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There is no doubt that the web is composed of numerous websites and other online assets that provide their users with information. Unfortunately, however, some people create completely pointless websites with strange details, and others’ searches take me to pointless websites. Today, we’ll talk about some of the world’s most useless websites, which don’t make sense and don’t offer any valuable information. But before moving forward to those pointless websites, we should know what these websites carry into them.

What Is A Pointless Website

Pointless websites carry useless information that is not valuable to anyone. You can’t discover an answer, a solution, or helpful information on any topic from pointless websites. The majority of them are single pages with little to no interactive elements. Imagine arriving on a page where you can see a person falling, a ninja standing motionless, or a horse with unending legs. Pointless websites have no motive to carry, or they don’t have any valuable information to provide.

Pointless websites Worlds most useless website

Well, even if the majority of these pointless web designs are weird and worthless, they might have been made for a cause. They provide a tiny amount of entertainment, delight, and boredom-killing effects. These pointless websites act as fun pointless websites. So many bored people visit some of the most pointless websites to freshen their minds rather than going to YouTube and viewing some humorous kitten videos or reading through Facebook feeds. Now, look at some of the world’s most pointless websites below.

List Of Pointless Websites

What about these strange and pointless websites that draw us all there? Most likely, it’s advisable to disregard these issues and focus on the enjoyable diversion they provide whenever we come. Here are some of the pointless websites:

1. ZoomQuilt 

ZoomQuilt is a fun pointless website. Is travel your greatest passion? On ZoomQuilt, quench your passion for travel. It only has fantastically rendered photographs of various locations that zoom in. This makes it perfect for drowsy people. Some of the zoom-in scenes are described as creepy. And we can’t claim that this is a pointless website; instead, it’s an excellent one to check out to kill time.

Visit website – ZoomQuilt

2. Koalasto Thermax 

We have no idea what the developer thought when creating this pointless website, but he hats off on his ideas. When you open the portal, a large random circle will appear; if you move your cursor over it or swipe at it, it will split into four smaller circles. After that, you can continue to divide circles into four, then another four, and so on.

The final layout of the entire plan caught me off guard because it serves as a fun pointless website. You ought to give this a shot if you’re an artist.

Visit website – Koalasto Thermax

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3. Staggering Beauty 

You’ll discover what appears to be jelly or blubber in the form of a rod that adheres to the mouse pointer on this pointless site. For some people, it can appear normal, but the activity only begins when moving the mouse pointer ferociously. Once you try it, you’ll discover what’s waiting for you. Whether you call it a pointless website or not, it certainly left us speechless.

Visit website – Staggering Beauty 

4. R33B 

R33B is one of the world’s most pointless websites. A crazy giant-eyed frog believes its eyes and some unrelated background haunting music can hypnotize you. Stop by to see if you are clumsy enough to be mesmerized by this aquatic creature.

Visit official website – R33B

5. Endless Horse 

Endless Horse is also one of the most pointless websites we have ever seen. A must-check if browsing websites while scrolling up and down is your favorite pastime. As you scroll down and further, you will come across a horse with impossibly long legs.

Visit website – Endless Horse

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6. Eel Slap 

Eel Slap is one of the world’s most pointless websites. Have you ever tried hitting someone with an eel, yes, the electrically charged eel? You can continue slapping with an eel for as long as you like after finding a picture of a human. It might work as a stress reliever for some people, but I found it to be an utterly pointless web. Check it out if you have nothing better to do with your time, and it’s as useless as this website is.

Visit website – Eel Slap

7. Chicken On The Raft 

Chicken on the raft most certainly meets the criteria for being the world’s most pointless website. You’ll see a picture of a chicken floating in the water and a timer displaying how long the chicken has been there. The background music is an exciting party tune you should play the next time you drink with your pals.

Visit website – Chicken On The Raft

8. Corn Dog 

Corn Dog is the most useless website. Strange as this unrelated website may sound, you can be sure there will be a corndog on top of another corndog on a plate with some mustard dipping. Check it out at your own risk because we can’t guarantee it will be helpful.

Visit website – Corn Dog

9. That’s The Finger 

According to the criteria set for pointless websites, That’s the finger has been the most pointless website of its time. Give that middle finger you’ve been meaning to. To draw up your index finger, move your cursor up and down. You are likely to be offended by anything you post on this website.

Visit website – That’s The Finger

10. Falling Falling 

Falling falling is the world’s most pointless website we have ever encountered. A score we perceived as a jet ready to crash was a succession of colorful screens tumbling endlessly. We wish we could tell you why the author of this pointless website created it, but we can assure you that they were on the verge of perishing.

Visit website – Falling Falling

11. Zombo

Zombo is a fun pointless website. A gruff voice discussing the significance of being on zombo.com may be heard on this strange and pointless website, with techno music from the 1970s playing in the background. It can become grating for some after a few random rounds. But, it’s funny, that’s what it is!

Visit website – Zombo

12. Map Crunch 

Map crunch is one of the world’s most pointless websites ever encountered. Yet, it is somehow a fun pointless website too. Pick any location on the globe and travel there as though you were actually there. Explore the streets and different locations. Why spend money on hotels and flights when you can amuse yourself online? Duh!

Visit website – Map Crunch

The Bottom Line 

With the exception of one or two being served as fun pointless websites, the majority of these random websites can be deemed as the world’s most pointless websites because doing without them would not significantly harm us. However, with these pointless websites that we struggle against, the internet is on the edge of becoming much less entertaining with each passing day.

It may appear that pointless websites with no real purpose were merely made to amuse consumers. However, they are an effective marketing technique that may bring in a lot of money for firms. These websites receive a lot of traffic and easily rank higher in the SERPs. This is primarily due to the users who visit them staying longer, which increases dwell durations and decreases bounce rates. The lesson we may take away from the most pointless websites is that word count isn’t necessarily important. They also show us that having a single purpose enhances user experience and that having more backlinks is one of the main criteria for improved SERP rankings.

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