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Organize, work together, plan, and execute your projects seamlessly with Beesbusy. Many of the teams and project managers utilize this online project management software organization to accomplish their tasks and achieve their targets with ease. It was featured in the Best Ease of Use Project Management Software(2020) and many others.

You can start working, managing, and organizing right away. With its easy interface and interactive features, it is an undisputed choice for project experts as well as beginners. It does not matter if your business is globally large or medium or small, you can easily take advantage of Beesbusy and its innovative services. 

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Core Features

  • Gantt/timeline view, Kanban board, and Milestone Tracking.
  • Employee Activity Monitoring and Customizable templates.
  • Client Portal, Resource management, and status tracking.
  • Product roadmapping, traditional and agile methodologies, progress tracking, prioritization, and other such features.
  • Pros

    • Beesbusy helps you in organizing your tasks and coordinating with various resources of an organization.
    • This management tool is very easy to use and it can perform a high level of tasks quickly.
    • Users are provided with a 24/7 knowledge-based and technical support service to help them in better understanding the tool.


    • Beesbusy is only supported on a mobile phoneu2019s operating system, this tool cannot be accessed on a desktop.
    • For accessing the tool your device should always be connected to the internet, there is no possibility of working offline.