Create Floor Plans, Flowcharts and Other Diagrams on Any Device

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SmartDraw is a chart maker and online floor plan software that is used to create, share, and collaborate floor plans and charts. SmartDraw is loaded with various templates that are meant to be used by businesses in order to convey their ideas. SmartDraw’s floor plan creator can be accessed by anyone who has an internet connection. It is also equipped with common architectural symbols and file-sharing options.

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Core Features

  • Ready-to-use template
  • Drag and drop working
  • Export and import facilities
  • Auto scaling of room dimensions
  • Free online version
  • Professional diagramming and drafting
  • Pros

    • SmartDraw comes with a feature of automatic formatting that does a lot of things for the users and saves time.
    • The software is capable of linking all kinds of data and also allows the user to import and export the data very easily.
    • All types of support are offered to the users to aid them in fixing all the problems caused by the software.


    • The software is not available for mobile phone devices, and on computers, it is only available for Windows operating systems.
    • The software does not come with any free version of itself, users are bound to purchase the subscription plan in order to avail the services.