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PlannerWiz is both, the floor plan design services and the floor plan solutions. This software can be used to create both indoor and outside designs. PlanningWiz is created to handle minute details which may be crucial for some specific industries while making floor plans and blueprints. PlanningWiz also offers tailored editions for designers which specialize in specific industries like recreation, property, and so on.

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Core Features

  • Huge database for doors, windows, and other furniture
  • Drag and drop functioning
  • Supports import and upload of photos
  • Database of floor services
  • Various textures
  • Pros

    • PlanningWiz Floor Planner offers some amazing features like annotating drafting that helps the users in many ways.
    • The software is useful for all types of organizations, the size of the organization does not matter on this platform.
    • The software offers all types of customer support to all its users, these services are being offered 24/7.


    • The software does not come with any free version of itself, to access the services of this particular software users are required to pay a subscription fee.
    • PlanningWiz Floor Planner is just supported on a cloud-based platform, users are unable to download the software on their desired device.