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TurboTax is accounting software that focuses on covering the tax needs of an organization or a business. Filing tax or tax forms is an integral part of any business and it can hog up a lot of mental effort. This taxing or accounting software is very popular among top global brands as it offers strong security measures and fantastic help resources. It is a bit more expensive than the ones in its league but it is totally worth it. It offers an excellent user experience and personalised description of tax calculations. 

TurboTax has been catering to the needs of its clients for more than 25 years now and depending on the size of your organization or business, you can get plans for different tax brackets. It is way more dissimilar from the accounting software in the list given here but it surely has occupied a good spot with its features and services. This online tax filing software aims to help businesses get their tax loads off in an easy way. Yes, this software can easily handle complex tax situations which may include deductions, filing forms, multiple ways to get your federal refund, and more. It works quickly and is available in English and Spanish in the form of desktop and mobile application both.

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Core Features

  • Data Import/Export
  • Data Verification
  • Electronic Filing
  • K-1 Reporting
  • Payroll & Employer Forms