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Clearscope is a content and SEO tool that uses AI technology (NLP), to expose keyword chances that inform you what words you should include in your content piece to perform better organically, which are further based on top ranking for a particular keyword. The text editor is easy to use, share and teach. In addition to first class text editor it provides AI powered content reports with high signal exhortations using real time data from google, monthly search volume and search intent insights to help you target the right keyword and easy comprehension of the content ,grading scale to objectively measure content quality etc.

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Core Features

  • Clearscope serves the purpose of an all-in-one SEO and content management software. All the activities related to search engine optimization are possible on this single platform. The software is mainly used for raising the standard of the written content on a website.
  • The platform of Clearscope is fully powered by artificial intelligence that helps the users in getting more out of the content over the website. The software is very easy to use and integrate while performing any of the SEO activities.
  • The software comes with a WordPress plugin that allows you to draft new content on the website and update the previous content published on the website. With the help of this, users can easily improve their websiteu2019s performance over the search engines.
  • Clearscope is a professional SEO software that is widely used all over the world. The software is reliable and trustworthy as it serves exactly the same purpose as desired by the users.
  • Pros

    • Clearscope SEO software is available on a web-based cloud platform due to which users with any type of device can access the software.
    • Users of Clearscope are provided with a proper email-based help desk along with a chat support system to solve all the problems faced while using the software.
    • All the needs related to content optimization are fulfilled in one place and users are not required to search for any other software.


    • The Clearscope SEO software only comes with a free version that contains some very basic features, users are not offered any type of free trial of the paid versions which contains the advanced features.
    • The content grading feature of this particular software is not up to the mark, users have faced a lot of problems with this feature.