Manage content with the flexibility of a spreadsheet

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Gridly assists in the creation of a single source of truth to push out content changes in many languages more quickly and confidently. Gridly is a multi-language spreadsheet designed specifically for games and online game services. With the help of this tool, at scale, you can handle any form of content.

With built-in localization support, the user can move more quickly. Maintain an inventory of all modifications and their requirements throughout all resources and countries.

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Core Features

  • 2D Games
  • 3D Games
  • Characters & Animation
  • Game Designing
  • In-App Purchase
  • Player Management
  • Prototyping
  • Quality Assurance
  • Multi-Player Network
  • Pros

    • The Gridly software is best known for its string translation and content management solutions, which it offers to its customers.
    • The platform ensures the quality of the content and makes preferences according to the locality where it is going to publish.
    • Gridly comes with accurate user support services to help them out in resolving all the problems that occur on the platform.


    • The software does not come with any free version of itself, users are only offered a free trial for the period of 30 days and after that users need to pay the service charges.
    • The interface of this particular software is a bit hard to understand, users find it difficult to locate some of the features and tools present on the platform.