The Unified CRM Platform

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With Insightly CRM, you can customize the standard sales process for communication, leadership, and opportunity management using custom fields and dynamic page layouts. Or, create something completely new using custom objects, custom applications, computed fields, and lambda functions. No task is too small, or the process is too complicated.

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Core Features

  • Calendar & Task
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Lead Management
  • Reporting
  • Sales Automation
  • Pros

    • Insightly is a budget-friendly CRM platform with more than 1.5 million users all over the world.
    • Insightly is an easy to use and understand CRM platform, all the work here is done very easily and quickly.
    • Insightly offers the user a free trial of the advanced features for a limited period of time.


    • The support team of this particular CRM platform is not up to the mark, users have to wait so long to get their problem resolved.
    • Users need to manually copy the Emails, there is no feature of getting it done automatically on this platform.
    • The storage is done on a third-party public cloud, which raises the concern of data security for many users.