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Norton Family Parental Control App Review: Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice

Introduction to Norton Family Parental Control

Most of you must have used Norton Anti-virus once in a lifetime to keep your computers and laptops safe from viruses. But, have you ever used Norton Family Parental Control for the safety of your child online?

It is the 21st century and we have seen an exponential rise in the number of kids who are taking the help of the internet for completing their education as well as to combat their loneliness. As the kids nowadays spend most of their time scrolling through social media, it has become a necessity to alert them about the threats the internet is hiding in its dark web.

While teaching them the basics of cybersecurity like not clicking links on unverified emails, not submitting their personal information anywhere is helpful in keeping them safe online, some parental control apps work like miracles to ease our concern.

One such app is Norton Family Parental Control.

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What is Norton Family Parental Control?

Norton is a well-established name in security systems for decades. In 2009, it came out with its own variant of parental control which is Norton Family Parental Control. This app works great in keeping screentime of kids in check and at the same time offers great features to help parents teach their children how to stay safe online.

You must be wondering that there are tons of parental control apps available on the market. What exactly makes Norton Family different? We tested this app ourselves to give you an honest answer to this question. Here is our Norton Family Parental Control review which includes its highlights, pros and cons, and affordability for better understanding.

Features & Highlights of Norton Family Parental Control

Norton Family Parental Control fosters a healthy life balance for kids by providing various powerful features. These tools aid in the complete online safety of your kids while keeping in mind the borderline between spying and monitoring.

Here are some of the awesome Norton Family Parental Control features:-

  • With Norton Family Parental Control’s web supervision feature, you can easily block any unhealthy or adult websites which are not suitable for your child. You can also keep a tab on which websites they are visiting and how much time they are devoting to it.
  • Norton Family has a time supervision feature that amazingly gives you detailed insights about the time your kid is spending on their device, and also on any particular app or website. With this feature, you can also easily schedule the time of the day your kid is allowed to use the phone, deciding the hours they can spend online.
  • Norton Family Parental Control features include search supervision, from which one can monitor the terms their kids are using in their search bar.
  • This app can give you the exact GPS real-time location of your kid. On top of that, you can easily view their past location history of up to one month in a structured form which can be easily filtered based on date and time.
  • With Norton Family Parental Control you can view the complete list of apps installed on your kid’s device, block any app you find unsuitable as it is a robust app blocker.
  • The Instant Lock feature in this app makes the device of the kid’s password protected for as much time as a parent thinks is suitable. The cherry on top is, even if the kid’s device is in lock mode, they can still contact their parents if any emergency arises.
  • Norton Family gives instant email alerts on parent’s devices whenever their kid crosses their boundary and accesses a blocked website.
  • You can receive Weekly or Monthly online activity reports of your kid in your own inbox.
  • Supervise the videos your kids are watching on the browser version of youtube and keep a tab on the content they are engaging with.
  • No website is blocked or restricted. You will only receive data about the websites your child is visiting.
  • Whenever your child accesses any unsuitable website, a warning will pop up on their device. They can choose to ignore it or acknowledge it.
  • Unsuitable websites will be blocked already, your child cannot open them.

Why should you choose Norton Family Parental Control?

Like we said earlier, Norton Family Parental Control knows the difference between spying and monitoring. This app put restrictions on keeping the online experiences of kids and teenagers safe but it does not violate their personal space. This unique approach makes this app out of the crowd. Let’s get all hidden information and facts about it including its pros and cons in the Norton Family Parental Control review. It will help you to decide whether this app is suitable for your child or not.

Pros & Cons


  • Norton family allows you to put an age-appropriate web filter on your kid’s device. You can yourself choose the amount of restriction needed keeping in mind their age, behavior, and digital resilience. An additional advantage is that you can filter all the websites at once that come in any particular category like online chat, mature content, drugs, etc by using Norton Family Parental Control’s category-wise filter. By using its smart AI it can find the category of the website your child is visiting. And then block that website itself immediately if it comes to the unrestricted list.
  • You can categorize how much you want to supervise their activity by three levels
  • Adult websites affect the tender mind of your kids more than you think. Keep your kids away from adult content by keeping a tab on their search terms and visited websites. This app also sends email alerts whenever your kid comes in contact with any unethical website, in that way you know when to have a conservation with them about what is suitable for them and what not.
  • This app keeps your child safe from online predators as it can also block websites offering online chat features.
  • Balance your child’s screen times even in these digital times by scheduling time limits. You can also decide at which time of the day they are allowed to use the phone so that you can promote a proper sleep time as well as encourage some offline fun.
  • Manage all the devices of your family using a single-parent web portal. It is very beneficial for hassle-free monitoring as well as restricting.
  • Even in its lock mode, parents and children can have a conversation which is something very unique and beneficial for the safety of your kids.
  • Your kid can ask for some extra time for a particular app by sending you an additional time request on your dashboard. You can choose to either accept it or discard it. Now, this feature is very beneficial for parents who want their kids to be within limits but don’t think that little flexibilities are harmful to their kid.
  • Whenever you open the video and watch the history of your tech-savvy kid, a thumbnail with a full description will open up which will allow you to quickly check whether this video is appropriate for your kid or not.


  • Norton Family Parental Control helps in tracking the location, but like Bit Guardian Parental Control, you cannot put virtual geographical boundaries on your kid. Your kid can go wherever they want, you would not receive alerts about any unsuitable place or going out from home at odd hours. Moreover, location tracking can only be availed in several countries, it is not available everywhere.
  • The video supervision can monitor video watch history on just the browser version of youtube and not the app.
  • This app cannot monitor messages and also cannot restrict your child from calling their device’s contacts.
  • The video monitoring feature does not work for video streaming services like Netflix etc.
  • Cannot work on Mac devices.


Norton Family Parental Control is a bit restricted when it comes to its packages and subscriptions. It doesn’t give many options and offers, just one subscription which is $49.99 or Rs 2499 per annum is available. Though it is very economical at this price and allows unlimited child profiles and features, it would be better if they were a little bit more flexible in providing plans.

Good thing is that Norton Family Parental Control also gives a whopping one-month free trial for first-time users. If you are skeptical about committing to it for a whole year, you can always avail a free trial first.

How Norton Family Parental Control Works

Installation of Norton Family is very easy and swift. Norton Family Parental Control works in some simple steps;

  1. Create your own Norton Family Parental Control account.
  2. Add a separate child profile for each of your children or family members. Keep the device you want to monitor handy at this stage. Norton Family will itself share the link of its app with you.
  3. Download it from Google Play Store or App store according to your device and install it
  4. After installing it will ask, who is using this device? Parent or child? Choose accordingly.
  5. The kid’s device manages all the permissions by a quick setup guide available in-app itself. Do not forget to give Device Admin rights, otherwise, your child can uninstall it without your permission.
  6. In your device, open dashboard and start monitoring,

Expert Advice

Our panel of experts tried the best parental control software and apps and Norton Family Parental Control is one of them. According to them, Norton Family Parental Control does a pretty great job in the price it is asking. While some of the features can be improved, other features are very unique and beneficial for promoting a healthy lifestyle for kids.

We recommend that you should avail the 30-day free trial first and analyze whether it is successful in fulfilling all your criteria and ensuring the holistic safety of your kid.

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