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Empowered: an online learning management system. It empowers instructional designers and teachers who want quality and price together to build and share effective learning products. Empowered puts professional products within reach.

The software helps manage assets and assets remain under the copyright of the designer/content creator. Empowered allows for 100% instructor control and publishing and content management and provides unmatched graphs and charts and collaborative technologies.

Empower is an LMS that is a customized learning platform that can be tailored to a company’s specific needs. For example, retailers can use it to develop customized e-commerce training for employees.

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  • As the name suggests this LMS platform empowers all different types of organizations by managing and organising all their documents, certificates, eLearning, m-Learning, and assessments.
  • Empowered offers its users all different types of support and help services to assist them whenever they face any issue or trouble on the platform.
  • Empowered is a flexible eLearning platform that can be easily modified and changed as per the requirements of the user.


  • Users of Empowered face frequent login issues on the platform, which leads to so much waste of time for the users.
  • The platform does not give updates on a regular basis, users are bound to use the old version for a very long time.