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If you’re looking for an excellent way to connect with your buddies virtually. A virtual escape room online game might be something you and your pals want to try. You’ll adore these if you’ve always enjoyed escape room games and real-world escape room adventures! These video-based online escape games are all very well-rated and quite entertaining. So, what exactly are these virtual escape room games? It’s all about teamwork as you and your pals use a chat platform online to unravel riddles, crack codes, and practice lateral thinking to escape within the allotted time.

These free online multiplayer games operate in various ways. For instance, some allow you to command a “games master” who resides in the space and contributes to the plot development. These escape room virtual games are a terrific option if you need team-building activities for the workplace or if you wish to bring together people from other countries. Some are playable at any time because they don’t include live components.

Some of these free escape room games online have the conventional goal of unlocking a closed door. Others are regarding making off with some digital cash, discovering a secret object, or leaving before a house or building is exploded. So let’s explore these best escape room games online without wasting time.

10 Best Escape Room Games Online

So, are you looking for a free virtual escape game to play with friends? Sit back and relax! Here is the list of the best online escape room multiplayer games.

1. Moriarty’s Game: 

HiddenCity is at the best of the heap when it comes to immersive and engaging games. This is one of the best free escape games online that provide a number of treasure hunt experiences where you must speed across the city to find clues and piece together the plot. Moriarty's Game Real-time texts, emails, and phone conversations serve as the primary means of narration and communication in this smartly constructed game. A laptop comes in handy because there are criminal histories to check, webcams to monitor, maps to look up, and a radio link to the accomplice. As such, it is not a proper virtual escape room game. It’s more like a treasure hunt with a code-breaking task, with the aim of thwarting the bad guys. It contained a number of levels of puzzles that included cracking a challenging cipher, along with a great conclusion to identify the villain. Just to be clear, in order to play this free escape game online, you need a UK number. You can set up an escape game online where you compete with your friends to see who can complete the task in the shortest amount of time.

Visit – Moriarty’s Game

2. Agent Venture

Agent Venture is among the best escape room games online right now. It is complex, intense, entertaining, and necessitates a lot of teamwork. This virtual escape game is made to accommodate 4-5 players, each of whom joins the call on Zoom using a separate device (ideal if both you and your pals are dispersed over the world) Agent Venture A 6th person also joined the call. A live artist is portraying Agent Venture. A conversation partner made the evening much more enjoyable! The fact that each participant in Agent Venture had a specific role to perform in operation was what you would enjoy most about it. Before beginning to play escape games online, you will be given a questionnaire to see which role best suits you. The available roles were researcher, communicator, hacker, coordinator, and navigator. Then, as the game started, you were handed particular files and details regarding your duties. This free multiplayer escape room game is made much more immersive by the inclusion of a live artist. As a result, there was plenty of imaginative thinking, as well as some ingenious riddles and humorous moments. If you’re searching for a good time, Agent Venture is one of the best free escape games online out there.

Visit – Agent Venture

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3. The Escape Game

Though we’ve enjoyed the diversity of online escape game designs created on the internet, most of them fall short of the experience of playing in an actual room. They lack the thrill of hearing a picture to show the joy of solving a tricky challenge and sprinting for the door with only a few seconds left! The Escape Game This online escape room multiplayer game is a US-based company that has modified its realistic games to include some far-flung adventures during the covid pandemic. Inside their high-rated online escape game, these escape room adventures take place in real-time. The four options are Prison Break, Heist, Gold Rush, and Ruins. A guide based on the escape game is available for these virtual escape games. The tour leader broadcasts what they were witnessing live.

In essence, they serve as your eyes around the room! They also show up in a convenient catalog on a custom dashboard as they discover objects and hints so you can examine them in more detail. You direct the guidance, the players, as to where to run and how you can decipher the codes. The guide seems approachable, but you can only see their hands.

In “Heist,” for instance, the protagonist has 60 min to break into the curator’s office of an art gallery in order to recover a stolen masterpiece. This escape room flash game is close to a realistic escape room online game experience, and it has incredibly ingenious puzzles with several chambers, making it an exciting hour!

Visit – The Escape Game

4. Trapped In The Web

Trapped In The Web doesn’t utilize a Livestream setup or a live games master. Therefore, unlike many other online escape room multiplayer games on this list, play them anytime you want. This collection of escape rooms online was initially developed by a Londoner as some light amusement for his partner while the city was under lockdown. Trapped In The Web Ever since it’s really taken off, and the online escape game is now one of the most famous, allowing us to play full escape games online for free. In addition, there are a variety of games available with various themes and levels of difficulty. The escape room game uses a combination of quick movies to show you various regions of rooms and images to present you with specifics of objects. You move through the game by entering codes into boxes on a Google Doc as you go. Although it’s a terrific game to play escape game online at home, it would be challenging when playing with many people in various locations and screen sharing using Zoom.

Visit – Trapped In The Web

5. Daytona Escape Room Experience

Another escape room online game to join the virtual trend is the Daytona Escape Room Experience. Daily opportunities exist for them to play in The Heist, one of their most well-liked rooms. Will your squad be successful in stealing the priceless work of art with barely one hour to spare before the security guard’s next round?

Daytona Escape Room Experience

It is another fantastic adventure escape game online in which you take control of a game master located within the room is this one. It’s up to you to solve the problems before the time runs out, even though your friends can provide instructions through a video link!

Visit – Daytona Escape Room Experience

6. Cluecrypted

“The Crime of Century” is the name of this fictional internet escape game online which is played on a live Zoom stream. So assemble your friends from all over the globe and use live communication to interact with the Games Master, whom you will command during the game. Cluecrypted In essence, you’ll instruct him on what to grab and what to reveal, and the plot will progress much like in a typical escape game. You’ll receive a Google Drive link that allows you to explore some objects the Games Master will display while playing the escape game online, in addition to the Zoom link and live broadcast components. This free online escape room game is appropriate for 2 to 6 players and is similar to a traditional escape game. So, who would you choose to team up with?

Visit – Cluecrypted

7. Mystery Escape Room

Two online escape games are now available from this well-known escape room provider, which you can play through video chat in your home. Mystery Escape Room A Nancy Drew Virtual Escape Room is available, with several intriguing puzzles and mysteries to solve. Your team must investigate Nancy Drew’s estate, look for evidence, and trace Nancy Drew’s tracks in order to find her and unravel the mystery surrounding her absence. Or play the entertaining escape room online game – The Superhero Escape, in which you must prevent the wicked supervillain Doctor Psionic from conquering the entire globe! He’s buried mind-controlling technology all around the world, and it’s your job to find it and turn it off before it starts to work. These video-based online escape room multiplayer games are made for groups of four to eight players. Get your timings and skills perfect if you’re playing from anywhere else because this is based in the US.

Visit – Mystery Escape Room

8. Know Escape

The games are controlled by you and are played through video links with a genuine games master. The Dentist, The Supervillains Lair, The Witches Tower, and Alex’s Bathroom are the games that are currently available.

Know Escape

The plot of The Dentist has you wondering what happens when you awaken in a dental office. Then, it’s up to you to figure out what happened while preparing your escape using hints and codes. You discover yourself in Alex’s Bathroom, in the residence of somebody you met on a night out. In this entertaining virtual escape room game, will your squad be able to devise a plan to escape?

Visit – Know Escape

9. Paruzal

This online escape room multiplayer game was founded by a couple who adore escape rooms and enjoy solving puzzles. After playing hundreds of episodes, they decided to create a website that included downloadable episodes. As a result, they have created 4 live-hosted internet escape room online games using Zoom software. Paruzal The concepts on offer are excellent. For example, in the video game Stranded Under Water, you play as a trapped person with 60 min of air left in an old shipwreck. Will you be capable of devising a solution with your team beforehand the time expires? Another, with a Bruce Springsteen theme, seems funny. Will you be successful in slipping into his concert backstage? Perhaps with some cooperation with your friends!

Visit – Paruzal

10. Twinwoods Adventure

One of the most played virtual escape games at the moment is this one, which has gone virtual. Morse Code is a video game that takes place in 1942 in wartime Britain. It’s time to attempt to sneak into the enemy tower, learn their strategy, and then communicate that strategy using Morse code. Twinwoods Adventure You can actually experience the thrill of an escape room at your convenience as you manage the game master and solve puzzles using the live video feed. Perhaps one of the most engaging escape room online game available right now is this one. Instantaneous digital cues, 360-degree pictures, and a variety of video feeds will make you feel as though you are in the middle of the action.

Visit – Twinwoods Adventure

11. Lost Escape

We then travel to Lithuania intended for yet another fantastic free escape room games online adventure. Don’t worry! This virtual escape room game is in English; even the top puzzle solvers could find it challenging to decipher codes and solve problems in Lithuanian. Lost Escape Two escape rooms are available: a Harry Potter escape game – The House Of Wizard, and Steampunk, a room in a professor’s lab. If you’re curious about an escape room experience, this would be an incredible first attempt because it’s one of the more affordable escape games online, costing just 10 EUR per player.

Visit – Lost Escape

12. Can You Escape?

This plot is the most engaging of all the escape room online games. Its title is The Pub, which is a Puzzle Psychopath’s Trap, and the website describes it as follows: Can You Escape Your buddy is visiting Malta for business. He makes the decision to go to the bar on the final night. Only your companion and a strange-looking bartender are present. Your pal places a drink order. Your pal notices that the bartender has also disappeared as he takes his first drink. While your friend recognizes that there could be a problem, a man with a mask stands over him with a gun.

Because he claims to be a puzzle maniac who has created a series of issues that must be completed to escape, he locks him within. Then, he sets off an unstoppable bomb that he claims will go off in 60 min before he is locked up. After the friend calls, the virtual escape game begins as you attempt to aid him in escaping. Another one that supports multiple connections and runs over a video link.

Visit – Can You Escape?


You and your squad may have a tonne of fun playing online escape room games. Your team’s ability to solve the puzzles presented by these games will be put to the test as you attempt to advance through the many scenarios presented by these online escape games. Try them out to see whether you and your team would be fascinated by playing these free online escape room games.

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