AutoCAD Architecture

3D Design, Engineering & Construction Software

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AutoCAD Architecture adds more features to the original AutoCAD. AutoCAD Architecture is a toolset that is tailored to fulfill all the needs of architecture. It contains all the AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) objects i.e. walls, windows, doors, and so on. These objects were meant to be used as design elements and used to create realistic, spatial, and beautiful floor plans.

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Core Features

  • Tool palettes and style browser
  • Huge object database
  • Special mode for renovation
  • Drawing documentation
  • Object styles for AEC
  • Supports import of Revit grids
  • Pros

    • AutoCAD Architecture is a powerful tool for creating all types of perfect 2D and 3D images.
    • The users of this particular software are provided with both an email-based help desk and also knowledge-based support to deal with any problem while using it.
    • The software offers a feature of the component library and allows its users to import and export the data from different sources.


    • The user interface of this software is a bit complex and users find it difficult to locate the tool in the software.
    • The software does not offer any free version or free trial of the software to any of its users.