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Top 10+ Web Development Companies in 2023

Do you want to create a website and are looking for a top web development company? It is impossible to generate business without web development. The main website is the first line of communication between a business and its clients.

Websites make it simple for customers to gain information and become the gateway of profit and success for every business. It is accessible around the clock and has no physical restrictions.

Therefore, this page enlists the list of top web development companies that can offer clever, personalized web development services to assist you in growing your enterprise. Firms Explorer has put together a list of top-performing web development firms to make it simple for our readers and locate service providers who create interesting websites to grow their business.

The list includes the top web development companies with experience and expertise in all aspects of web development processes. Therefore, the below-given list is a one-stop solution for you to find the best web development company for your business.

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The internet revolution is one of the fastest revolutions in human history. Businesses are not untouched by this revolution, and the internet has affected the market and changed the way it is used to function. Website and Web Applications are the best examples of this revolution. As these changes are very fast and dynamic, people often have doubts about choosing the best web development company for their business needs. The main doubts related to these topics are:

What is The Difference Between Web Development & Web Design?

Many people often get confused between the terms web development and web designing. Many questions arise in the mind of the people related to the conflict between these two terms. They often ask questions like, Are they the same? How do they differ? Is their core meaning the same? To answer directly, no. The difference between the work and role of web development can be understood as follows:- 

Web Design

It is where a person known as a web designer changes an idea, thought, or perspective into a visual form. Though they are an essential part of web development services, web designers design the components of a website and give the desired or expected look to a website. The work of a web designer is like that of an architect or an artist because web designers also create art and maps, but in the form of a website. Web designers can learn to code, but it is not mandatory for them as their portfolio and work do not require any coding. 

The role of a web designer includes the following:-

  1. Using tools like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, and framer to build the layout of a website.
  2. Possess a good skill set for graphic design and logo design.
  3. Have good knowledge of the current social and design trends and should adopt necessary trends to attract users. In addition, there should be consistency in the design as it makes your website user-friendly and easily accessible.
  4. Web designers should also pay necessary attention to the website's branding and use color palettes accordingly. The website’s typography and readability should also be fine.

Web Development

Web development is the process of giving life to the design created by web designers. The work of web developers is more complex than that of web designers as they have to use various web languages and tools to put life into the web designer's design. 

Therefore, the task of a good web development company can be broken down into two parts, front-end development, and back-end development, and done respectively by front-end developers and back-end developers. Front-end developers work as a link between web designers and web development as they have knowledge of both fields that allows front-end developers to make a fully functional website. Front-end developers mainly use three languages that are HTML, CSS, and Javascript. At the same time, back-end developers take care of the server requests and data.

The role of a web developer includes the following:-

  1. Building the interface of the website. The interface is built by front-end developers using languages like CSS, HTML, and JS.
  2. To create the backbone of the website using languages like PHP and MySQL.
  3. Web developers should also have to use versioning tools to keep track of older versions of the website and access them when necessary.

So, that's how a person can understand the difference between web development and web design. Metaphorically speaking, web design includes creating a body, and web development include putting life into that body. All in all, the top web development companies go through this complex process to stay relevant in the competitive market.

What are the different types of Web Development Companies?

Whenever you send a proposal or a quote to a web development company or firm, you may have thought about why some companies are so expensive and why the prices of some companies are too good to be true. 

So, the price list of a web development company is based on the business model a company has adopted. Because of these business models prices of various companies vary so much from each other. There are different types of web development companies, and they differ in various ways.

The main types of companies are as follows:- 

  1.  (Luxurious and Extravagant) Custom Web Development Companies- This class includes all those world-class companies that perform custom web development according to the need of its client. The companies that come in this type will not hesitate to ask their customers a very heavy amount of money as they will work according to the money they are receiving and for the services they provide. This type of company's staff consists of only top web developers and high-class staff, and their salaries will also be in the six figures. These top web development companies usually only take on custom development projects.
  2.  (Moderate and reasonable) Custom development companies- These types of companies will have a staff of 10-20 employees and good spending habits. They seem to charge about $100 to $200 per hour, and these prices are estimated on the hours at the development rate. When hiring such companies for your web development project, then make sure to evaluate the ethics of the owner and management of the company. These companies prove efficient in long-term support partners.
  3.  (Small) Development Companies- These companies have a staff of 2-3 people that may be the owner and partners. These web development companies can run on a very low budget and cannot take on large projects as they are scarce in resources such as man and money. They offer $75 to $180 per hour, and these prices are based on the estimated hours at the development rate. Shortlisting these companies for your small projects can be a good decision.
  4.  Independent contract developers- Many independent contract developers and freelancers may prove to be efficient for your projects. These types of independent contract developers charge about $50 to $250 per hour on the estimated hours at the development rate. Make sure that you check the eligibility of the contract developer. They should have at least five years of developing experience, the required skill set for the project, and so on beforehand. Otherwise, your project's result may not be as satisfying as you thought it would be.

What are the skills required in a Web Developer? 

The job of a web developer is not a cakewalk. There are various skills that a person has to excel in to become a web developer. The work of a web developer is a complex task, and not everyone may be able to do it. That’s why the top web development companies hire only those developers who have expertise and experience as a developer. The skills that a web developer requires include:- 

  1.  HTML & CSS - The main job of a web developer is to create a website; to do that, they must have the proper knowledge of HTML and CSS, as these two are the most important aspects of web development. HTML is the most used markup language used worldwide to create web pages. At the same time, CSS is responsible for styling those web pages and websites by choosing fonts, colors, and layouts in a website's design. HTML lays the foundation of a webpage, while CSS styles it.
  2.  Analytics - All top web developers have a keen knowledge of analytics as they have to create code for a website. They also have to use analytics to evaluate the needs and wants of their respective clients. Similarly, the top web development companies run various analyses to ensure they work according to the current market trends and their client's needs.
  3.  Javascript - Javascript is one of the most important skills a top-notch web developer must learn. Javascript allows web developers to enable complex features like a search bar, videos, digital maps, and other interactive items on the webpage. Most people prefer interactive pages on a website, making Javascript a magnificent skill for a web developer.
  4.  Testing & Debugging - When a web developer makes a website, there is a certain chance that the first version may possess some bugs and other problems. So, good web developers should also know how to test and debug their websites to serve their clients best.
  5.  Back-end basics - A web developer should also have basic knowledge of back-end development as it may get useful when developing the website. Back-end development handles the server data and server requests, and it can be a useful skill for a developer.

How To Hire A Web Development Company? 

Hiring the best web development company is not a complex task to accomplish. When you decide to hire a web development company, you should consider many factors and points like your project's size, your budget, research, digging through the company's ethics, and much more, and you should consider these steps before making any type of crucial decision.

Here we brought a step-by-step guide on how to hire a web development company; the steps are as follows -

 1. Check scalability - The first and most important step is to scale and scope your project. This step includes all the processes to help determine your project's size, budget, suitable pricing, etc. Having a clear thought of all your project requirements will help you to:-

  • Build a road map for developers 
  • Determine your needs
  • Make faster and safer future decisions.

2. Shortlisting the options - Once you have completed all the assessments and understood the project's requirements, start looking for the top web development companies. Millions of companies are available in the market, and it can be difficult to find the best company for your project. So, make sure that you consider the following points while shortlisting your dream company:-

  • Geographic location
  • Don't be dependent on search results 
  • Reach out and connect on LinkedIn 

3. Choosing a web development company - After shortlisting potential companies, you have to make the final decision about choosing one to give your project. To choose one company from the list of shortlisted companies, before finalizing the company for your project, consider the following points:-

  • Quotations and price range
  • Past records and achievements 
  • Company's own website
  • Experience 
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Background team
  • Skillset of staff

After considering all these points and their results then you will be able to get the ideal company for your project. 

How Much Do Website Development Agencies Charge?

The top USA-based web development companies charge between $100 to $170 hourly. At the same time, other web development agencies from diverse regions globally charge less than the USA, i.e., between $55-$76 per hour. Hour-based charging permits firms to commit specific parts of the day to their projects. These charges include web development, maintenance & support, design modules, and specific brand requirements. 

13 Questions to Ask When Hiring Web Development Firms or a Web Developer 

A website can be an important tool for a business, and to build that website, hire a Web Development company or a web developer. Hiring a Web Developer can be a tricky task, and it needs to be done with utmost care and alertness. That's why we have brought you 13 Questions to ask when hiring one of the top web development companies or a freelance web developer. These questions will help you to find the perfect web developer to meet your needs, your budget, and all the other things you are looking for. The questions go like this:-

 1. Please tell us about your recent web development projects and what were the exciting and challenging parts.

This question will explore the web developer's perspective about his work and the frequency they get work. The reply of a developer to this question will reflect the developer's attitude toward their work. If the reply is positive and the candidates are enthusiastic while responding, you can be sure they are the right person for the job. The answer to this question can also display the problem-solving ability of a candidate. 

 2. How's your grip on the recently emerging programming languages and new technologies? 

The answer to this question will tell us if the developer keeps himself regularly updated and value all the new skills to upgrade their portfolio. The question about programming languages and technologies will show if the developer has an affection for the new and constantly emerging technologies and programming languages. Even if you ask the top web development companies, this question will bring out the developer's views and efforts to learn new languages and master old ones.

3. Give us your opinion about our current website and any suggestions for its improvement. 

If you are planning to hire developers to upgrade and renovate your existing website, then you must give them their views about your current company or product website, as it will show if they are curious and eager to take on the project. If they answer confidently, then they have already done their homework and are ready to give you some suggestions to improve the quality of your website.

4. How does your production timeline differ from your competitors?

An answer to this question will reflect how fast the web development company or an independent developer can complete their job. Asking this question will help you get an idea of how fast your candidate can complete all the processes, and with the help of this question, you can also predict the time required for your project's completion. 

 5. How do you perform prior research before building the website?

Research is one of the most critical parts before you decide to start work, and doing good research can positively impact your work as you may be able to calculate all the contingent problems and needs. This same principle applies to the digital world as well. By asking this question, you will be able to find out how well your candidate can perform research before starting to work on a project. The answer to this question will exude professionalism in the candidate's mind and their commitment to their website. 

 6. How much do you charge for your services?

A website is an investment rather than an expense, and we do not recommend that you go for the developers with the lowest price, as it will cost you much more in the end. But a website should also not be a monster that eats more money than it can provide. That's why it is recommended you ask this question upfront. It will help you land up with the best web development company or developer for your business. A professional web developer or an agency can tell you a fair amount for the work they will do. Make sure that you set a budget before you go out in the market searching for a perfect web developer or agency, as it will not bother you later on and will help you bargain with a suitable candidate.

 7. Can you get a recommendation for your previous clients?

Without a doubt, your candidate should have a good track record and a portfolio of commendable websites. If they do not pass this criterion, ensure you don't invite them for an interview and save your time. But you should ask your candidates if you can talk to their previous clients for their respective feedback and experience that they had to work with your candidate. This question will help you find a trustworthy web development agency that is happy and agrees to share this information.

 8. What will be my contributions as you are going to make the website?

Even the top web development company cannot build a website without the client’s intervention. When you are hiring external web developers or agencies to make your website, there must be some work that you are going to do, and a reliable web development company will be able to tell you the list of things that will be required from your end. An ideal candidate should be able to work as your own company's team when developing your website. 

 9. What methods do you use to test the website before it goes live?

Testing a website is really important as it will discover all the flaws and possible features present in your website. Testing the website also helps you to run quality and assurance checks that will help your users to receive a better website that covers all the aspects of a good website and does not have any flaws. The answer to this question will tell you if the candidate knows cross-platform testing and is ready to test their work on any platform given. Being able to test, criticize, and make necessary changes are the qualities of an ideal candidate who has to be appointed as your website developer.

 10. How well do you offer security, hosting, support, and maintenance?

Most people who search for web development companies or developers also look for services that can provide hosting for their websites. You must also understand what kind of hosting the developers will provide for your website and how well they are ready to prevent security breaches. Support and maintenance are also necessary for the website as it will need regular updates and other measures to keep up the performance of the website. 

 11. Does your package include content marketing, creating, and strategy?

Entertaining and customer-retaining content is the only thing that users want from a website. Everyone knows that content is an integral part of a website, and without it, there is not much significance for a website. So to ease your tension and get more professional support, ask if the package you are choosing includes content marketing and strategy that will boost the user stats of your website. Asking this thing before you hire a web development company will help you to get a better deal and will also help you to get the necessary push to uplift your audience. 

12. How do you determine the responsiveness of the website?

Responsiveness is the ability of the website to adapt to the platform it is being used on, whether it is a large computer screen or the small mobile screen. If your candidate knows about responsiveness and answers this question confidently, then he/she may be the one. The answer to this question will also be able to tell if your candidates aim to provide the best mobile experience they can.

 13. How well are you at incorporating Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on your website?

Search Engine Optimisation, commonly known as SEO, is the set of techniques used to ensure that your website comes at least on the first page of the search engine. Ensure that your candidate equips SEO at the very beginning of making a website, as it will help to increase traffic a lot more than if SEO is implemented after the website is made. The best web development companies use SEO at the beginning, and if a potential option tells you so, then they may be the perfect person for the job.

You must ask these questions and review the answers of the top web development companies you shortlist. If you ignore them, there is a possibility that you may get a lousy developer that will make you shoot yourself for the work they are meant to do.