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You can leave all your project management vows to this ultimate and feature rich project management software- Trello. There is no tutorial or complex steps you need to follow to use Trello. Its aim is to manage your projects efficiently. Unlike the other project management tools in the list, Trello is comparatively easy to use. 

It is trusted by millions and is suitable for all business sizes. From the commencing of your project, Trello can be with you till its successful execution. This project management system offers integration with more than 100 leading brands so that you can completely focus on the workflow and other details of your project. 

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Core Features

  • Client management and Portal, Kanban board.
  • Business process automation and Cost-to-completion tracking.
  • Strategic planning, resourcing, prioritization, and portfolio management.
  • Third-party integrations, workflow configuration and management, inventory management, and a lot more.
  • Pros

    • Trello management tool is supported on both mobile and desktop operating systems, so users with any device can easily access this tool.
    • Some of the best features offered by this tool are Assignment Management, Brainstorming, Campaign Management and many others.
    • Trello provides its users with a 24/7 Email help desk along with a chat support service to resolve all the problems faced while working on this tool.


    • Users are required to pay a good amount of money in order to access the advanced features that are not available in the free version of this tool.
    • The interface of this tool is not that easy to understand, users face a lot of problems with the interface of Trello.
    • Trello does not provide any proper study material to its users, this is the main reason why many users encounter difficulty in using some features of this tool.