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Targetprocess is agile and follows a holistic approach to project management. This project management software platform is most suitable for the bandwidth of companies that are medium to large scale.

There are a lot of real-time features that can keep you updated on the progress of your project. It is the best for teams that are diverse and look for modern and innovative solutions. Both IT and not-IT firms can use this project management software to get desired outputs.

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Core Features

  • Agile methodologies and customizable dashboard.
  • Cost-to-completion tracking, data import/export, collaboration tools.
  • Gantt/timeline view, template management, prioritization, project planning.
  • Percent complete tracking, KPI monitoring, Kanban board, negative feedback management, and many more such features.
  • Pros

    • With the help of Targetprocess management tool users are able to perform Agile Methodologies, Backlog Management, Cost-to-Completion Tracking and many other useful things.
    • Users are provided with a knowledge base and phone support round the clock so that any issue with the tool can be resolved quickly.
    • Targetprocess helps you in organizing all the activities related to your project, and also users can customize the tool according to their requirements.


    • Tragetprocess does not offer any free version to its users, they are required to pay a good amount of money to access this tool.
    • The interface of the Tragetprocess is hard to understand, users face a lot of problems while working on it.