12 Best Sniper Games for Android Offline in 2022

Are you a fan of sniper games or stealth gameplay? Where you can sneak up on your adversaries by hiding among buildings or tall grass fields. You’ve come to the right place if you enjoy the thrill that comes with a perfect headshot. But doesn’t it feel annoying when you want to play some new and best multiplayer game on your phone but can’t, as it needs an active internet connection?

Though multiplayer Android shooter games are a great deal of fun, unfortunately, they cannot be played without a working internet connection. So, if you are facing this issue, don’t worry! We have covered some of the best offline sniper games for Android for you.  We provide you with the best offline shooter games, so you do not have to waste internet data anymore. If you feel these games would look cartoonish, then please be assured that they have some of the finest visuals. So without further ado, let’s look at the top 12 sniper games for Android.

Top 12 Sniper Games For Android

Do you enjoy playing sniper games on mobile devices? However, playing shooter games on Android phones could be a little difficult because you need a strong internet connection. The best sniper games for Android without the Internet are listed below because today’s games feature the highest levels of responsiveness and precision.

1. N.O.V.A. Legacy

The latest N.O.V.A. Legacy game only reinforces its status as one of the best offline sniper games available on the Play Store. N.O.V.A. is one of the most well-known offline shooter game franchises on Android. You participate in the game as N.O.V.A. veteran Kal Wardin, whose goal is to beat the Colonial Administration forces, and the game picks up where the last one left off. In addition to the standard game mode, N.O.V.A. Legacy debuts a brand-new “Deathmatch” option where you play sniper games for free and battle other online gamers worldwide.

N.O.V.A. Legacy

You’d also like the brand-new “Death cam” function of this free sniper game for Android, which lets you witness a third-person perspective of every murder you commit. Even though the gameplay is the same, it doesn’t feel dated. Last but not least, the new offline sniper game is still under 40 M.B. in size, a feat that has only before been accomplished by the N.O.V.A. franchise. Even in 2022, the appealing upgraded graphics and straightforward controls make it immediately pleasant gameplay. As they advance, players can enhance their equipment. Once the main plot has been finished, you can play a competitive multiplayer mode, special ops missions, and time-limited assault to keep things fresh.

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2. Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is a very exciting and one of the best shooter games for Android that tests your values. Great sniper gameplay is available, and the game’s excellent plot keeps the game developing in between playtime in the form of comic strips. The gameplay combines excitement and difficulty. However, anyone under 18 should avoid this free sniper game online.

Lone Wolf

You’ll be hooked on the plot for a considerable amount of time. So get ready for Lone Wolf, which tests your morality at every turn, and get prepared to engage in some serious sniper action and make some of your toughest decisions ever. Lone Wolf is the best offline sniper game for Android if you’re seeking something somber and deadly. Lonewolf is a free online sniper game to play and gain currency by watching commercials or purchasing it outright. The game’s premium version, which includes all the material and no advertisements, is available for as low as $2. Still, the creators also give you the option of paying more if you’d like to show some generosity. Although Lonewolf is a great little jewel of a game, it is advised against using it if you have young children or a weak stomach.

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3. Cover Fire

One of the most visually appealing offline shooter games for Android is Cover Fire. Cover Fire is undoubtedly an excellent option if you’re looking for an exciting, action-packed sniper game for Android. Both the characters you can play as and the variety of lethal weapons you can employ against foes are varied. In addition, the game appears to be a console game with excellent visuals.

Cover Fire

You get to deploy a variety of soldiers in combat, and each one has special skills and powers that you can use to your advantage. In this thrilling offline shooter game, lead your force to victory and start a revolt against the evil organization. You have access to a variety of adversaries and weapons in this free sniper game for Android. For example, you can train to become a sniper or use handguns to combat opponents. Additionally, there is a creative storyline mode that adds interest to the regular gameplay by releasing new “chapters” frequently.

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4. Dead Effect 2

The amazing Android shooter game Dead Effect 2 builds on the legacy of its forerunner. The first competent Android shooter was called Dead Effect. All that Dead Effect 2 added to Android is an improvement. You can take advantage of stunning visuals, an engaging narrative, and action-packed gameplay. This is one of the best mobile sniper games that provides a tonne of stuff for you to explore. The ideal approach to pass the time is to play this shooting game with a horror theme.

Dead Effect 2

You’ll be caught by the abundance of tools and weapons as well as the 20 hours or so of an engaging and thrilling single-player campaign. Try Dead Effect 2, nevertheless, if you’re looking for the best offline sniper game for Android with a compelling plot. The E.S.S. Meridian serves as the setting for the plot, which has the player fending off enemy fighters in a manner similar to the original Dead Effect. Players can sink their teeth into more than 20 hours of gameplay and have access to a plethora of different enhancements and weaponry.

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5. Hitman: Sniper

Agent 47 has landed on an Android shooter game, where he plans to use a sniper to eliminate each of his adversaries one at a time. Hitman: Sniper concentrates on killing people with a sniper rifle. In this best sniper mobile game, you can’t get near enough to choke someone; instead, you must focus on using the sniper to kill your opponents.

Hitman Sniper
You will build a base outside a property and use the scope to eliminate each of your adversaries one by one. You can be patient and plot your course, but in order to fulfill the deal, you must wipe out all of your adversaries. Who doesn’t enjoy Agent 47 aiming for some skulls? If you’re a fan of Hitman, you’ll adore this free sniper game for Android.  The three main elements of this elegant and straightforward offline shooting game for Android are control, quickness, and accuracy. There are more than 150 gaming missions included, and it costs $0.99. Additionally, you can improve your weapons and view an online scoreboard to compare your performance to that of other players. So, turn yourself into the ultimate assassin in this thrilling Android shooter game.

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6. Overkill 3

In the quick-paced third-person offline shooter game Overkill 3, your only task is to locate and eliminate bad characters as you progress through several stages. Being on rails is the name for this guided stages strategy. The difficulty level offered to you at the beginning of the game lets you determine how difficult you want the game to be; the higher you set the difficulty, the more difficult the game becomes. Overkill 3

You will certainly feel the heat, especially if your supervisor confronts you. Boss battles are incredible; in reality, boss defeating takes a lot of great skills. Overkill 3 gives Android users a superb shooting experience to play sniper games for free with some stunning visuals. To begin with, you may choose how challenging the gameplay is in Overkill 3, which is a cool feature of this offline sniper game. Then, you follow instructions as you advance through the levels, which leads to tougher huge boss fights.

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7. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 isn’t your typical shooter game like its forerunner. Instead, it’s an infinite runner game that incorporates just enough F.P.S. components to provide a memorable and enjoyable gaming experience. The game’s goal is to save your family while playing as a survivor in a universe overrun by zombies. Into the Dead 2

To succeed in your mission and save your family, you’ll need to gather weaponry, upgrade them, and develop a relationship with your devoted pets. Your decisions will influence the conclusion because there are seven possible game endings.  This is among the best shooter games for Android that you’ll be able to play offline if you enjoy endless running and shooting games. This is undoubtedly a unique offering in the shooter genre. But for a freemium game, it’s remarkably deep.

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8. Blazing Sniper

One of the best shooter games for Android is called Blazing Sniper. To defend your nation in this gameplay, you must battle zombies and other adversaries. In addition, numerous opponents in the game must be taken out with a sniper shot.

Blazing Sniper
Following the completion of each assignment, the next, more challenging game levels will be made available. Once more, the participants will be assisted by some fairly impressive weapons. You receive bonus points for completing tasks in addition to gaining access to new game levels. The accumulated points can be utilized to buy unique, sophisticated, and potent sniper guns. There is a sizable armory of weaponry available in this best sniper mobile game, and each one is fun to use. Also, you cannot run out of fresh ammunition because loot drops frequently happen. Last but not least, the game is ad-free, so you can play it uninterrupted.

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9. Bullet Force

One of the best shooter games for Android is Bullet Force, with both online and offline play options. This is a first-person shooting game where the player can access various weapons and environments to simulate a combat zone. The 3D game Bullet Force creator made sure to give the player the best shooting experience possible.

Bullet Force
The user can choose from 20 different members in this offline sniper game. Assault rifles, AK-47s, and pistols are all acceptable weapons. How quickly you eliminate your foes will determine whether you survive. The four game modes in Bullet Force are conquest, team deathmatch, gun game, and free-for-all. All of the gameplay modes are thrilling and exciting. With your custom setting, the player can make his own personalized match. There’s no need to worry if you don’t have internet connectivity because the bullet force gameplay is also playable offline. You can effortlessly battle and defeat your foes in the top free sniper game for Android.

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10. Mad Bullets

With Mad Bullets, which genuinely does away with dull stories and tutorials, you can expect hilarious yet exhilarating gameplay in the Wild West. Instead, go right into the action and begin shooting stuff right away. The game’s humorous material will make you laugh out loud, and its oddball characters and enjoyable gameplay will do the same.

Mad Bullets
Take on characters such as cowboys and ninjas, and eliminate everyone who tries to attack you. Mad Bullets will feature intense shooting action. Mad Bullets is the right offline sniper game for you if you want explosive gameplay and more lighthearted action. The primary attraction of this Android shooter game is how easy it is to control, which only requires quick taps on the screen to defeat adversaries. Mad Bullets also sports a Wild West atmosphere and features strange characters that will occasionally make you laugh.

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11. Major Mayhem 2

You would admire this brand-new Major Mayhem online free sniper game, which has a side-scrolling shooter in which you can fire at anything moving. By introducing additional objectives where you will have dozens of bad guys to kill and hundreds of hostages to save, the new “Major Mayhem 2” game improves upon its predecessor.

Major Mayhem 2
You won’t get bored because the game includes seven distinctive guns, each with a distinct shooting technique. Instead, you should play this game when you are short on time or energy to formulate tactics. The game may appear straightforward at first, but once you get started, it becomes quite difficult. Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic method to spend time when your cellphone doesn’t have Internet access. Simply start the game and begin shooting.

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12. Dead Plague: Zombie outbreak

The focus of the Dead Plague offline Sniper game is survival. The player must first survive the zombie apocalypse; to do this, they must have a great plan to protect themselves. In this game, the creator depicts how the world has ended, and the Dead Plague has spread everywhere. There is no space for love, compassion, or friendship in a world where the only way to stay alive is to eradicate every zombie.

Dead Plague Zombie outbreak
To uncover the mystery, you and your squad need to gather the DNA from the dead Plague. Again, male and female figures are both present. However, they are both figured differently. Both single-player and multiplayer options are available for this offline sniper game, but in both cases, you must solve every puzzle and fight off the zombies. Only four people can play this online free sniper game. All zombies are distinct from one another, each with its own set of skills and personality traits. The climate and lighting effects are excellent, the graphics are lovely, and at times you can begin to play as yourself in the game.

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1. What are the best sniper games for Android?

Android device users can download various games and play them on their mobile devices. The best sniper game, nevertheless, is “Hitman Sniper,” in the viewer’s opinion.

2. Is Hitman sniper offline?

Yes, Hitman Sniper may be played conveniently offline. This sniper game was first played on the PC before Android versions were released. Therefore, participants can play this game without an internet connection. In this game, there is a zombie mode that the gamers will really like.

3. What is the Best FPS Game for Android?

These FPS “first-person shooting” games are exciting and contain many diverse adventures. The majority of players in this game keep their figures prepared and focus on the aim. The top FPS sniper games for Android include:

  • Hitman Sniper
  • Dead Effect 2
  • Nova league
  • PUBG mobile

4. What are the best offline sniper games for Android?

There are numerous other offline sniper Android games or shooting games that you can enjoy without the Internet, like Hitman: Sniper, Major Mayhem, Overkill 3, Dead Plague: Zombie outbreak, Bullet Force, and a lot more.


Here are several best shooter games for Android that you can play without an Internet connection to put an end to the aggravation of being stuck with a game that won’t work offline when one is accessible. These offline shooter games don’t need any kind of online connectivity, so they can keep you occupied even if your phone is otherwise worthless because of a lack of Internet access. You may quench your gaming urges and liven up your mundane free time by playing one of these best offline shooter games for Android. You can be sure that playing these games will provide you with a genuine gaming experience.

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