All-in-One App Marketing Intelligence Platform

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Our next pick Mobile Action provides the developers with all the essentials they need to enhance their app visibility and conversion rates. Its mode of operation is very intuitive and precise. First of all, it lets you track down the keywords that would potentially take your app on the top charts using its huge keyword dataset.

The competitor insights feature of Mobile Action is very efficient. Using this feature, users can monitor for which keywords their competitors are ranking for. It consists of all the tools one needs to manage App store assets.

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Core Features

  • Keyword Tracking and Suggestion
  • Research and Explore Keywords
  • Keywords Trends
  • ASO Report
  • Keyword Intelligence
  • Keyword Spying
  • Timeline of App Updates
  • Search Ads Intelligence
  • Localization
  • App Update Timeline
  • Report of Visibility
  • Keywords Suggestion
  • Competitive Insights
  • Pros

    • This precious tool provides detailed reports of app downloads revenue as well as the performance of crucial keywords so that you can clearly analyze the ranking of your app.
    • The Keyword Intelligence tool not only helps the users to analyze the ranking of their existing keywords but also suggests new ones that can improve the app ranking significantly.
    • With this ASO tool, analyzing the rank of the app as per different categories, devices or geographical locations is also possible.
    • One can find keyword and category ranking of their as well as their competitive apps for all the target countries.


    • The customer support of Mobile Action is not satisfactory.
    • The User Interface of this software is difficult for beginners to interpret.
    • Sometimes, the reviews and ratings management feature misbehave and fails to display data.