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Digitization is the only way to prosper in this modern era. With advancement in technology and everything getting digital, your business can be successful by attending to the customers online. One such way is by focusing on the website Development by hiring the best web design company. Everything these days is now being sold through online platforms, either via e-commerce shark such as Amazon or the original website of the company.

While huge brands are competing to be on the top and selling because of their brand value, small and medium scale business are diligently working their asses off to survive in these toughest times. But we have got your back. All the businessmen who are suffering to find ways to increase their sales; you have landed the right place.

We have found a long term yet most generic method to proliferate the sales. Website Development is the answer. By focusing on website you will be creating a multifaceted asset for your business that will yield confidence of the customers, create a presence for your business online and increase your marketing and direct sales.

All you got to do is hire a professional Web Design Agency and get a website/app made. Given below is the list of top website development companies worldwide.

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List of Top 10+ Web Designing Companies in 2022 | Hire Best Web Designers



Boost your business and grow your audience with slick mobile apps

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It is a mobile app development company that not only offers mobile application services but it also has many other software services to serve across the world.

CMARIX Technolabs

Envision : Leverage : Infinite

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CMARIX is a leading technology outsourcing company with expertise in Website, Enterprise Software,  Mobile App Development & Magento Development. With team of 170+ in house experts CMARIX is working with clients across 46 countries globally and have tailored 1100+ Web & 290+ Mobile applications across different business domains.

Riseup Labs

Riseup Labs

Diving into Technology

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The company holds good value in the gaming and animation industry. A number of myriad services are being offered by RiseUP Labs. The company was founded in 2009 and since then it has created many milestones in the field of Web and Development.

Orion Infosolutions

Orion Infosolutions

Mobile & Web App Development Company

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Orion Infosolutions is the best game development company that provides application repository and mobile app development, Responsive web design, and Seo Services, among other things. They incline the ideas with innovations.

Buyer's Guide

Coping up with the advancements in technology and new parameters set by the flourishing industries can be a troublesome task. With growing trends and evolving lifestyles, people are now exploring the digital aspect of their businesses. Having a website is one of such requisites. But not all of us are technologically sound enough to create the website on our own. Therefore, hiring a Web Designing company becomes an unbeatable option. But before looking for one, let’s explore some questions, such as what is a web designing company, why do I need to hire a web designing company and what purpose does it solve. We will begin with the basic definition first.

Defining a Web Designing Company

In simple words, a Web Designing Company formulates the entire procedure of formulating a website/app for your business. If you are running a startup, then getting a website/app built would be one of the first operational priorities. The company does the complete process right from the ideation to finalizing the framework and then finally choosing a coding language and begins building the app. The work of the web designing agency doesn’t end here. Once the app/website has been made, then the company will look after the maintenance and efficiency of the website/app. They will also ensure that the website serves its entire purpose and doesn’t crash when the traffic reaches an unexpected rate.

There are quite a few types of websites available on the market. My personal favourite is the one with a Responsive Web Design, where the user can easily interact with the business and actually enjoy a lively experience. But before proceeding further, I would like to talk about the benefits of a responsive Web Design in detail.

  1. Reach a wider audience :
    Ensuring that your website is operational on different devices will definitely increase the number of people your business will reach. The scale of the audience gets enlarged, and you experience more responses. It also improves your customer base as different people use different devices to access a website.

  2. Monitoring the analytics gets Easier

    Just like reaching a wider audience got simple, similarly, with a responsive web design, you can monitor the website analytics easily. On the other hand, if you have multiple websites for multiple devices, then monitoring each one of them is a cumbersome task. 

  3. Convenient Maintenance

    Making changes to multiple websites can be irksome. In order to make the entire process easy, one can always choose a responsive web design. Through Responsive Web Design, you can make changes easily, thereby making maintenance a smooth task.

  4. SEO gets boosted

    You can now rank your website and appear at the top of the search engine by using a responsive web design. Google favours websites/apps that are responsive in nature, you can boost up the traffic on your website easily.

  5. Brand Consistency

    The consistency of your brand design; be it a mobile app or a website matters a lot. It determines your professionalism and creates an impact on the minds of the users. There are no second thoughts about the fact that you can improve your brand design in a mobile app and traditional website simultaneously. But with a responsive web design, the outlook of your website will remain the same throughout, irrespective of the device.

  6. Reduction Bounce Rates
    Nobody has got time to wait; so do your customers. They will never put up with a website that doesn’t respond to the device they are using. Therefore, you will have to ensure that your website is responsive and user friendly. You can further look into your call-to-actions and website orientation in order to beat the competitors.

  7. Proliferation in conversion rates

    Once you ensure that the website is user-friendly, you can now observe that the conversion rates are increasing. The mind-blowing website experience will yield results in the form of a heightened rate of conversions. 

    Now we have an idea about what exactly a web design agency is and how my favourite Responsive Web Design can help you in increasing the overall performance of your business.

    You may wonder what a web design company actually does or what the basic functions of a web design agency are. In the next section, we will be talking about the functions of a web Design company.

Functions of a top Web Designing Company

  1. Website Designing: As the name suggests, a web designing firm will design the company website making it more attractive and informative enough. Coping up with the trends is important, but so is providing adequate information about the products/services of the company and proper CTA.
  2. Boosts SEO Results: Search engine optimization or SEO refers to the ranking of your website on the Google Search page. The aim of each organization is to be on the top. And it is the job of Web Design companies to improve your ranking by inserting correct and relevant keywords in your website.
  3. Online Marketing of the Brand: your website will describe your business. Therefore, you can attract more customers and promote your business through the help of email marketing, backlinks and many more ways. Remember your website should be luring enough to convert the leads into customers.

Before deciding to hire a web designer or a web designing company, you should be aware of the types of Web Design Agencies available in the market. Once you are acquainted with the types and their specialities, then you can easily decide the best web designing agency for yourself and work on your website.

Different Types of Web Design Companies

There are numerous types of web designing companies available in the markets which are famous for the different types of roles they perform. Moderately large firms and small firms recognize that their websites/mobile apps are their biggest assets and therefore have to be optimally utilized to maximize the profits. However, the project and its requirements differ from business to business. ABC Company might be willing to focus on its marketing strategies through its website, while XYZ Company can simply focus on its operational requirements and customer support.

In order to simplify the classification, all the web design companies fall under one of the below-mentioned 4 categories. The categories are as follows:

  • Small business web design agencies
  • Web Developer Agencies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Marketing Agencies

1. Small Business Web Design Agencies

As the name suggests, these firms are meant for small businesses and have a limited scope. They are best suited for startups in their budding stage. They are generally operated by a solopreneur, a team of 3-4 people or a company operating by outsourcing the work overseas and cutting the cost. Web design agencies are cost-effective and generally use Word press templates to go with their work. If you don’t require a complex structure and your budget is tight, then you can always consider hiring a small business Web Design Agency.

2. Web Developer Agencies

These are companies that hire web developers and create customized codes for the websites using computer languages such as Java, PHP, Python and JavaScript and many more. The working of these companies is technical in nature and therefore requires programmers who are experienced and experts in the field. Since experts are involved, therefore, the companies charge higher than others. A web developer agency provides expertise and customized services and can make your website look unique.

3. Marketing Agencies

With their proper planning and strategies, they promote the business and spread the word about its awareness in the market. They also monitor other businesses and therefore know the competitive challenges that the companies tend to face in the future. They conduct a detailed analysis of the entire business and after brainstorming sessions with the teams, they work out the strategies and formulate them in the best suitable manner possible. Their main job is not the formation of the website but improving the working of the website and ensuring a proper response from the customers and potential leads. The main focus is on increasing the engagement rate of the website and making sure that the ranking of the website increases.

4 Advertising Agencies

The companies, as the name suggests, help you compete with the topmost companies in the market with their branding, imaging and messaging strategies. These companies advertise your product/services and make sure that all the right information reaches the customers. They tend to use the creative aspect of their team, and therefore, such Web Design companies are suitable for medium-sized and large scale firms that are indulged in investing a high amount of their profits in advertising their brand and creating a brand image. Medium and large-scale companies invest in such ventures. They ensure that the right audience reaches the website and improves the traffic statistics of the company.

Nothing is free of cost. Everything has a price, and so do these companies. In order to set up your budget and calculate the estimated amount of money that you will be putting into your business, you need to know the approximate prices beforehand. Gladly, we have saved your precious time and conducted research on how much the top web development companies are charging for their services.

  1. What are the pricing rates of top Web Development Company?

A typical web designer charges $75 per hour. But this may vary from company to company, their location and the scale they work at. Framing, designing, client training, content creating and further scaling of the website on average costs $6,760.

The cost of these companies is broadly divided into two categories:

  • Charge per hour
  • Flat Fee per Project
  • Charge per hour

A skilled Web Designer on average charges around $75 to design a website. The rates of building and creating a website varies from $30-$80 per hour depending upon the requirements of the company and the efficiency of the web designer. The development of the company, on the other hand, costs around $100-$180 per hour.

Due to the lack of long-term contract commitment and other corporate incentives, a freelancer Web Designer may charge higher than a Web Design agency.

Here are a few tips to analyze if your current Freelancer Web Designer is charging more than the average of $75 or not.

  1. Pet Projects: A freelancer may charge comparatively less from his/her family and kin as well as friends.

  2. Project Description: A lengthy project would require a lesser charge, whereas the prices increase when the project is short. A freelancer may tend to charge higher if there are more pages to design in a website or if he requires additional aid from other professionals such as programmers, graphic designers and many more.

  3. Commitment level: If the project undertaken is tough and requires you to burn the midnight oil, then the price of the project automatically rises.

Flat Rate : 

Unlike per hour basis, a Flat Rate doesn’t require a lot of hefty calculations to analyze the overall cost of the project. This is the reason why clients love to choose this mode of payment as they know the lump-sum amount of money they will have to pay. Freelancers, on the other hand, are not in favour of this method, especially when the client has endless changes to make and the project is long. The per-hour pricing of the project ensures that the clients make clear and quick decisions and the work that ideally should be completed in 7 hours is finished within that time period with an extension of 2-4 hours for the changes. But if the prices are flat-fee type, then the number of changes may extend endlessly. 

There are certain things that the Freelancer and Web Design Companies keep in mind while assessing the price of the project under the Flat Fee Rate Method. Given below is the minimum rate which a company would charge for the following services:

  1. Setting up of the website: $160
  2. Designing and building the website: $5,000
  3. Content Creation of the Website: $500
  4. Training of the client: $600
  5. Maintenance of the website: $500

Total = $6,760

If we calculate the average of all the above costs at their minimum estimated value, then the total estimated value for getting your website professionally designed would be $6760.

Either you hire a profe ssional web designer or hire a web designing company, the overall cost of the same remains almost similar. What matters is the quality of the work and your suitability.

7 Major Reasons Why You Should Hire a Web Design Company

  1. The advice of the experts - The professionals in a web design company will undergo intricate and personalized scanning of the business. They will look into your requirements and will suggest adequate strategies to formulate while building a website. This could be your first time but not theirs. They have experience in the field, therefore, their suggestions hold value more than generalized strategies that are available online.
  2. Following the procedure professionally - From the initial stage of coding and formulating the structure of the website to the final stages of monitoring the progress, everything needs due attention and adequate knowledge. Now, if as a startup you feel like cutting the cost by creating a website on your own, then that’s a horrible idea. You would need the help of specialists like programmers, graphic designers, content writers, marketing specialists, testers and many more. Therefore, you need a web design agency as they have the right resource pool and experience in the field.
  3. Reduces Cost and Saves Time - Web Design Companies not only saves your time but also reduces the cost. In case you plan on making your own website, then, the tedious task would not enable you to concentrate on your business, and there are chances that you might not get the desired results. Your entire efforts and money would go in vain. In order to save yourself from the irksome task of building a web without proper knowledge, you should hire web designers.
  4. Provide Scalable Services - The requirements of a company at the initial stages would be different than those at the expansion stage. Similarly, the requirements of a website at the initial stages would be different than those at the growing ones. Hiring a web design company comes in handy in these situations; they not only build your website but also make it available for future modifications. With their expert opinions and other valuable suggestions, you can make the necessary changes to your website.
  5. Updated information and resources - Your knowledge of the current programming language to articulate the structure of a website can be limited, but a professional working in a top web design agency will be updated and well-aware. They know their competition and therefore will provide the best services to you at a reasonable cost.
  6. Foresights of the Industry - Web Design Agencies are the digital centre of businesses these days. They are well-informed of the upcoming trends and new applications that can lift up the client’s experience. They know how to satisfy the needs of a tech-savvy company and provide their expert guidance about the same. They are always well-informed and hence use that information adequately.
  7. Better Customer Support - Now if you are facing problems in operating a website that you created on your own, then who would you contact? You cannot blame random newbies who did their job as per their understanding and not as per the requirements of the business. In such scenarios, hiring a website design company is always a good option. Their customer support is 24/7 willing to hear your queries, and they even provide training to their clients.

How to determine which is the best Website Development agency for you?

The market is flooded with website development companies these days. But it is your responsibility to find the best website development company for your business website. Choosing the best website development agency is an important task, therefore, either you will have to do the research on your own, or you can take help from the research that I have already done for you.

Given below are some factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a web design company for yourself.

1. Analyze the type of your website
It is a major mistake that most of the companies commit while building their websites. It is significant to realize that there are numerous types of websites e-commerce like, Myntra is a website and so is Britannica. The difference is that one is acting as an online shopping store; the other is an online study material provider. Therefore, analyzing your needs completely before reaching out to any web designer is an essential requirement.

2. Determine the scale of support
For all the technologically challenged people like me, tech support is a blissful gift. Not everybody is efficient enough to grasp the changes that have been made or easily learn how to make minor changes to your website.

3. Cost-effective
Where money is concerned, you should always keep your eyes and mind open. Budgeting is a good habit, so before finalizing your website partner, you should always keep the money factor in mind. It should not be over budget because while choosing a website development partner, you will be indulging in long-term contact with them; therefore, you should keep this thing in mind. A cost incurred out of budget once can be compensated, but if it’s a long-term venture then, you should always finalize it at your cost.

Once you have analyzed your business needs and website requirements, you will certainly have to work upon digging deeper into the concerned matter by gaining the correct information. After all, it is an integral part of the business. The only way to ensure that you extract the correct information from your web development partner is by being prepared with some questions to ask them beforehand.

Given below are some basic questions that you should definitely ask the web designing company representative:-

  1. What other services does the company provide?
  2. What is the cost structure of the company?
  3. Do they provide a portfolio and case studies to highlight their results?
  4. What revenue strategies will they provide?
  5. What makes their performing procedure different from competitors'?
  6. How much time will they take to complete the entire project?
  7. Will they provide assistance even after the project is over?
  8. How will they analyze the current website and which additional features will they provide you to make it appealing?
  9. Who will be working on your website and what are her/his qualifications?
  10. What strategies and tools will they use to monitor your website?

These are some of the basic questions that one should ask her/his Web Development agency before signing the deal with them. This will not only help you get the correct information, but will also create an impression that you are serious about this, and the company has to be very professional about it.

All the information regarding website development and website development companies has been shared with you. We hope that the information was helpful and served its purpose. In case of any queries, you can mail us at our official site. You can also mail your prestigious suggestions and reviews about the content.