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If we talk about the project management tools that are way too organized and agile, then we cannot miss out on Favro. Its dashboard is properly arranged so that an overview of the workflow and tasks is readily available.

For most of the teams and project managers, streamlining and automating their work is easy with the use of this project management software. It is a  cloud project management software and is used widely used to save time and automate tasks. It is a fine choice for progressive enterprises and startups.

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Core Features

  • Cost-to-completion tracking, billing and invoicing.
  • Bug tracking and Business process automation.
  • Employee database, leave tracking, Project management and planning.u00a0
  • Third-party integration, workflow management, and QA management.
  • Pros

    • Favro comes with some very useful features like Approval Process Control, Backlog Management, Cost-to-Completion Tracking and many others.
    • Users are provided with live and recorded videos with proper documentation so that users can use the tool correctly.
    • Favro is best for fast-growing companies, as they work on multiple projects at a single time and this tool can handle all types of projects very easily.


    • Favro is only supported on mobile phone operating systems, users are not able to use this management tool on their desktops.
    • This management tool does not offer any free version to the users, they pay monthly to access the services of this tool.
    • The mobile application of this particular management tool is difficult to use, users have a lot of problems while working on this tool.