Project Management, Timesheets and Invoices for Teams

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If you are willing to work smart rather than working hard then this project management software platform is your best fit. It offers options through which you can keep a bird’s eye view of everything that your teammates are working on.

This project management software is easy to access on multiple devices. From product road mapping to project management, from time tracking to tax calculation and task management, from messaging to live chat, Avaza offers everything you need to pace up with your project execution requirements.

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Core Features

  • Automatic time capture, resource scheduling and management.
  • Gantt/timeline view, forecasting, expense tracking, Kanban board, to-do list.
  • Third-party integration, employee database, workflow management, leave tracking.
  • Automatic billing, accounting, activity tracking, and a lot more.
  • Pros

    • Avaza organizes all the projects of an organization and helps in improving its overall efficiency.
    • This management tool is very easy to learn and use, all the work related to the projects are completed quickly with the help of this tool.
    • Avaza management tool can easily handle huge amounts of data, that is why many large size organizations prefer using this tool instead of others.


    • Avaza is a cloud-based software that is why users are not able to download this tool on their desktop or mobile device.
    • This tool is required to be connected with an internet connection all the time, there is no possibility of working offline on this management tool.
    • Some users have also reported a complaint regarding the support team of this particular management tool.