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The MarketMuse was introduced in 2013 as a platform that identifies content quality problems on websites and builds detailed information of a subject comprehensively. MarketMuse uses Al to accelerate Content designing, creation and optimisation. Publishers, content creators and e-commerce managers use MarketMuse to appreciate 5 times more enhancements in search performance. MarketMuse is specialised in content selling, Content Strategy, computer programme optimisation, content Creation, Content optimisation, Content designing, SEO, computer science, Al, SaaS, and Content briefs and many more such services.

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Core Features

  • MarketMuse is the best software content management and SEO for a website. The software comes with features like AI-powered content research tools, the tools search for the best content strategies that help in improving the overall performance of the website.
  • The software allows the users to search accurate and relevant keywords to the useru2019s website that perfectly matches their requirements. With the help of these keywords, one can easily rank his/her website on the desired search engine.
  • The software accelerates the process of content research and creation with the help of powerful artificial intelligence tools inbuilt in the software. Tools perform all the tasks related to the content SEO very quickly that saves a lot of time for the users.
  • MarketMuse analyzes the whole content on the useru2019s website and the content on the competitoru2019s website. With this analysis, the software prioritizes the opportunities of the users based on their authority and return on investments.
  • Pros

    • The MarketMuse comes with both a free version and a free trial of the paid version which can be accessed by all users without paying any charges.
    • The users of MarketMuse are provided with all types of support services to deal with any problem or issue caused while working on the software.
    • The software offers proper training services to the users for a better understanding of all the features.


    • The price of this particular software is an issue for most users, as they find it a bit expensive as compared to other similar software.
    • The interface of MarketMuse is hard to use and understand as reported by some of the users.