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If you are looking forward to finding a comprehensive and power packed project management tool, then you can place your bet on Celoxis. This is one of those project management software platforms that are trusted by leading global giants like HBO, Tesla, Adobe, Deloitte, and many others.

In Celoxis you will be able to utilize a powerful and interactive Gantt chart. And by using the same, you can enhance the planning and management of your business plans. This is a cloud project management software and can assist you to manage all your teams that are working at different times, from a single place.

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Core Features

  • Cost-to-completion tracking.
  • Client Portal, Gantt/timeline view, drag and drop features.
  • Collaboration and sharing tools, Idea and budget management.
  • Tracking issues, timesheets, approvals, and many other features.
  • Pros

    • Celoxis is an all in one project management tool that helps you in Resource management, Portfolio management and project planning.
    • This management tool is available for all the operating systems that are majorly used like Mac, Windows and Linux.
    • Celoxis is very easy to learn and use, users are provided with proper study material for understanding the software.


    • Celoxis does not offer any free version, users are required to pay a good amount of money in order to use this tool.
    • The navigation feature of this management tool is the main concern of many users, they find it difficult to understand.
    • Celoxis is not suitable for large size organizations as this tool is unable to take the load of huge data.