2D & 3D floorplans Fast and Easy

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Floor planner is a floor plan creator that allows its users to create and share interactive 2D and 3D floor plans online. Floorplanner is equipped with a special feature named Auto-furnish which authorizes the users to decorate and furnish the rooms within your floor plans.

The floor plans created with the floor planner look magnificent and professional. These floor plans, once completed, are always ready to present.

Floor planner’s free web-based option serves only one project at a time and is intended for casual use.

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Core Features

  • Furniture library
  • 2D and 3D interactive floor plans
  • Photorealistic rendering
  • Walkthroughs in different formats
  • Drawing and designing tools
  • Pros

    • Floorplanner is the best software for planning a design for the floors for a building, mainly the software is used by architects.
    • The software offers its users both 2D and 3D floor plans to design any type of floor as per the requirements.
    • It is cloud-based software, which means it could be accessed on any device remotely and very easily.


    • The designs that are inbuilt in the software are old, in the modern world users require new innovative floor designs which are unavailable on this software.
    • The interface of this software is hard to understand and use for many users, they find it difficult to locate some of the features or tools.