Top 15 Best Video Editing Apps In 2022 for Android & iPhone

There’s nothing like moving images with sound when you want to make a substantial impact. As the quality of cameras improves, the need for user-friendly best free video editing app for android without watermarks continues to rise. Almost every week, numerous best video editing apps are released on the Google Play store, making it difficult to distinguish between those that have the advanced functionality you require and those that don’t.

Even though it’s still considered difficult, time-consuming work, editing videos can be relatively easy with good video editing apps or programs. And that’s what this post will cover: the 15 best video editing apps for android without watermarks that will make it simple and quick for you to create videos.

Video Editing Apps without Watermarks in 2022 [Free & Paid]

Considering different interests, we have listed the 15 best apps for editing videos. Others are set up to streamline the entire video-making process with various eye-catching filters and real-time effects. At the same time, some are more focused on providing expertly-crafted tools for professional-level video editing.

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So even if making movies isn’t your thing, you can still make fascinating videos with these best video editing apps without watermark. Out of these 15 best apps to edit videos, find out which of the good editing apps best suits your demands and level of expertise

1. Wondershare Filmora

Suppose you want to start with basic video editing features with the opportunity to get more advanced as you go. In that case, Wondershare Filmora (formerly Wondershare Video Editor) is the best free video editing app without watermarks. Although it can produce audience-ready films for several platforms, this video editing app is perfect for Instagram.

Wondershare Filmora

While the company’s mobile app, FilmoraGo, is accessible for free download on iOS and Android smartphones. It is also available for Windows and Mac desktops.

By removing the complexity, Filmora’s “Easy Mode” enables you to drag and drop video clips, add music, and create a polished video in minutes. The FilmoraGo video-creating app contains many features in addition to an Effect Store where you can add themes, pre-made intros, and transitions to your videos.

Download Wondershare Filmora App

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2. InShot

You don’t always want to use elaborate collages or splices when editing a video. InShot is a helpful app to edit videos for youtube that lets you cut, accelerate, or add music and filters to videos. Despite being relatively simple, it has a high degree of usability.


This video editing app works well for making simple films, collages, and photo adjustments. In addition, this straightforward and feature-rich InShot video-creating app allows you to share media on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, including images and videos.

Download InShot App 

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3. WeVideo

The software you use through a browser rather than downloading directly to your hard drive is known as a cloud-based video editing app and is growing in popularity. WeVideo is one good editing app for youtube which is driving the movement.


WeVideo is one of the best video editing apps without watermark; that has several cutting-edge features and functionality, such as the ability to modify audio, access a music library with songs that have been granted commercial licenses, and share films in 4K resolution. WeVideo’s free version does have some restrictions, though.

You only get 10GB of cloud storage, which is a significant drawback. This is acceptable if you’re producing a one-off video. But you’ll need more room if you want to edit several videos. Additionally, the free edition watermarks your films with WeVideo, which is not ideal.

Download WeVideo App

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4. Splice

If you’re new to editing, the Splice video editing app simplifies the process by offering an intuitive interface. With its user-friendly design, Splice makes editing easier for those who are just starting. As the name suggests, Splice is one of the best free video editing apps without watermarks that lets you combine various video snippets on your phone to create a dynamic collage.


We had a great time playing around with this one, especially since Splice includes a music track collection that can be used as the soundtrack for your final product. In addition, the program is a good editing app for youtube videos that lets you change the duration of the transitions between scenes and trim and edit the various video clips.

Once you’re done with the edits, you can also share the video with links to popular social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. You can even save the video to your camera roll. It is a good editing app with a powerful video editor that you should try on your device.

Download Splice App 

5. Adobe Premiere Rush

Online videos can be made and shared using the video editing app without watermarks: Adobe Premiere Rush. With its audio features, motion graphics templates, and the ability to access your Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock libraries, Rush is simple to master and gives you much control over your works. For example, you can take pictures, edit them, rearrange the clips in the video, add color filters and text overlays, and color-correct them.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Simple tools are available for quickly producing professional-looking videos with Adobe Premiere Rush’s user interface. Additionally, it is one of the best free apps to edit videos without watermarks, which offers a one-click audio mixing function that synchronizes projects across all devices and automatically changes the volume of background music during voiceovers.

It is among the most incredible video editing apps and features a clean, well-designed UI. For instance, the source panel is on the left, the effects panel is on the right, and the adjustment tools are hidden while not in use on the side panels.

Premiere Rush is a hassle-free and uncomplicated video editing app. It streamlines the professional Adobe tools, including Premiere Pro, AfterEffects, and Audition, with video editing, motion graphics, and audio mixing capabilities. It is the best video editing app for those with little experience in video editing.

Download Adobe Premiere Rush

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6. Blender

Beyond merely being a video editor app, Blender is a complete 3D animation suite that supports modeling, rendering, motion tracking, and more.


This good video editing app without watermarks has various options on the feature side of video editing, such as filters, speed control, adjustment layers, and transitions. In addition, you can create some amazingly intricate videos thanks to the 32 slots available for adding video clips, audio clips, pictures, and effects.

The sheer number of options can be intimidating for a novice video editor. However, Blender is a good video editing app for youtube if you want to create a video of truly professional quality without having to bother with watermarks.

Download Blender App

7. Lightworks

Lightworks is unquestionably on the more sophisticated (and potent) end of the video editing app spectrum, similar to Blender. It’s a decent video editing app without watermarks. It has been used for several well-known and nominated movies, such as The Wolf of Wall Street, Pulp Fiction, and The King’s Speech.


With the Lightworks video editing app, you can choose between the “Free” and “Pro” licenses. (As you suspected, getting the Pro will cost you some money.) The Pro version of this video-creating app offers extra functionality, such as stereoscopic output and sophisticated project sharing, which is the primary distinction between the two licenses. In addition, although it only provides 100 or so effects, the free edition is extremely capable of handling Multicam editing.

Download Lightworks App

8. Machete Video Editor Lite

Machete Video Editor Lite is a free video editing app without watermarks that enables you to clip, copy, and paste various video segments; it is on the more straightforward end of the spectrum. Video Editor Lite was “built for rapid and simple slicing of your video files,” according to the Machete website.

Machete Video Editor Lite

Because of the program’s user-friendly layout, you won’t have to spend time browsing technical support materials. In addition, you won’t have to worry about losing video quality because Video Editor Lite doesn’t re-encode your video files when you slice them.

The program’s most significant drawbacks are? It does not offer audio editing and only supports the AVI and WMV video formats. However, it’s a fantastic alternative if you have no prior knowledge of video editing and only need to make precise edits.

Download Machete Video Editor Lite

9. Avidemux

Similar to Machete Video Editor Lite, the Avidemux free video editing app without watermarks enables you to perform simple video editing (without audio editing) without being concerned about the quality of the output. However, Avidemux also has a few extra aces in its bag.


It is one of the best apps to edit YouTube videos, supporting numerous video formats, including AVI, DVD, MPEG, QuickTime, and MP4. In addition, Avidemux has several filters that let you perform various tasks, including flipping and rotating clips, adding subtitles, and modifying colors and brightness levels.

Even though the Avidemux video editing app has a slightly steeper learning curve than Machete Video Editor Lite, it has the advantage of having a comprehensive wiki that explains everything.

Download Avidemux App

10. HitFilm

You can use HitFilm Express, a free video editing app without watermarks and with visual effects program, to add more than 180 unique effects, including 3D editing, to your videos.


The most significant aspect of the HitFilm video editing app is the abundance of teaching videos, which allow users to practice using special effects in tutorials for films like Star Wars, Westworld, and others.

Of course, upgrading to HitFilm Pro gives you access to more visual effects, excellent audio synchronization between audio and video files, higher resolution and 3D rendering, and more. Unfortunately, it costs $300, although customers of HitFilm Express can buy cheaper extensions to use more tools in their program if they aren’t ready to make a total investment.

Download HitFilm App

11. VideoShow

Beyond simply pasting scenes together, the VideoShow video editing app gives you various creative editing options for video output. For example, with the more than 400 million users of the award-winning app, you can add text overlays, stickers, music, filters, and sound effects to your video content.


These capabilities make it easier for video creators to inject creativity into a series of vlogs when most of the content is someone speaking straight to the camera.

Download VideoShow App

12. PowerDirector

This powerful video editor app has various artistic design options for PC and Android users. The program, created by CyberLink, enables you to produce 4K-quality videos from footage captured using multiple devices. Motion tracking, video collages, and video stabilization are noteworthy features. Motion tracking lets you focus on particular topics in each frame, while video stabilization enables you to eliminate “shaky camera” instances from your movie.


The PowerDirector video editing app without any watermark can also assist you in adding voiceovers and imaginative sound effects using the chroma key. The Android app for PowerDirector offers a lot of totally free functions. However, you can spend up to $99 on one of CyberLink’s premium packages to get a more comprehensive set of editing capabilities.

Download PowerDirector App

13. Quik

Quik is the program of choice for users who are editing footage from their GoPro camera because it is the best free editing app without watermarks created by GoPro. However, it is capable of editing content from any source.


It is a good editing app for youtube videos that can manage up to 75 images and video clips in a single project, and it can even sift through this stuff to suggest smart editing choices based on what it sees in the video. From time lapses to panoramic images, Quik can creatively modify your material. The program supports eight widely used file types and has more than 20 predefined themes.

Download Quik App

14. KineMaster

With the effective KineMaster  video editing app, you can edit recordings on “many layers.” But why does that matter? To add the aesthetic depth they or their brand require to their footage, and content makers are allowed to add an endless number of text overlays, photos, audio, and even free handwriting.


Additionally, many inventive techniques combine different footage pieces and use double exposures to change the background. So naturally, it is a good editing app for youtube that provides easy editing chores like trimming and splitting for making your video progress how you want it to.

Download KineMaster App

15. VivaVideo

Look no further than the VivaVideo video editing app without watermarks if you want to create eye-catching videos without learning the intricacies of video editing. For beginners, the brief tutorial for each feature is helpful because it makes it much simpler to comprehend how and where to utilize a specific tool. Moreover, VivaVideo is a good video editing app that makes it simple for content producers to edit videos professionally.


The program, available for free on all mobile devices, lets you quickly speed up, slow down, reverse, and merge movies and images. This is a pretty good editing app that offers a choice of camera lenses to capture fresh, edit-ready footage right inside the app and also includes a straightforward college and slideshow creator.

Using the multi-track music tool of this video editing app for youtube, you can add music, sound effects, and even voiceover concurrently. If you enjoy making the audio pop, you might enjoy this function. In addition, you can combine films and pictures for a more dramatic effect to instantly grab viewers’ attention. VivaVideo is the best youtube editing app that may appeal to most users’ need for creativity.

Download VivaVideo App 

Conclusion – Video Editing Apps

Do you want to go into video editing to keep up with the expanding video trend as a content or social media marketer in new social media platforms? Don’t worry! Any of the aforementioned best video editing apps would be a good option for a beginning.

Considering your budget, the present level of knowledge, and the amount of time you’re prepared to invest in learning a new skill, don’t hesitate to make a decision, whether you’re seeking the best video editing apps without watermarks or you’re in charge of getting your team’s video marketing plan up to par. Instead, spend your money on one of these video editing apps and own it.

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