Power BI Benefits & Advantages

Top 21 Power BI Benefits & Advantages

If you wish to know the benefits of Power BI as a business intelligence tool, check out the complete article for the best methods.

Power BI is an intelligent platform by Microsoft. With the help of the intelligence tool, one can quickly grow the business in an organized manner. The tool allows businesses to present big data from different sources to a single and centralized platform. Power BI can represent huge sets of data into simplified dashboards and reports. However, this is not the only advantage of the intelligence tool.

For those interested in the platform, this article lists some of the top benefits of Power BI for any business.

These will allow you to ascertain the importance of the tool for any business. Check out the complete article for a thorough understanding.

Power BI Advantages For All Types of Businesses

Below are the top benefits of the Power BI dashboard and other attributes offered by the platform.

1. Intelligence Benefits to Business

If your business deals in different numbers and data regularly, then Power BI is the best way to deal with the same. If you need a simplified form of data to make a decision Power BI is the precise tool you should use. It makes data more interactive and easily understood by all. As you get the report from the data in a centralized and desired pattern, you don’t have to spend precious time analyzing the data for weeks. Rather, just look at the report and make the best decision possible accordingly.

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2. Multiple Visualizations to Represent Data

Another one of the Power BI uses and advantages are that it offers multiple patterns or visualizations to represent the data. You can take the help of these presentations and show the same in a way best suited for your requirements. From pie charts to bar graphs, from heat maps to scatter plots, and many more. Power PI offers the best presentation options for your data.

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3. Safe to Use

One of the best benefits of Power IB is that it is very safe to use. The platform provides multiple security features to the users for the protection of their data. The cloud of Power BI is also very secure and allows one to use or view your personal data and reports only if allowed. You, as the admin of the data and the report, can also inform the consumers whether the data is sensitive or not.

Power BI is integrated with row-level security (RLS) that allows the businesses to retain the information within the company, instead of spreading otherwise. This is one of the best benefits of Power BI over Excel.

4. Easy Integration of Different Platforms

What users of Power BI love the most is its ability to integrate with multiple sources and platforms. This means you can use the data from multiple sources, integrated, at the same time to get the desired reports. You can add or remove the sources and get the best out of the intelligence tools with ease. From Excel to CSV, from Oracle to Snowflake, Power BI can integrate with any platform you want and then provide the required results to you.

If you are using Excel to record the data, then you will get never seen features and Power BI advantages. Apart from Excel, the platform can integrate with Azure, Microsoft Cloud App Security, GitHub, Google Analytics, SharePoint, and Office 365 as well.

5. Features of AI

The world is bending more and more towards AI (artificial intelligence) because of the promising and reliable features of the technology. This is one of the reasons why users live with Power BI. The platform uses AI to gather information from different sources and then devise a dashboard for the same as per your requirements. This means that your reports will be precise at all times. Additionally, the developers using the platform will also get three different options to use AI to get the desired results from the data with ease. AI is one of the best benefits of using Power BI.

6. Apps with Power BI

Power BI has various apps like Microsoft Power under its domain that allow the developers of Power BI to share and offer information to the consumers as required. This is one of the key benefits of Power BI. These consumers can be the other developers or even the personnel working at the organization apart from the end users.

7. Efficient and Accurate

The algorithm of Power BI is quite advanced and secure, hence the platform offers the best efficiency and accuracy ever seen over other portals. The platform scans the data completely and analyses it to provide accurate results according to the filter set. This is one of the major benefits of the Power BI dashboard.

8. Customizable Dashboards

One of the most beneficial Power BI advantages is customizable dashboards. If you want to see your data into action within a specific detail, filter, or attribute, you can modify the results shown in the dashboard using various filters and details specified. This allows the businesses to create a portfolio of results using various filters and share or act on the same accordingly.  This is one of the advantages of Power BI over Excel as these filters can be changed at any time required to get the desired results.

9. Cloud Integration

The Power BI system is linked to a cloud platform by the developers at Microsoft. This means that the businesses are not limited by the memory as they can get as much data required on the cloud. Additionally, using the cloud also provides advanced protection against losing data due to physical damages and cyber attacks. Additionally, you also don’t have to worry about the speed of the platform as Power BI is not dependent upon your system’s specs as much as it uses the cloud base.

10. No Need for Technical Support

The Power BI platform is quite easy to use. All you need to do is provide the database to the system, set the metrics, and then get the desired results in the form of the dashboard. There is no “rocket science” involved in the platform. Hence, you do not need any specialized technical support to help you get things done. The platform is quite easy to use even for beginners.

11. In-Memory Analysis

Power BI uses an in-memory analysis method to generate the desired results for your business. This technology powered by the scripting language of DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) offers the desired ease and optimal performance to you as desired.

12. Advanced-Data Support

Generally, simple or basic platforms like Excel can not process the advanced data to provide reports. This is where Power BI comes in. One of the advantages or benefits of Power BI over Excel is that the system can easily accept and process Advanced sets of data. This allows businesses to get the simplest of reports even from the most complicated data with a single click.

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13. User-Friendly Interface

Another one of the Power BI uses and advantages are its user-friendly interface. Power BI is used by all sets of users. The platform is quite easy to use and boasts a simple yet attractive interface that can even help beginners get what they want with ease.

14. Low Cost

Compared to other similar tools for comparison and presentation of data, Power BI is quite cheaper. This is one of the advantages of Power BI over Tableau as the former is cheaper than the latter. Yet, Power BI is more advanced than the Tableau platform in different attributes and features.

15. Regular Updates

One of the best benefits of Power BI is regular updates. This may not seem like a big deal but in reality, it actually is. The developers of the Power BI platform provide regular updates to the platform about every month. The next update is better and faster than the previous version with more bug fixes and active features.

16. Multiple Versions

Power BI comes in various versions viz. Power BI Desktop, Power BI Pro, and Power BI Premium. Just like the name, the Power BI Desktop is suitable for desktop users, Power BI Pro is the best for cloud uses, and the Power BI Premium offers all the features of the Power BI Pro along with more cloud storage and bigger data support.

17. Drag and Drop Functions

Another one of the added Power BI advantages is the Drag and Drop feature. You can easily drag a file with data and drop it onto the platform to analyze the data within.

18. Automatic Refreshing to Data

If your business is dealing with data that changes constantly or regularly, then you can program the Power BI platform to refresh the data automatically at regular intervals. This allows even the minute and last-minute changes to get recorded in the system and be included in the dashboard created. This is one of the key benefits of using Power BI

19. Delivery Using Easy Commands

Another one of the Power BI advantages is delivery with commands. Once the system reads the data, you can provide easy commands to the system using precise sentences to get the desired results. For example, you can use the platform to show the minimum amount using “What is the minimum amount?”. Such commands can be specified for specific data, dates, and filters.

20. Specific User Access

If there are multiple channels or levels in an organization, Power BI allows you to share the information accordingly. You can use the Flexible Tiles option of the platform to allow restricted access to the people and users of your choice.

21. Multiple Programming Support

Another one of the benefits of Power BI is that it can support multiple programming languages. From M language and Data Analysis Expression for better visualization of data to the add-on R language and SQL machine learning. You will get all of these with Power BI.

Benefits of the Power BI Dashboard and Functionalities: Explained 

We hope that after having a look at the benefits of the Power BI as discussed above, all your doubts are clear. The platform actually has a lot of advanced benefits that make it quite easy for businesses to process loads of data very easily and present the same in the form of visualizations like graphs, charts, and more.  If you have anything to share related to the benefits of Power BI, then you can express your feelings in the comments below. You may also ask your queries as well. We will assist you in every way possible.

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