Press Release Example | Writing Press Releases

Press Release Example | Writing Press Releases

In the world of unlimited options, it is necessary for a brand to build a strategy to create its buzz. Not all users read newspapers for updates. A larger set of the population is scrolling through their Facebook, Twitter, or other feeds for happenings around them. one alternative to keep your surroundings updated and connected to your organization is via press release example. It can be about anything from a product launch to an update in the structure of the company or a piece of simple news to build a connection with the media personnel.

If you are a naive writer seeking basics on how to write a press release or a professional writer here to enhance the skills you are on the right page. Although if you are looking to expand as a firm, hire the top digital marketing companies to ace up your marketing game.

The guide below offers everything you need to know about writing press releases. Learn through Press release samples, templates, and other information required to make it the perfect one. Without any further ado read on to find out what a press release is, what writing press releases are, and what different types of press releases Example are.

What is a Press Release?

A Press Release, Press Statement, Media Release, or News Release no matter what it is called in different regions it is one and the same thing. The simple definition of the press release is it is an official statement offered by the organization to the media and all the other readers. The ultimate goal of the company through the release of a press release is to provide a sufficient amount of information.

As it is in the domain of the public, everyone including your stakeholders, customers, and of course the media has an access to them. Therefore, it is important to value it as a marketing source rather than just media coverage.

The first paragraph that is referred to as the lede of the release must answer the following

  • Who
  • What
  • Why
  • Where

If you optimize your release by taking it as a content marketing strategy this can add to the total outcome. It is a great source to generate organic demands and the interest of the users.

Types of Press Releases:

Using the medium of Press releases organizations are capable of announcing different information or news. Below are the different types of press releases that can be published

1. Product Launches:

The first and the most common press release Example type is to launch a new product. It is a great source to spread the word amongst the community and media. This can in detail explains the working and solution offered by the specific product of a company. Moreover, it also mentions the specifications, price, various versions available, and other details of the product. In addition to this, you can add a quote or saying that comes from the CEO that defines the intentions of the product.

2. Product Update

Just as the press release for a Product launch there can be a release for updates on the product or expansions of the organization. It mentions a detailed explanation of the change, why the change is made, and how will it address the demands of users.

3. Event

Despite the type of event, be it open or closed for a specific audience, you can release a press notification. This contains the details about the event that includes:

  • It’s about
  • Why consider attending the event
  • When and where is the event happening or held
  • Pricing

If the visual effect of the event is highly visual, add that up in the press release.

4. Merger & Acquisitions

If there’s a change in the structure of the organization it is important to release the note. This will include the existing and new stakeholders. In addition the growth trajectory of the organization in the last few quarters or specific time intervals. Also, to make it more reliable and authentic add some quotes from the leaders and the team.

5. Changes in Leaderships

If the head of your company is changed many new decisions are made to redirect the organization’s work. Some of the customers and journalists are curious about these facts as this can also impact the viewpoint of consumers.

6. Awards

It is okay to brag about your Business. Releasing updates to the press fuels the development of your business. This release contains why the award has been given, to whom, and all the other relevant details about the ceremony.

Basic Format of Press Release

  1. The information of Contact and at the top mention ‘For Immediate Release’.
  2. Title and subheading that summarizes the information
  3. The opening line for location and peg.
  4. Facts & figures in bullet points
  5. Description of the company at the end
  6. End the release with 3-pound symbols ###

Examples of Press Release

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, learn from the best and write your press release accordingly

  • Apple Adds Earth day donations to Trade-in and Recycling Program
  • Buckle Up, Prime Members: Amazon Launches In-car Delivery
  • Twitter Letter to Shareholder
  • Cava Raises $40M Round to Earn Unicorn Title

Things to Keep in Mind Before Publishing the Press Release:

Writing your release is only the half work done, the rest is how you distribute it. To get the maximum out of the distribution phase follow the below-mentioned tips

  • Rather than simply blast out the release in the press, make sure you research the journalists of your stream. As you find their email address, share the release personally with them.
  • Share the press release with the list of top journalists one day prior to the official release.
  • Keep note of the peak hours of press releases, i.e 1, 3, or 5 pm. As most of the press releases are scheduled for these hours make sure your release stands out on the time too.
  • Share the specific coverage of media houses who picked your story. This will help the buzz to keep going. Also, share this news on your social media platforms and your email client base to make them aware of the context.

Steps For Perfect Format of Press Release

When compared to the old days, the modern press release requires specific and updated formatting. Below are the elements that must be kept in mind while writing your press release.

  • Date

The first thing to be written in the opening sentence of your press release should be the location & date. As the first paragraph summarizes the story and the relevant aspect of the release it is necessary to specify where it comes from and when?

The format for the Date can be as follows
New York, June 24, 2022

  • Spacing

Make sure the paragraphs are not too long, Also, the ideal gap between each paragraph should be 2 lines.

  • Grammar

As the name signifies, the press release catches the attention of media houses and a lot of readers across the world. Therefore, check the grammar & spelling with the help of a grammar checker.

  • Boilerplate

The specific meaning of Boilerplate in a press release is a short yet descriptive standard paragraph that is written at the end of it. This paragraph contains respective background information about the company. It includes the name of the organization, its mission statement, dates of foundation, size of the organization, and any updates.

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Ready to Write your First Ever Press Release?

Hopefully, the above guide has prepared you to write the most effective press release example. Make sure you apply all the knowledge written above to enrich your release to reach the desired audience. No matter if you are already a writer or a newbie in the field of writing releases this guide will definitely add to your knowledge.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, feel free to drop them in the comment box. Also, if you are a keen learner make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to get the daily updates on technology guides.

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