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Reservio is a user-friendly, optimal appointment scheduling software that simplifies your meeting schedules and appointments. Now spare yourself from the irritating end moment cancellations. This software enables you to follow your strategies. The idea behind this software is to replace mobiles and understand the needs of different types of businesses. The software is adequate for all business types and sizes. From a small start-up to a huge flourished company, you can get all the help that you want. 

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Core Features

  • Client Database Management
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Pros

    • Reservio is supported on all different types of operating systems regardless of the device, as the software is supported by both computer and mobile devices.
    • The software is fully capable of tracking and managing the attendance for an organization and provide them with accurate results.
    • A 24/7 customer-based and knowledge-based support services are available to the users of Reservio.


    • The support service offered by the software is not liked by some of its users, as they were not able to get their problems solved on time.
    • Some of the features of this particular software are a bit complex in nature and users find it difficult to access them.