Outsourcing Companies in USA

Top 10 Outsourcing Companies in USA

If you are looking for the best outsourcing companies in USA in the year 2022 your search ends here. For growing businesses outsourcing has become immensely popular. With a large number of options, it can be tough and confusing to find out the right one.

But to make your work easy we have mentioned a well-researched article that mentions the best Business Process Outsourcing or BPO companies in USA. Not only this, the article covers solid reasons why to outsource in USA, the different types of agencies in USA, and the things you need to remember while choosing IT outsourcing companies in USA.

The post covers it all so read on to know everything about outsourcing services in USA and make the correct choice for your business.

Why Outsource in USA?

1. Understanding of Business Terminologies

If you outsource a company based outside USA, it would be difficult for the executives to understand the common terminologies. An agent based in the US will be more understanding towards the customers as they are well aware of the American businesses.

2. Quality Services

If your business is in cities that are expensive you can opt for outsourcing companies established in cheaper cities within USA. The best outsourcing companies in USA can be hired without compromising the quality of your services.

A suitable and explanatory example for this can be Silicon Valley. Due to the higher real estate, labor, and other costs, the companies are outsourcing customers & technical support from comparatively cheaper cities in USA.

3. Cultural & Linguistic Differences

If your staff and customers have cultural differences this can lead to miscommunication. Also, the language barriers can add further to user confusion. Therefore, hiring a support executive based in the US is a more sensible decision as it makes communication easier.

Types of Outsourcing Agencies or Companies in USA

The USA now has superfluity outsourcing agencies. These can be broadly classified on the basis of the services offered by them. Given below are the types of agencies present in the US for outsourcing

1. Specialist

With experience in a specific domain, specialist outsourcing agencies have developed a credible image. These domains vary from medical to automobile and legal to Information technology. It helps in managing the processes easily with their existing polished skills.

2. Answering

The services offered by outsourcing companies that have expertise in answering calls or chats are cheaper and swift. But the drawback is all these executives can do is answer queries that are basic and mentioned in the FAQs guide.

Also, since multiple domains are handled by these executives the support quality is diminished, and no proper attention is given to the customers.

3. Call Centers

With call centers, the outsourcing agencies offer full support & well-developed infrastructure. As the options for outsourcing services in USA are overhead, the per-seat options are very expensive.

Top 10 Outsourcing Companies in USA:

1. Helplama

The outsourcing company based in US offers different outsourcing strategies for small, medium, and micro enterprises. The company provides personalized solutions to customers as per their requirements.

In addition to this, they keep a track of their clients to stay connected & train professionals that are outsourced to make sure the services offered are high quality ones.


Outsourcing Services by Helplama

  • Outsourcing the Customer Services

Live Chat

Phone Support

Software as a Service support

Email Support

Social Media Support

  • Outsourcing Data Entry

Online, Offline, and image data entry.

Cost of outsourcing for Helplama

The services of Outsourcing by Helplama costs $399 per month. The cost must be estimated depending upon the requirement of your business.

Visit – Helplama

2. Peak Support

Next on the list of best outsourcing companies in USA is Peak support. It was set up in 2015 and is one of the largest companies that offer outsourcing services. The company has services varying on the basis of customers in different countries.

Customer support is one of the key services offered by Peak support. Some of the well-known companies for software & testing, gaming, e-commerce, and retail are their clients. For firms that are medium or large enterprises in the IT or e-commerce sector, this can be an efficient pick.

Peak Support

Outsourcing Services by Peak Support

  • Customer Support
  • Technical Support
  • Back Office Support
  • Sales

Cost of outsourcing for Peak Support

A pre-defined monthly charge is described by the company depending upon the business requirements. Also, this can be switched to hourly-based payments for clients with specific requirements.

Visit – Peaksupport

3. Smith.AI

The company based in California provides an exceptional service of virtual receptionist. These virtual services can be done over Phone, SMS, Facebook, and Chat.

It can provide services like message replies and answering customer calls. Since these services require less expertise the company has expanded its customer base in different sectors.

Smith AI

Outsourcing services by Smith.AI

  • Webchat
  • Messaging Service
  • Virtual Receptionists

Cost of outsourcing for Smith.AI

The plan for answering services by Smith.AI starts from $210/month. This includes 30 phone conversations i.e for each call the live agent’s cost varies from $5 to $7.

Visit – Smith.ai

4. Perfect Data Entry

As depicted by the name Perfect Data Entry is one of the top outsourcing services USA. The company based in Florida outsources data entry services.

The primary focus of the company is to offer solutions for data entry. This can be basic data entry or complicated tasks such as data cleansing, mining, capture, etc.

Perfect Data Entry

Outsourcing Service by Perfect Data Entry

  • Data entry and
  • processing data mining
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Moderation and Enrichment

Cost of outsourcing from Perfect Data Entry

However, a free version is available. The cost of outsourcing services varies starting from $5/hour

Visit – Perfect Data Entry

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5. Firms Desk

It offers back office support services to customers. The company based in New York focuses on offering high-quality outsourcing services.

If you are a startup with requirements of limited operations the services offered by the Firms Desk can be expensive for you.


Outsourcing Service by Firms Desk

  • Customer Support
  • Tech support
  • Back office Services and Support

Cost of outsourcing by Firms Desk

The services offered by Firms Desk begin from $1499/ month per person.

Visit – Firms Desk

6. Kareo

The company offers solutions to different health care organizations. The cloud services are provided by Kareo to simplify different tasks that are associated with clients in the healthcare sector.


Outsourcing Service by Kareo

  • Care delivery
  • Patient Engagement and Collection
  • Managed Billing
  • Insurance Reimbursement

Cost of outsourcing by Kareo

Different plans for healthcare professionals are available depending upon their Physician or Non Physician requirements. Also, you can schedule demo from the official website of Kareo.

Visit – Kareo

7. CIENCE Technologies

Another one on our list of IT Outsourcing Companies in USA is CIENCE Technologies. It is a B2B company with the main purpose of lead generation. Many experienced SDRs work under the company in order to outreach multiple practices for lead generation.


Outsourcing Services by CIENCE

  • Data Solutions for Sales
  • Outbound Sales Development Representatives (SDR)
  • Inbound Sales Development Representatives
  • CRM Services

Cost of outsourcing by CIENCE Technologies

The average charge by CIENCE technologies per hour is equivalent to or less than $25/hour.

Visit – Cience

8. Uassist.ME

The outsourcing service by Uassist.ME can be your virtual assistant that performs administrative or creative tasks. The company has worked with different industries that includes e-commerce, marketing, legal, and real estate.

It works as a co-worker that can be part time or full time. The following tasks can be performed by different virtual assistants


  • Administrative tasks
  • Website Development
  • Social Media handling and management
  • Graphics Design
  • E-commerce support

Cost of outsourcing by Uassist.ME

Unlike other outsourcing agencies in USA, the company does not charge on an hourly basis. To have a full time assistant the cost is $1798/ month whereas for a virtual assistant available only for part time the cost is $1059 per month.

Visit – Uassistme

9. Remote CoWorker

The BPO company Remote CoWorker has a facility to provide virtual assistants on the basis of both part time and full time. These assistants are bilingual i.e English and Spanish speaking assistants.

The common tasks that are repetitive in nature can be performed by these assistants. This can help you to improve your focus on management tasks.

Remote CoWorker

Outsourcing Service by Remote Coworker

  • Customer Support
  • Technical Support
  • Sales and Billing
  • Bookkeeping and back office support

Cost of outsourcing by Remote CoWorker

To hire a virtual assistant via Remote CoWorker the pricing varies from $6 to $9 per hour. This varies depending upon the requirements of the clients.

Visit – Remote CoWorker

10. Westpark Communications

The company based in Texas provides several solutions for call centers. Major industries served by Westpark are Attorneys and law firms, healthcare, and e-commerce.

Answering phone calls is one of the key services offered to the clients.

Westpark Communications

Other Outsourcing Services by Westpark Communications include

  • Helpdesk
  • Reservations
  • Disaster Recovery

Cost of outsourcing by Westpark Communications

The pricing plans are completely customizable and personalized depending upon the requirements of different clients.

Visit – Westparkcom

Constraints to be Acknowledged Before Outsourcing:

1. Budget

Although it is one of the topmost conditions while hiring an outsourcing agency, the estimates are often overlooked. Before you proceed to find the customer service representatives make a clear estimate of your budget. This will help you make more profits.

Access the business economics of your organization and profit margins. Through this, you can easily give an estimate to your outsourcing partner for each ticket resolved.

2. Payment policy

Often the factor of payment policy is underlooked when picking the IT outsourcing companies in India or USA. It can be difficult for small business owners to invest a huge amount in outsourcing while they are still struggling in the market.

When finding the ideal payment policies make sure the model is personalized which enables payment flexibility for the user.

3. Channels to be outsourced

Figure out the channels that you need to outsource and make sure that these are under a single roof. Some of the outsourcing services USA provides live chat services without phone support. And if you have multiple outsourcing partners it can be troublesome to manage their communication and align them together.

Even if you are a small business owner before you finalize an outsourcing agency for a single service make sure the services offered by the vendor are enough. So that if in the future you need to expand there’s no need to look for other outsourcing channel options.

4. Required Expertise

The requirement of outsourcing varies depending upon the type of your business and its respective requirements. Consider an e-commerce store with customer support to make special gift card offerings, shipment tracking, refunds, etc to your customers. For such a case, the executive support must be trained enough to resolve the queries.

On the other hand for a B2B company that offers IT solutions the customer issues are technical and cannot be left to the outsourced executives. In this case, a live service to answer the complaints of customers is a more preferable option. This can follow the path as register complaints, book appointments, and resolve queries in-house.

5. Demographics of your Customers

We hire customer support for our customers. So there’s no way you can underestimate the customer base and their demographics. Consider features like location, culture, income, beliefs, age, accent, and language. All these characteristics have specific considerations that must be ensured while choosing the outsourcing service.

For example, if most of your customers are from US , the required customer support team must be fluent in the native languages. The executives must have a good command of American English to communicate well and resolve user problems.

Closing Lines:

Although there’s a shift in the trend toward offshore customer support services that are comparatively cheaper there exists unparalleled benefits for outsourcing companies in USA. When compared to other markets like the Philippines, India, etc outsourcing is costly in the US market. But it is still preferred as it holds several benefits listed in the guide above. In outsourcing the satisfaction of customers is higher as the agents relate to customer concerns. This ultimately helps in increasing your customer base and expand the business.

Hopefully, you can now make the right choice for the best outsourcing companies in USA for your business needs. If you have any doubts feel free to reach out in the comments below. Also, for more information and technology updates subscribe to our newsletter to get updates delivered directly to your mailbox.

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