergent and a vast library
  • It supports the Apple watch as well.

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3. Apple Books:

The app’s user interface is simple and minimalistic. Books may be found in a variety of genres and categories. Timely bargains and promotions, specifically curated lists, editor’s picks, highlighted lists, and popular selections are all used by users.

Apple Books provides a native app experience unlike any other for Apple users. The simplicity and security of the Apple Books app, which is devoid of any big bells and whistles, please book enthusiasts. It, like iTunes and its music collection, has a comprehensive library.

Some of the traits of Apple Books:

  • Clean and smooth interface
  • Adjustable fonts, colors, and background
  • Customized notes facility

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4. Epic:

It’s an excellent option for parents who wish to encourage their children to read! It comes with an exclusive user interfacethat includes colorful icons and tabs.

Epic is a reading software for children. Parents get access to check the reading activities of their kids. Epic has a surprisingly interesting interface meant to attract youngsters who are more drawn to visual medium than text walls, in addition to a large variety of books that appeal to children.

Some of the traits of Epic:

  • Easy to use
  • Colorful interface

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5. Bookly:

You may set your reading objectives with the aid of this book app, which will help you improve your reading habit. Bookly assists in the transformation of reading from a one-time activity to a full-fledged habit.

A range of fascinating stats is available for each book in this free book app. You get how long you read for, how many pages you read, what your average page speed is, and how many pages you finish each hour for each reading session.

Anyone who enjoys reading will like being able to view so much information about what they’re reading.

Some of the traits of Bookly:

  • Fascinating interface
  • Reading meter available
  • Different metrics for each book

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6. Oodles Book Reader

Oodles Book Reader is a one-of-a-kind ebook reading software. It adds animations and music elements to the comic book experience. When you touch a cell on the comic page, you’ll be able to see the action being animated as well as hear the noises that go with it. It truly elevates the experience of reading comic books.

Oodles Book Reader now has over a thousand comics available, with new ones being added daily. To add gasoline to the Madefire, you may use this fantastic software to watch your favorite comics on your TV.

Some of the traits of Oodles Book Reader

  • The best interface like comics
  • TV access support

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7. Serial Box

Serial Box, which is more like TV than a book, publishes weekly episode-sized chunks of stories created by teams of authors. Each narrative is available in both text and audio formats, with the option to toggle between both the two as you go.

You may breeze through even the most significant ancient literature with a basic framework and a deliberate approach. Serial box organizes works that are currently available for free online and divides them into pieces so that readers may consume each book in little chunks and avoid being overwhelmed by outmoded subjects or dialects.

Some of the most well-known authors in space have contributed to the story. If you listen to them as audiobooks, you’ll be treated to some of the top narrators in the business, including Tatiana Maslany. Those audiobooks are also jam-packed with cinematic-inspired immersive, scary, and fascinating audio effects.

Some of the traits of Serial Box

  • Multiple background and colorful interface
  • Advanced editing settings

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8. Wattpad:

Wattpad is for you if you want to be a successful writer but don’t know how to connect with your target audience. Wattpad adds a social component to reading. By commenting on a specific portion, a sentence, or a phrase inside a book, you may communicate with other readers.

They also collaborate with big-name publishers like Simon & Schuster to guarantee that their authors are well-cared for and receive the feedback they need. If you’re only a reader, this app allows you to connect with your top pick writers and receive first-hand notices when their new book is out. It’s one of the most useful tools for readers and writers.

By authoring their own stories, readers may easily convert to authors. Wattpad is a terrific alternative for all book enthusiasts, although the quality of tales varies due to the freestyle platform nature.

Some of the traits of Wattpad:

  • Multi-functionality interface
  • Many reading and writing options are available

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9. Blinkist:

This is the app for you whether you require an eBook, an audiobook, textbooks, or short fiction. In 10 mins, the app gives crucial ideas as well as the gist of a book. Each book summary is referred to as a blink, and it may be read or listened to.

Curated collections are available to help you get started with books on Blinkist that you’ll appreciate. Full audiobooks are available at a discounted member pricing if you choose. More than 3,000 best-selling novels are included in the collection. In a nutshell, Blinkist is jam-packed with new ideas that have the potential to transform your life.

Some of the traits of Blinkist:

  • A great collection of more than 45 thousand books
  • Choice of the better search for any book of any author

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10. Inkitt:

Inkitt is a fiction-reading application that is primarily made up of indie authors. Inkitt is a publishing house’s software that allows you to access a large number of books for free online and save them to your offline digital library. This book app supports mobile app development services.

It also encourages new authors to promote themselves. Inkitt is one of the greatest Android book applications because of its excellent design and usability.

Their profiles may be customized to a certain genre, so you’ll always be up to speed on new releases that you won’t be able to put down. Reader displays may also be customized, so you won’t get tired of reading all day.

Some of the traits of Inkitt:

  • It has a massive library with the vivid genre
  • Regular updates for better user experience

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11. Kindle:

The book app Amazon Kindle is a wonderful fit for your Amazon profile, especially if it’s linked to Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime Reading. You can highlight text, look up the meaning and translation of terms in dictionaries, and modify the font and size of the page with this software.

The phenomenally rich library with practically every book that can be read, an exceptionally seamless purchase experience that gets your favorite book downloaded on any device of your choosing in seconds, and some outstanding screen and font options that make reading a delight are only the beginning.

The sensation of turning pages is eerily realistic, while alternative screen colors such as sepia and grey relieve eye strain from lengthy reading.

Some of the traits of Kindle:

  • A real book reading experience
  • Unlimited books in several languages

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Wrapping Up:

You’re always on the search for new and fascinating books to read as a bookworm. These book apps are a great choice for people who are highly inspired by reading or writing, you have encountered them at the right place. For sure, these free book apps will help you to make your reading experience more enchanting and will let you explore more and more of the book’s world.

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