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RankIQ is an Al powered SEO toolset built just for bloggers. It tells you what to put in your post and title so that you can write perfectly optimized content as soon as possible. It also has a hand-picked library of the lowest competition high traffic keywords for every blog niche. RankIQ helps businesses utilize the Al based content report, identify topics according to Google’s ranking algorithm, and construct blog post outlines. RankIQ allows content creators to perform SERP analysis and identify keywords and the click through rates (CTRs) to frame titles. It offers handpicked keywords Library for every major blogging containing the lowest competitiveness phrases that also have high traffic potential.

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Core Features

  • The RankIQ SEO software comes with a feature of real-time rank tracking that allows users to keep track of all the activities that affect the rank of the websites. One can easily categorize all the factors as per the requirement.
  • The software is an artificial intelligence integrated search engine optimization tool that is helpful in framing the correct outline for the content and brings a huge amount of traffic to the desired website. The software mainly focuses on quality factors and not on quantity factors.
  • RankIQ is a trusted brand in all over India, as along with the SEO services the software also provides SEO training services that educate users about some best SEO techniques. Through this users can raise the performance of their website and get better results.
  • The software examines each and every factor that is responsible for upgrading and degrading the performance of the website and in the end provides the users with a clear report. With the help of this report, users can easily take corrective actions.
  • Pros

    • The RankIQ software is a simple and easy to use SEO software that is preferred by most users because of its simplicity.
    • The features of this particular software helps the users in performing all the activities that are related to optimizing the search engine results.
    • The support services offered by the software are liked most by the users, as they were able to get the solution to their problems quickly.


    • The software is mainly suitable for small-size organizations, it is not capable of handling large scale operations.
    • Users are not provided with any facility of a free trial or free version of the software, as it is offered by other similar software.