Open Source Appointment Scheduler

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Easy!Appointments is a tailored web application that validates your customers to book appointments through the web and syncs your data with Google Calendar so that they can be further used. This application is Open-source and therefore easily available online. You can download and install it and start using it. This is as simple as that. Easy!Appointments allows your customers to choose the date and time and then fix the appointment.

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Core Features

  • Calendar Sync
  • Pros

    • The Easy!Appointments is a cloud web-based scheduling software, which means the software can be easily accessed by all users.
    • The software allows the users to book and schedule appointments for their customers and helps them in organizing their business properly.
    • The software can be easily customized according to the needs and requirements of the users, this feature allows the users to make modifications to the software.


    • Users find it difficult to cancel the set appointments on this particular scheduling software, the cancellation process is not convenient to the users.
    • The software does not offer any free trial of the paid version which comes with some advanced features, to its users.