Top 10 Technology Trends To Follow in 2023

Top New Technology Trends, 2023

The pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for technology. Some excellent digital trends led to the discovery of new ways of connecting with people sitting across thousands of kilometers. It’s high time for IT companies to stop focusing on cost savings alone. Looking for new kinds of methodical operations and adapting to new technologies can help them raise solutions for particular industries, optimize resilience, and innovate new ways of consumer engagement. Gartner’s top technology trends for 2023, disclosed at IT Symposium/Xpo 2022, also emphasize the same.

According to Gartner experts, some events may make decisions, including various wireless technologies, artificial intelligence, and sustainability, even more challenging. As a result, IT executives should concentrate on accelerating digital shifts and regard potential applications for currently available and upcoming technology. Optimize, scale, and pioneer are the three main virtues highlighted by Gartner’s digital trends report. Having said that, let us look into those top technology trends for 2023 to look forward to.

1- SuperApps

Super apps are a new type of digital ecosystem that combines features of multiple services and apps on a single platform. Gartner predicts that companies will increasingly embrace this ecosystem in 2023. In addition, after Elon Musk announced his idea to turn Twitter into a super app, the idea became more popular. AliPay, WeChat, and Gojek are a few successful Asian platforms considered super apps. Predictions by Gartner say that by 2027, more than half of the global population will utilize many super apps on a daily basis. Thus, this technology trend for 2023 may alter how we use applications today.  Elon Musk

2- 5G, WiFi 6, and 7

Gartner states that wireless technologies may end ruling in 2023. However, companies will use various wireless technologies to support multiple types of operations, such as Wifi in the workplace, low-power protocols, mobile device services, and radio connectivity. This technology trend for 2023 has been stressed so strongly by Gartner that it predicts 60% of corporates working with 5 or more wireless technologies by 2025. A range of digital solutions through 4G, 5G, Wifi, and more will produce a network that will power the systems of enterprises. Therefore, wireless networks will serve much more than merely connecting people and businesses.

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3- Risk and security management by Artificial Intelligence

Though Gartner considers most companies not prepared for AI risk management, it regards AI to be one of the most important technology trends for 2023. Given that strong support, it believes companies must explore new abilities of Artificial Intelligence to ensure reliability, model stability, data protection, and security of the AI models they choose by embracing AI trust, risk, and security management (TRiSM). Organizations must ensure the coordination of different sectors to implement their new AI model.

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4- Adaptive AI

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have always been at the center of technological developments. Gartner even marked AI as a strategic technology. However, as a technology trend for 2023, it suggests adaptive AI techniques that constantly update their intelligence models. Based on new data, these AI modules can retain information within the specified runtime and app-development environments. Thus, they adapt fast and can tackle even unpredictable real-world situations. AI apps are different from SaaS apps as they utilize real-time reviews to update their understanding dynamically and modify objectives.

5- Industry-Specific Cloud Platforms 

Cloud platforms are already expected to be the biggest technology trend of 2023. Industry-specific cloud platforms, to be particular, provide a variety of platform-as-a-service (PaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). These pre-packaged capabilities can be used by businesses as a foundation for distinguishing digital-business efforts and fostering agility, creativity, and a shorter time to market. According to Gartner, by 2027, more than 50% of businesses will be utilizing industry-cloud platforms to advance their commercial endeavors.

6- Applied Observability

Digital artifacts created when a stakeholder performs any activity, including logs, API calls, traces, downloads, dwell time, and file transfers, are included in the category of observable data. Organizations can use their data artifacts for a competitive edge with the help of applied observability. As it takes quick action based on verified stakeholder actions instead of instincts, it is claimed to be a technology trend for 2023. It also emphasizes the strategic value of the correct information at the correct time.

7- Digital Immune System

Digital immune systems are a future technology trend to look forward to in 2023 for CIOs seeking cutting-edge solutions that their professionals can employ to give high company value, increase customer pleasure, and lower risk. The combination of data-driven operational intelligence, automated incident resolution, automated and extreme testing, security in the application supply chain, and software engineering within IT operations, according to Gartner, boosts system strength and stability. Businesses who invest in creating digital immunity may experience up to 80% reduced system downtime by 2025, increasing revenue right away, claims Gartner.

8- Platform Engineering

As per Gartner experts, platform engineering is all about the domain of developing functional self-service internal developer approaches for lifecycle management and software delivery.  Already assumed as a technology trend for 2023, Platform engineering is expected to be utilized among software engineering companies; nearly 80% of them are predicted to set platform teams by 2026. In addition, 75% of these platforms will have self-service developer portals that may also have various reusable libraries and components of modules and other tools.

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9- Metaverse

The metaverse may never become popular, but according to Gartner’s presentation, it has some potential. For instance, the Indian firm known as Hirect organized a VR hiring event in a virtual world for businesses looking to hire IT expertise. According to Gartner, the entire metaverse will not be controlled by any one company and will be independent of devices.

It will feature a separate virtual economy made possible by digital money and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). More than 40% of big enterprises globally are expected to deploy a variety of Web3, cloud-based augmented reality, and digital twins-based endeavors by 2027, according to Gartner.

10- Sustainability

Sustainability could be above other major technological trends for 2023 for many enterprises. According to the majority of CEOs polled by Gartner recently, investors’ top three preferences are now revenue, profit, and environmental and social activities.

Leaders need to put more money into creative solutions that meet environmental, social, and governance requirements if they want to accomplish sustainability targets. Gartner reports that throughout 2017, spending on sustainability increased on average by 5.8%.

Enterprises need a framework for sustainable technology that boosts the material and energy efficiency of technological services in order to enable organizational sustainability through analytics, traceability, Artificial Intelligence, and renewable energy. This approach should also require the application of IT services that assist clients in reaching their unique goals.


Enterprises need to ramp up their technical advancements game. These technology trends for 2023 call for a massive transformation in how IT companies operate and innovate. If you were not catching up with these digital trends, now is the time to start. For more updates on technology and to learn more about these technologies, follow the Firms Explorer blog.

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