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Enlisted in the list of top 10 Email Marketing Software 2020, MailChimp is one the best user friendly, Customer oriented software. The software is programmed with an aim to boost up your relationships with customers through AI-powered tools which are user friendly. Now share marketing emails and automated messages in a click and create targeted ad campaigns to lure your potential and target audience. It is easy to monitor results and find suitable template to personalize the mail and make it super attractive. You can easily learn about the Software through online Sessions, Webinars, Videos, and documentations provided by the company. If you wish to segregate your work and ease out the chaotic situations, then MailChimp is your perfect partner.

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Core Features

  • Calendar & Task
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Email Integration
  • Forecasting & Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Sales Automation
  • Workflow Automation
  • Pros

    • The MailChimp Email Marketing Tool provides features like AB testing and email monitoring which are essential for the firms while dealing with the customers.
    • The software offers both a free trial of the advanced features and also a free version of the software.
    • Proper video tutorials and documentation are provided to the users for a better understanding of the software.


    • The interface of this particular software is not liked by some of the users, they found it a bit difficult to use and understand.
    • The software is only available for Android operating system users, the users with other operating systems rely on the cloud version of the software.