Best Plant Identifier Apps of 2022 (Android & iPhone)

If you are looking for some free apps for plants identification then this guide can help you find the perfect ones as per your requirements with ease. Check out the products listed in the coming sections of this write-up to know more. 

Being plant lovers, this happens to us a lot of times. You come across a cute little plant at some cafe or your friend’s house or a park or any other place. You click its picture and savor the beauty. Then, you may think about getting the same plant for your house but are too shy to ask the owner for the name of the plant or simply there is no one available to provide that information.

What do you do in such a situation? Generally, with a heavy heart, you move on ignoring your desire.  Don’t you wish at that moment if there could be some way through which you can know about the plant?

What if we tell you that there is a way to identify the plant very easily? If you are using any type of smartphone, then you can easily identify the type and breed of any plant you come across.

Different app stores online have numerous free apps for plants identification. These apps can help you get all the information about a plant like its name, breed, average age, tips to maintain such plants, and more after identifying it.  Multiple alternatives are available for such apps.

However, all of these alternatives are not reliable. Hence, to help you even further, we are providing the best plant identification app below.

Best Plant Identification App in 2022: The List 

Let’s take this guide further and have a look at the top best plant identification app in 2022. Below, you will find the top 10 free apps for plants identification. We suggest you go through the details of each app beforehand to find the perfect one as per your requirements.

1. Planta

Why don’t we start this list of the top apps with the best plant identification app?  Planta Planta is one of the most commonly used and loved plant identification for you. The app offers multiple advanced features to the user for a better experience. Apart from identification, the app can also help you take care of your plants with ease. The app sends notifications to you reminding you to water the plants as necessary and required.  And that’s not all, below are other noteworthy features of Planta that make it one of the most loved apps of all time.:  Features of Planta: The Best Plant Identifier App

  • The app allows you to scan the image of any plant. Then you can know the name and how to take care of the same.
  • As different plants have different sunlight requirements, the app helps you know the exact requirements of sunlight for any plant. This way you can shift the plant to another location if necessary.
  • The app has a Dr. Platna section to help you know what you can do to treat a sick or insect-infested plant. Planta will tell you the perfect medicines or fertilizers required for such problems.
  • Planta is the one-stop solution to get information about vegetables, cacti, succulents, herbs, orchids, flowering plants, and all plants of all types.
  • You can download and use the app on iOS as well as Android devices.

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2. LeafSnap

LeafSnap is a totally free best plant identification app for you. You can consider the app as an encyclopedia for plants as it can provide you with information about any app, very easily. One of the best qualities of the app is that it’s over 95% accurate. Hence, you can rely on the results provided very easily.  LeafSnap The above description does not do justice to the greatness and feasibility of the LeafSnap app. Check out the top features below to know more.  Features of LeafSnap: The Best Plant and Tree Identification App

  • The app can provide you with the detail of any type of plant including cacti, succulents, herbs, flowers, and more.
  • Apart from the name of the plant, you can also use LeafSnap to know the classification taxonomy.
  • The app works very well and can identify apps globally. Over 27,000,000 scans are present in the database of the app for better, accurate, and quick results.
  • If you are a plant lover or enthusiast, then you can keep the collection of your favorite plants in the app itself.
  • The interface of the app is quite easy to use and faster than most similar apps.
  • If you are unable to scan a plant instantly, you can click its picture for now and can identify using the app later.

Download for Android &  iOS

3. PlantSnap

The next name on this list is the PlantSnap app. This is the best plant identification app offering multiple features to you. PlantSnapcan easily identifies over 600000 species of plants, trees, shrubs, cacti, and more. Additionally, you also get to have a look at the smart gardening tips to take care of the plant(s) of your choice.  PlantSnap If you are interested in knowing more about PlantSnap, then refer to the app features below.  Features of PlantSnap: The Best Free Plant Identifier App for Android and iOS

  • The app works quite well and identifies the species of the pants from about the globe with a single tap.
  • Just like most other great free apps for plants identification, PlantSnap allows you to share the collection of your favorite apps.
  • Moreover, with the help of the app, you can also know about any flowering plant as well.
  • If you want to grow and take care of a particular specie(s) of the plant, the app offers reliable tips for the same.
  • The app is quite simple with an attractive user interface offering multiple functionalities.

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4. Plantix

The Plantix app takes the features of the best plant identification app to the next level. The app boasts a community of agriculture experts. These experts can help you get the details of any plant as well as know how to take care of any plant with ease. That’s not all, the app has over 500 experts actively working to help you whenever required.  Plantix Below are some of the additional features of Plantix that you will surely love.  Features of Plantix: Free Plant Identifier App for Android

  • One of the best features of the app is disease alters. If you think something is wrong with any of your plants, you can scan its picture and the app will tell you whether it is sick or not. You can then take the necessary steps to take care of the plant.
  • The interface of the app is available in over 18 different languages for better help. The languages include English, Hindi, and Marathi, among various others.
  • You can use the app to get treatment and caring advice from professional experts working in the same field.
  • If you are looking to grow the whole corp, you can seek growth tips with Plantix.
  • The unique feature provided by the app is the integrated fertilizer calculator. You can use this feature to ascertain the fertilizer requirements for your crop according to the crop grown, area, and various other factors.

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5. iPlant

If you are looking for the best plant identification app for iOS devices or iPhones, then you can consider iPlant. Apart from accurate recognition and identification of the plants, the app is quite fast as well. You don’t have to wait for a couple of minutes for the results to appear as the app is lightning fast, unlike others.  iPlant To get all the required information about the working of the app and its features, check out the next section:  Features of iPlant: Free Plant Identification App for iPhone

  • The app can easily identify the plants scanned using the camera of your device.
  • Additionally, you can also access your gallery to look for the plants.
  • The interface of the app is simple and built for both beginner and professional iPhone users.
  • The app will automatically save all your scans and finds in the history tab. You can access the same if and when required.
  • Moreover, the app provides a unique feature to share images on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and more.
  • The app includes an option of Google search to help you get the required information in detail.

Download for iOS

6. GardenAnswers

Next is the GardenAnswers as the best plant identification app in 2022. The app is quite efficient and provides smooth features to identify any type of plant with ease. Paper from identification, the app allows information if the plant you are looking for is infected by any disease or not.  GardenAnswers Apart from all this, you get a whole set of other features, some of which are shown below:  Features of GardenAnswers: The Best Free App to Identify Plants

  • You can enjoy the benefits of instant plant identification with the help of this app. Just point and scan the plant to get the answer with ease.
  • Even if there is a pest infestation in the plant you can scan, the app will inform you on time.
  • To help you even further, the app takes its features to the next level. Here, you can connect with different plant experts and seek their help to get rid of plant diseases.
  • You can also share the images and plant results using the app to other social media platforms with ease.
  • You can create an account on the app to keep track of all the history and activities related to plants and the app.

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7. iNaturalist

iNaturalist does what it says, it allows you to examine the natural items around you, plants and animals. Hence, the app is the next best plant identification app/identifier app in 2022. The smart and interactive AI of the app allows you to get the required information about any plant with ease.  iNaturalist Let’s dive into the features of the iNaturalist app to get thorough information related to the app.  Features of iNaturalist: The Best Flower Identification App

  • The best feature of the app is its highly accurate results that you get for different plant species within a minute.
  • iNaturalist is a safe to use and reliable app that has a community of over 400000 scientists who can help you examine any species with ease.
  • You can also use the app to record your observations and share them with others.
  • The app can provide you with the power to look for plants and animals around the world.
  • The interface of the app is quite basic yet ahead of its time. Yet you can easily get the desired outputs with iNaturalist quite easily.

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8. PlantNet 

Let’s proceed with this list of the best free apps for plants identification with PlantNet as the next best plant identification app. The app is quite viable and reliable. With a single scan of the required plant, you can get complete details of the same with ease. Even if you are a beginner and don’t know botany, PlantNet can be your savior.  PlantNet Check out the complete set of features of the PlantNet app to get the precise details related to the app.  Features of PlantNet: Totally Free Plant Identifier App

  • The app has information about the plants of over 37000 different species. This way, there are lower chances of image identification failure.
  • You can get information about flora around the globe with a single tap of the smart app.
  • Once the image is captured on your device, the app will provide related results to you for ease.
  • The app also differentiates different kinds of plants based on ornamental, tropical, and other categories.
  • Apart from the species of the plant, you will also get information about the family and genus of the plants.
  • The app allows you to make the geographical location of the images you click for history recording.

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9. What’s that flower?

The app called What’s that flower is quite straightforward. The name of the app itself is self-explanatory. With the help of What’s that flower, you can find out what is the name of the plant or the flower. Hence, wherever you come across any pretty flower, just take out your smartphone and scan the flower with the best plant identification app to find the details.  What's that flower Let’s know more about the app with the help of the features provided below: Features of What’s that flower?: The Best Flower Identification App

  • The app contains over 100 different filters to help you get precise results about the flower you are looking for.
  • What’s that flower? Lists over 1400 different flowers from different species and families.
  • You can add the favorite flowers you love in the favorites section and have a look at the same whatever is necessary.
  • If you get the pro version of the app, you can store other details in the app like your observations, taxonomy of any plant, and more.
  • The app has several customizable filters that even work in offline mode whenever you want.
  • The app is available for download on Android devices only for now.

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10 Plant Identification ++

The last name in this list of free apps for plants identification is Plant Identification ++. Plant Identification ++ is actually the plus version of any ordinary best plant identification app. With the help of the app, you can easily find out information about the plant of your choice.  Plant Identification ++ Know more about the app using the features section provided below:  Features of Plant Identification ++: The Best Plant and Tree Identification App

  • The app uses a smart AI system to acknowledge the plant shown and provide the related details for you.
  • Apart from plants, you can also identify botany through trees and flowers.
  • The app also tracks the history of the images or plants captured. Hence, you can check the previously clicked images for reference.
  • The app boasts large sections and species of plants and trees. Hence, there are far fewer chances of failure in identification.
  • You can also share the pictures captured and identified using Plant Identification ++ with others as well.

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Best Plant Identification App in 2022: Apps Listed 

In the previous sections of this guide, we had a look at the top best free apps for plants identification. These apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices and allow you to identify and find out other details related to a particular plant, flower, or even tree with ease. All you need to do is use the app’s camera to click the picture and start database scanning.

Other apps allow knowing about the plant using botany and agriculture experts as well.  Additionally, you can use some of the apps shown above to get gardening and care tips for plants as well from professionals and registered experts.

If you have any doubts related to the best plant identification app shown above, we are here to help you. You can seek help and assistance from us using the comments section below. We will help you in every way possible. Additionally, we would also love to hear your suggestions and review the guide.

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