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LucidChart is a design-creating solution that comes with a floor plan creator. Users can share their designs with their clients and colleagues. If a person knows how to work in a collaborative environment then LucidChart is the best floor plan software available in the market.

However, the engineers and interior designers who have years of CAD training and BIM experience prefer other tools rather than elementary LucidChart. But, it is more suited for teams that need to collaborate on the same project.

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Core Features

  • Organize diagrams and drawings
  • Collaborate with clients and colleagues
  • Easy styles and shapes
  • Present links and layers for diagrams
  • Add context and other details
  • Pros

    • The LucidChart software is mobile phone software due to which users can easily access the software from their mobile phones very easily.
    • All types of support services are offered to the users of the software to deal with any kind of problems while working on it.
    • The software offers both a free version and a free trial of the advanced features that are included in the paid version of the software.


    • Users have faced some difficulties in using the features of the software as there is no proper guide available to the users.
    • The software is not suitable for beginners, one needs full knowledge of the subject matter before using the software.