Validity is your Ultimate CRM Toolkit

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DemandTools is Salesforce’s leading data tools tool. In fact, it is a suite of modules for control, measurement, verification, duplication, import, and decryption of data. DemandTools allows you to update, resize, and / or compile duplicate CRM records.

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Core Features

  • Duplicate Management
  • Data Modification and Standardization
  • Lead Management
  • Import Management
  • Email Verification
  • Report Management
  • Data Backups
  • Cons

    • Some of the users have reported an issue that they were not able to go back from the platform, they have to force stop the software to go back.
    • There is no option of keeping a backup of the data, this is the main concern many users have.
    • The interface of this particular platform is also not liked by some of its users.